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95 Metaphors for « charging »

95 Metaphors for « charging »

  • The table was bountifully supplied with excellent and well-cooked provisions; for which the charge was only 4 dollars each per week, and half-a-dollar for fuel, making altogether only 9 dollars for us both.
  • The charge is seventy-five centimesfifteen cents, and one gets a soup, meat and a vegetable, and fruit.
  • The next charge is the charge of broken laws.
  • From New York to New Orleans is two thousand miles, and the charge for ten words is ten shillings.
  • The charge for black cloth alone on this occasion was six thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine pounds, six shillings, and fivepence,Biblioth.
  • "Perhaps not," agreed Hepson, "though you must understand that the charge of assaulting civilians is not a light matter.
  • The charge is unprovoked and willful murder."
  • The charge was insolence, and disobedience of orders.
  • He did not intend to go by the ferry; for though the charge of the boatman was but a halfpenny, that halfpenny he had not in his possession; and he wished to conceal his poverty.
  • Prather represented to the Doge that he was acting entirely in the interests of the community and his only charge would be the costs.
  • The charge was treason, but Charles Ravignac, his younger brother, promised to prove that the guilty one was the girl, and to that end obtained leave of absence and spent much time and money.
  • It is very seldom that people will hire a carriage, for it is an absurd custom here, to pay as much for a short drive, as if the carriage were required for the whole day; in both cases the charge is six milreis (13s.)
  • The maximum firing charge is 900 lb. of cocoa powder.
  • A charge or statement of the offense imputed to the party is always a preliminary step to every trial.
  • And thus anon hathe he hasty tydynges of ony thing, that berethe charge, be his corrours, that rennen so hastyly, thorghe out alle the contree.
  • Those charges are Class D and E crimes, which are misdemeanors.
  • The ordinary charge for admission was half a crown, which secured you tea or coffee and bread-and-butter.
  • Still, though the charge that our Legislature contributed to the designs of assassins was some departure from the measured language more usual in diplomatic communications between friendly powers, under the circumstances this remonstrance might have been borne with.
  • Police Scotland's chief constable, Iain Livingstone, said the charges were a "significant development" and that they will "continue to work closely" with the US and other international authorities.
  • The exorbitant charges of your tavern-keepers are a disgrace to the country: I could never account for your submitting so quietly to their impositions.
  • With regard to expense, the annual charges made by the Treasurer are DOLLS.
  • If your charge is a confirmed DUI by field sobriety tests, you will to help you get through turning the case void.
  • Seneca, as one of the most enlightened men of his age, should have aimed at a character which would have been above the possibility of suspicion: but we must remember that charges such as those which were brought against him were the easiest of all to make, and the most impossible to refute.
  • His charges have been Evansville, Delavan, Hart Prairie, Byron, Randolph and Rosendale, where he is stationed at the present writing.
  • The only additional charges to be incurred will be the expense of his journey from Panama to Quito, and from thence to the place of embarkation for Lima, to be paid out of the foreign-intercourse fund.
  • This charge was a sterling feat, and unless the town had been occupied that night most, if not all, of the cavalry would have had to withdraw many miles to water, and subsequent operations might have been imperilled.
  • A congestion charge is a daily fee charged to vehicles that drive into or park in congestion zones during regular business hours.
  • The charges against Helfert are both felonies and if he is found guilty of either, he could face 15 years in prison, mandatory AIDS/ STD testing and his DNA must be taken upon arrest.
  • The chief charge upon the expenditure was the fighting forcesthe fleet and the garrisonswhich together absorbed about half the revenue.
  • In the twinkling of an eye eight shillings are returned to you; the charge is a florin only.
  • The annual charges for a student are the following:College expenses, 40l.; board, 22l.; washing, fuel, and lights, all, 70l.
  • She expatiated to Mathieu on the preliminary training that was required by one of her profession, the cost of it, the efforts needed to make a position, the responsibilities, the inspections, the worries of all sorts that she had to face; and she plainly told the young man that her charge for a boarder would be two hundred francs a month.
  • And the charges on goats sent by express, was, as Casey put it, a holy fright.
  • The "diligence" which starts from the Hôtel de la Poste at Pau has three compartments, for a seat in any of which the respective charges are 8 frs.
  • I did then desire, and was also desired by some concerned in the court, to be there present that I might hear what was alleged in that respect, observing, therefore, when I was amongst them, that the case of the afflicted was very amazing and deplorable, and the charges brought against the accused such as were grounds of suspicion, yet very intricate and difficult to draw up right conclusions about them.
  • The charge of firing on flags of truce was another instance of 'talking for Buncombe.'
  • The charges were intemperance and sleeping on his post.
  • But these conversations, the witness added, were generally in a jesting tone; and another witness stated that the charge of running off slaves was a common joke among the watermen.
  • A more general charge was Charles Lee's: "I aver that his Excellencies letter was from beginning to the end a most abominable lie."
  • But now, now, when all of them, from the Queen downwards, have declared that this charge has been a libel, when even the miscreants themselves have told against themselves, when the very judge has gone back from the word in which he was so confident, shall my mother,and my mother only,think that I am a wretched, miserable, nameless outcast, with a poor nameless, fatherless baby?
  • At S. Croce the charge is a lira and at S. Maria Novella half a lira.
  • Brother Hanson entered the Rock River Conference in 1844, and his first charge was Manitowoc.
  • They have been charged with imposing upon us the whole expense of the confederacy, when it may be proved, beyond controversy, that the annual charge of the Dutch was five millions.
  • That charge is a misdemeanor.
  • The third charge is, a mixture of tragick and comick style.
  • But, keep in mind, it’s a building, and maintenance charges are $3,434/month.
  • The president’s legal team filed a brief Monday saying the charges against him are not impeachable offenses.
  • The Council ascribed Midford's misdeeds to his 'unaccountable stupidity,' and the Directors answered that 'the charges against Mr. Midford are very grievous ones.'
  • "Notnot if the charge he made against me was a terrible oneaa disgraceful one?"
  • The room in which we saw the experiment performed, was at a temperature of 43° Fahrenheit; the clothes of the bed were of the same temperature: the lamp is conical, and has no tube; the wick is merely inserted in it; the charge is two ounces of spirits of wine.
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