33 Metaphors for charity

Anonymous charity," he continued, coming back to his chair, "is the best.

Charity was my informant.

Charity and faith are the life of God in man, 135.

CHARITY is love, 10.

Charity is only a little bit of love, one of the innumerable avenues of love, and there may even be, and there is, a great deal of charity without love.

For which cause belike, our old poets, Senatus populusque poetarum, made Mercury the gentleman-usher to the Graces, captain of eloquence, and those charities to be Jupiter's and Eurymone's daughters, descended from above.

CHARITY AND BENEVOLENCE ARE DUTIES which a mistress owes to herself as well as to her fellow-creatures; and there is scarcely any income so small, but something may be spared from it, even if it be but "the widow's mite."

His charity was a star of the first magnitude in the bright constellation of his virtues, and the rays of it were wonderfully various and extensive.

Charity is the very opposite of the selfish, covetous, ambitious, proud, grudging spirit of this world.

Paul had met none of these, and the only organized charity of which he was cognizant was the great Russian Charity League, betrayed six months earlier to a government which has ever turned its face against education and enlightenment.

" Exercise charity to the destitute, as did little Willy. Be good sons and daughters, and you will be a comfort to your parents, in sickness or in health.

The charity of the Mahometans is a precept which their teacher evidently transplanted from the doctrines of Christianity; and the care with which some of the Oriental sects attend, as is said, to the necessities of the diseased and indigent, may be added to the other arguments, which prove Zoroaster to have borrowed his institutions from the law of Moses.

He that hath charity is Christ's servant; he that hath not charity is the servant of the devil.

True Charity, a plant divinely nursed, Fed by the love from which it rose at first, Thrives against hope, and, in the rudest scene, Storms but enliven its unfading green; Exub'rant is the shadow it supplies, Its fruit on earth, its growth above the skies.

The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business.

Charity in this connection is the expression of a sentiment that varies from the most intense personal, affection to the broadest and most general humanitarian sentiment.

But charity is a word that's as little understood as virtue.

So that if Charity is equivalent to Divine Love, and Divine Love is represented by the sun, and lastly, if Charity be the topmost round of the masonic ladder, then again we arrive, as the result of our researches, at the symbol so often already repeated of the solar orb.

It was in 1855 that the Hospital was put on its present footing and the charity of the hundred diners finally became the maintenance of fifty poor people of good character in the vicinity.

She would willingly have done the good she did in secret, partly from her constant feeling that charity was not charity if it were boasted of, partly from a fear that those ready to misconstrue all her acts would find pretexts for evil and calumny even in her bounty.

Dickens said in his Preface, "Those who take an interest in this tale, will be glad to learn that the BROTHERS CHEERYBLE live: that their liberal charity, their singleness of heart, their noble nature ... are no creations of the Author's brain.

The way that race was won by Sheen, And not the horse called Alicánte Of how some charities were frauds, How some again were quite deserving The beauties of the Norfolk broads The latest hit of Mr. IRVING Does sap go up or down the stem?

Charity is a good thing, and it is our duty to exercise it on all occasions; but salvage comes into charity all the same as into any other interest.

To them heretics are centres of infectious disease, and charity to the heretic is "the worst cruelty to the souls of men."

And she replied with becoming spirit, 'Mr. Morse, charity is not a fool.'

33 Metaphors for  charity