75 Metaphors for charged

The charge is seventy-five centimesfifteen cents, and one gets a soup, meat and a vegetable, and fruit.

Brother Hollister was received into the Conference at its session in Baraboo in 1853, and his first charge was Summit.

The next charge is the charge of broken laws.

A BRITISH CAVALRY CHARGE Here is a picturesque story of a British cavalry charge at Thuin, a town in Belgium near Charleroi, and the subsequent retreat to Compiègne: "On Monday morning, August 24, after chafing at the long delay, the 2nd British Cavalry Brigade let loose at the enemy's guns.

The annual charges for a student are the following:College expenses, 40l.; board, 22l.; washing, fuel, and lights, 4l.in all, 70l.

The charge was insolence, and disobedience of orders.

The room in which we saw the experiment performed, was at a temperature of 43° Fahrenheit; the clothes of the bed were of the same temperature: the lamp is conical, and has no tube; the wick is merely inserted in it; the charge is two ounces of spirits of wine.

The ordinary charge for admission was half a crown, which secured you tea or coffee and bread-and-butter.

Still, though the charge that our Legislature contributed to the designs of assassins was some departure from the measured language more usual in diplomatic communications between friendly powers, under the circumstances this remonstrance might have been borne with.

In the twinkling of an eye eight shillings are returned to you; the charge is a florin only.

The charge was a tissue of the most barefaced lies, but I had to ride fifty-four miles in the burning sun, ford several rivers, and undergo much fatigue and discomfort.

Every Republican man knew that, as to himself at least, your charge was a slander, and he was not much inclined by it to cast his vote in your favor.

I did then desire, and was also desired by some concerned in the court, to be there present that I might hear what was alleged in that respect, observing, therefore, when I was amongst them, that the case of the afflicted was very amazing and deplorable, and the charges brought against the accused such as were grounds of suspicion, yet very intricate and difficult to draw up right conclusions about them.

The charge is unprovoked and willful murder.

His establishment receives sixty boys, and was quite full, although the annual charge for each boy is one thousand milreis (108 pounds 6s.

" VI ST. SPIRIDON OF TREMIFOND The charge for driving on Caucasian roads is a penny per horse per mile, so if you ride ten miles and have two horses you pay the driver one shilling and eightpence.

The only additional charges to be incurred will be the expense of his journey from Panama to Quito, and from thence to the place of embarkation for Lima, to be paid out of the foreign-intercourse fund.

Seneca, as one of the most enlightened men of his age, should have aimed at a character which would have been above the possibility of suspicion: but we must remember that charges such as those which were brought against him were the easiest of all to make, and the most impossible to refute.

Brother Hanson entered the Rock River Conference in 1844, and his first charge was Manitowoc.

" The "diligence" which starts from the Hôtel de la Poste at Pau has three compartments, for a seat in any of which the respective charges are 8 frs.

My charge it is those breaches to repair Which Nature takes from sorrow, toil, and care; Rest to the limbs, and quiet I confer On troubled minds; but nought can add to her Whom Heaven, and her transcendent thoughts have placed Above those ills which wretched mortals taste.

My first charge was a small outwork of the large factory Seeraha.

The exorbitant charges of your tavern-keepers are a disgrace to the country: I could never account for your submitting so quietly to their impositions.

And this charge was the self-same Babe, who goeth lame and lovelybut Adah sleepeth by the river Pison.

His charge is simply a piece of revenge.

75 Metaphors for  charged
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