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80 Metaphors for  cats

80 Metaphors for cats

This was the more strange to me, because, about the end of August, though I had killed a wild cat, as I called it, with my gun, yet I thought it was quite a different kind from our European cats: yet the young cats were the same kind of house-breed as the old one; and both of my cats being females, I thought it very strange.

But either the cat was not an adept at turning on such a narrow support, or it was afraid to try.


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Feral cats are the wild offspring of domestic cats that are primarily the result of pet owners abandonment, failure to confine or failure.

The cats were not all the same color; some were white, some were black, another one looked like Bart.

"The cat was a very beautiful beast with his spotted hide," she said; "and you liked to play with him sometimes, but in a little while you will be glad that he has gone from you."

"That cat was the old Maltesethe chairman of that convention.

For example, "cat" would not be a word in Burmese because it has a "t" sound at the end.

Say, but that bob cat is a terror, and crosser than any animal we got, except the hyenas.

Cats, as we have seen, are chiefly tropical, while bears, with two exceptions, are northern, one species inhabiting the Chilian Andes, while the brown bear of Europe extends into North Africa as far as the Atlas Mountains.

It runs in the blood; thus, a cat and a tiger are blood relations; the little coon and the great black bear are nearly akin.

He reflects for a few years on the subject of cats; and at last discovers in the cat "the characteristic equine quality of caudality, or a tail"; so that cats are horses, and wave on every tree-top the tail which is the equine banner.

Keep the back end zipped shut if your cat is a real snuggler, or leave it open so they can dart out of either side whenever they please.

And I says to him," said Shoop, as he returned to his chair,"I says, 'Bondsman, that there cat was just passin' the buck to us to see if we was game.'

But the cat is a secret and alien creature, selfish and mysterious, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Three tall Cats are a chance to play against Essendon on Sunday with ruckman Rhys Stanley nursing groin soreness.

Cat who lost his hind legs when he was run over by a car is an internet sensation after.

A cat is a guest in the house, not a plaything.

It was all right, I don't doubt; at any rate, that was his fancy then, and perhaps another time he may be obstinately hilarious; however, it may be that he is growing graver, for time is a fact so long as clocks and watches continue to go, and a cat can't be a kitten always, as the old gentleman opposite said the other day.

"An old cat" is the unkindest thing you can say about a woman.

It may turn out to be a regular picture of domestic life, and the cat is only a joke, something like a jest, so to speak, a motive, if I may call it that.

He says, "Cats were serpents, and they were made into cats at the time of some great change in the world.

my cats are mewing, dogs all calling for menofor dinner!

Barkin' cats must be tryin' ter live with.

It culminated in the conduct of a lady who declared that cats were poison, and who, "when pussy appeared in the room, had the presence of mind to faint."

Cats are generally solitary hunters and eaters, so sharing one feeding station with multiple cats can be stressful to some and they would rather just not eat.

And I says to him," said Shoop, as he returned to his chair,"I says, 'Bondsman, that there cat was just passin' the buck to us to see if we was game.'

It’s perfect for blasting when your neighbor’s cat is an evil zombie in cahoots with their evil zombie toddler to sever your Achilles tendon.

Strange spicy odours, too, sometimes floated inland from the sugar wharves, miles away under the Heights, to mingle with the scent of lilac and iris in quiet, sunny backyards where whitewashed fences reflected the mid-day glare, and cats dozed in strategical positions on grape trellis and tin roofs of extensions, prepared for war or peace, as are all cats always, at all times.

She explained the cats are the result of wild cats.

A pink cat is not a colour found in nature.

Cat is an award-winning performer and playwright based in Edmonton.

Stray Cat is a stand originally wielded by, you guessed it, a cat.

Then Lita said to them "Do not kill the cat; catch it alive and give it to me and I will pay you twenty rupees for it; then you can go to the Raja and say that you have killed it and ask for the reward; and if the Raja asks to see the body tell him that a stranger came and asked for the body, for he thought that a cat which had fed on milk should be good eating and so you gave it to him."

The Black Cat is a 1934 American psychological horror movie.

But apparently cats are only the third most-popular type of meme in Canada.

Now cats, I continued(at the thrilling word Quilp became tense with excitement), cats are another affair.

On the whole, I should feel more disposed to concur with him who "has been led away by a love of etymology" that the "Cat and Fiddle" is an "anomalous" sign, and that "no two objects in the world have less to do with each other than a cat and a violin," than to adopt the opposite theories of E.D. or his predecessor, unless better supported than they are at present.

Besides, this cat is a thoroughbred, never been outside the home where she was born till now.

The cat is not a squeaky toy; so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a good thing.

Anne's cat, Nicky, was there, the black Persian that Jerrold had given her last birthday.

When you don't know where your cat is pic.

Cats are misunderstood people.

The cats are: an ocelot, a beautiful spotted and striped fiend, who hisses like a snake; a young jaguar, a clumsy, happy kitten, about as big as a pug dog, with a puny kitten's tail, who plays with the spider monkey, and only shows by the fast-increasing bulk of his square lumbering head, that in six months he will be ready to eat the monkey, and in twelve to eat the keeper.

Female cats can be more money because they can have kittens.

Cats rarely display their pain, but cats with feline stomatitis are often the exception.

Ury shook our hands firmly but sadly, promisin' to the last to see to things and not let the cows into the garden, and keep the buttery door shet up nights, for though the cat is not a habitual snooper, yet she will sometimes snoop.

Browne, in his History of Jamaica, tells us, "A cat is a very dainty dish among the negroes."

All cats are mammals.

And this Cat is a massy pole that beareth a great and sharp steel point, the which, being mounted within a pent-house, swingeth merrily to and fro, much like to a ram, brother, and shall blithely pick you a hole through stone and mortar very pleasing to behold.

And so the old proverb is true: What's fun for the cat is tears for the mouse.

Alwayserlet a cat remain on board a vesselifshecomes on board.

By alone, I mean without a material being, and my cat is a mystical companiona spirit.

Their father "Ghost" was a feral stray but he was like 1/2 bobcat so teeccchnically my cats are hybrids.

The cat was an old warrior, six or seven years old.

The bay cat and the Asian golden cat are typically reddish brown in colour, with darker markings on the head.

The "cat o' nine tails" was a whip of nine straps attached to a stick; the straps were perforated so that everywhere the hole in the strap fell on the flesh a blister was left.

The cat is much the nobler animal.

Yet, although cats are dangerous neighbours for the birds, they are necessary to defend them from the approach of rats and mice, which will not only suck the eggs, but destroy the birds.

Cats, dogs, and vermin became luxuries.

Indeed, she has gradually come to share my view that cats might just be the perfect pets: they're as affectionate as dogs but with a fraction of the fuss, and we can leave them to their own devices for a weekend without getting a sitter.

He meets Yoshimine, the brusque and unsentimental farmer for whom cats are just ratters; Sugi and Chikako, the warm-hearted couple who run a pet-friendly B&B; and Kosuke, the mournful husband whose cat-loving wife has just left him.

I agree with Ik Marvel that a cat is like a politician, sly and diplomatic; purringfor food; and affectionatefor a consideration; really caring nothing for friendship and devotion, except as means to an end.

From these circumstances (says Pennant) we may conclude that cats were not originally natives of these islands, and from the great care taken to improve and preserve the breed of this prolific creature, we may with propriety suppose that they were but little known at that period.

In contempt Richard III. is called The Hog, hence the popular distich: The Cat, the Rat, and Lovell the dog, Rule all England, under the Hog. ("The Cat" is Catesby, and "the Rat" Ratcliffe).

The people of Egypt in the old, old days thought that their cats were gods.

In its own way a cat is a pretty sharp ornithologist.

When the cat that Care killed without excuse With your inner self's crying, "Oh, what's the use?"

A yard of tongue and monstrous teeth is what she calls a dog; The cat's a kind er fuzzy-lookin' shadder in a fog; And I've got a suspicion that what killed the brindle calf Was that he seen his likeness in our Sary's photygraph.

That pretty much covers it all, and as Cats are royalty they speak with the royal we We are Cat!

"The cat and I are good friends," returned Willie.

While I was with Jenkins I thought cats were vermin, like rats, and I chased them every chance I got.

All orange cats are tabbies, and the orange portion of calico cats will always show tabby patterns.

Stray Cats are true legends in the wide world of ly!

Pretty nearly every dog in Claybury went with 'em, and the cat was in such a state o' mind afore they got 'ome he couldn't do anything with it.

The River Cats starting pitcher was Jake Carper, he threw four innings, he gave up five hits, five runs, issued four walks and he recorded five strikeouts.

The cat was arf wild with joy at getting out agin, and he couldn't get within arf a mile of it.

The cat was the audience, who dozed with an ear twitching toward your activity.

A cat is a guest in the house, not a plaything.