6 Metaphors for celebrities

The celebrity of the Seven Towers in European countries, though strongly savouring of romance, is no jokeit being the prison where the Turks confine the ministers and ambassadors of the powers with whom they are at war.

These celebrities I speak of are the Prince-Rupert's-drops of the learned and polite world.

"A wide-spread celebrity, an elevated position in life, are good things.

She had become acquainted with a number of these happy unknown little folk, to whom it never had occurred that celebrity was an essential of joy, and she liked them mightily.

But, be it remembered, that celebrity is not a virtue; nor, on the other hand, is experience the cheapest of teachers.

The students of Glasgow College considered that the celebrity of the poet, his liberal principles, his being a fellow-townsman, and his attention to their interests, entitled him to the preference.

6 Metaphors for  celebrities