13 Metaphors for carpet

Carpets, in America, and in the year of our Lord 1765, were not quite as much a matter of course in domestic economy, as they are to-day.

The "carpet" is a black velvet embroidered solidly in silver and gold.

The carpet was a very pretty Brussels, but it did not quite cover the floor on either side.

Gradually the carpets of gold waving in the breeze became bundles lying on the stubble, and great, conical harvest stacks rose, while children gathered the stray stems left on the ground by the reapers till they had immense bouquets of wheat-heads under their arms, enough to make two or three loaves of the pain de ménage that the baker sold.

The big forest-carpet which lay beneath him was surely Småland.

The faded old red carpet on the floor was the only attempt at decoration.

For we all find at length that the nursery carpet is not the world.

But now the crows descended, and he saw at once that the big carpet under him was the earth, which was dressed in green and brown cone-trees and naked leaf-trees, and that the holes and tears were shining fiords and little lakes.

The walls were faint gray, and every piece of furniture was covered with plain yellow chintz, while the carpet was a pale green.

For a sick room, a carpet is perhaps the worst expedient which could by any possibility have been invented.

Is it not, Emile?" Emile smiled, and confessed that the carpet was "fort bien.

The soft green carpet of the beauteous earth Is no arena for unhallow'd fiends.

The walls were hung with precious tapestry of Cyprus, on which the initials and motto of the lady were embroidered; the sheets were of fine linen of Rheims, and had cost more than three hundred pounds; the quilt was a new invention of silk and silver tissue; the carpet was like gold.

13 Metaphors for  carpet