9 Metaphors for carter

The father and head of the house, having been employed upon one farm for the last thirty years or more, though nominally carter, is really a kind of bailiff.

The late Mrs. Tween, a daughter of Randal Norris, Lamb's friend, and a resident in Widford, told Canon Ainger that Carter and Lily were servants at Blakesware.

Mr. Carter was for many years the poet's secretary, and afterwards one of his literary executors.

"Carter has been an agent so long that being mysterious is second nature to him.

"Carter was a gruff and disagreeable man, and, although my father had been a good customer, he refused his request and threatened to discharge Nora, which he did.

Carters, sack-bearers (porters), messengers, and such-like, are the beasts of burden of humanity; they should be treated absolutely with justice, fairness, forbearance and care, but they ought not to be allowed to thwart the higher exertions of the human race by wantonly making a noise.

"Carter is a real detective," said the chief enthusiastically.

In the evening, my old apple-woman was true to her appointment, and from her I gathered the following particulars: William Carter was a poor boy, the eldest of a large family, who, with their mother, were left destitute by the death of their father.

Miss Carter is that sort of person.

9 Metaphors for  carter