58 Metaphors for  circle

58 Metaphors for circle

The family circle is a kind of dead linethe ring of fire which keeps out the wild beasts.

In the Celtic mysteries of the Druids, the temple of initiation was either oval, to represent the mundane egga symbol, as has already been said, of the world; or circular, because the circle was a symbol of the universe; or cruciform, in allusion to the four elements, or constituents of the universe.

Not workshops, Teaching Circles are instead a time for instructors across the disciplines to get together casually for 30-45 minutes to share their best strategies (and sometimes their greatest frustrations) around a range of common teaching issues.

The inner yellow circle is yellow marrow.

In a roped-off semi-circle below the platform were deep upholstered chairs wherein rested the members of the Irish parliament.

The circle of his influence was ever increasingthe very oldest fogeys, who had prophesied every kind of failure, were being gradually won over.

the sublunary generations to the periods of the celestial bodies; and the circle of the former is the image of the latter.

The Circle is a UCW group made up of women who are interested in journeying together as they explore their Christian faith.

Elisha Boone's domestic circle was a termagancyas Kate often told his gueststempered by wit and good-humor.

Outside, Sheridan Circle was almost a thing of beauty in its vague outline; even the squat ridiculous bronze horse had a certain dignity in the blue shadow.

And the circle was the face of the clock, and the rod the rail of my bed.

A circle | is a portion of a plane | ? | | 3.

And when it is seen how much more attractive the wives and daughters of favored classes have made themselves by culture, how much more capable they are of training and educating their children, how much more dignified the family circle may thus become,every man who is a father will rejoice in this great step which women have recently made, not merely in literary attainments, but in the respect of men.

He was represented as a man with a horned cap, carrying a bow and issuing from a winged circle, which circle was the emblem of ubiquity and eternity.

The hour circle, F, is half of a similar card, with the hours painted underneath, and divided to 20 minutes.

Walt Meier, the scientist of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, also suggested that these circles could be the result of the water washing over the ice and snow especially when the seals surface for air.

Indigenous Circle of Empowerment (ICE) is a student leadership development program rooted in culture and focused on self-development and community engagement.

Red circles are earthquakes that occurred within two hours from when the map was created.

The white circle is 5.5° across, a typical binocular field of view.

With respect to the form of this ornament, I observe, that a circle is a more agreeable figure than a square, a globe than a cube, and a cylinder than a parallelopipedon.

As the polar circles are in 23° 28", a line drawn through the south pole, for instance, commencing on one side of the earth at the antarctic circle, and extending to the other, would traverse a distance materially exceeding that between New York and Lisbon.

The circle was whiter and more distinct, where the Gulf Stream runs parallel to the American coast, and gradually grew fainter as it passed along the Banks of Newfoundland, to the coast of Europe, where, taking a southerly direction, the line of the circle was barely discernible.

We choose the circle for exalting and caressing, because the circle is the most agreeable form to touch and to caress.

The Herbartian correlation was designed to further that well-connected circle of thought out of which would come the firm will, guided by right insight, inspired by true feeling, which is their aim in education.

They were all her dearest friends, however, and no matter how strong personal passion was beyond her immediate presence, her circle was a neutral ground which no one thought of violating.

Smedestraat 33. The circle above the door is a "fake window".

This circle must be eight inches in diameter.

When the first phase is completed by June 2021 as scheduled, the travel time between Srinivasam (APSRTC junction) and Nandi Circle will be just five minutes, which currently takes 30-45 minutes.

It descends from beneath Jerusalem to the centre of the earth, and is a funnel graduated in circles, each circle being a separate place of torment for a different vice or its co-ordinates, and the point of the funnel terminating with Satan stuck into ice.

The red circle and bar is an Ideogram representing the idea of "no" or "not allowed".

Thus the mind perceives that WHITE is not BLACK, that a CIRCLE is not a TRIANGLE, that THREE are more than TWO and equal to ONE AND TWO.

The circle in which the children stand for the singing is itself a perfect representation of unity.

Now, inscribe in the earth an icosahedron, the sphere inscribed in it will be Venus: inscribe an octahedron in Venus: the circle inscribed in it will be Mercury."

In particular, the indigenous circle of experts was a significant contributor to the definitions of indigenous protected and conserved areas that exist within the One with Nature report.

Our Drumming Up Wellness therapeutic circle was such a hit that we have them coming back this month - so sign up for a wonderful hour of drumming alongside friends.

The great circle of Maumbury Rings was the original stadium or coliseum of the Roman town; the tiers of seats when filled are estimated to have held over twelve thousand spectators.

The circle, when formed, was about six feet in diameter.

Traffic Circles are small diameter in low speed, low volume residential areas.

" "Your circle of flame is the last terror, and Man exists only to break through, that he may come out of it free."

You try the volte, and convince yourself that the geometry master who taught you that a circle was a polygon with an infinite number of sides was more exact and less poetical than you thought him in the days before the riding-school began to reform your judgment on many things.

In fact, the two pale circles of fire were the most noticeable characteristics of the long, tawny cat that crept through the bamboos.

And I appeal to every one's own mind, whether this proposition, 'a circle is a circle,' be not as self-evident a proposition as that consisting of more general terms, 'whatsoever is, is'; and again, whether this proposition, 'blue is not red,' be not a proposition that the mind can no more doubt of, as soon as it understands the words, than it does of that axiom, 'it is impossible for the same thing to be and not to be?'

The family circle of different animals and birds is an admirable illustration of the peace which should pervade among families.

That bright circle of stamens is the very ring with which Doges once wedded the Adriatic, Venice has lost it, but it dropped into the water-lily's bosom, and there it rests forever.

It descends from beneath Jerusalem to the centre of the earth, and is a funnel graduated in circles, each circle being a separate place of torment for a different vice or its co-ordinates, and the point of the funnel terminating with Satan stuck into ice.

With some exaggeration an essayist wrote, "The whole circle of the year is one scene of bustle and toil, in which tobacco claims a constant and chief share."

But Sacred Circle is the real deal, said a memory keeper.

This inner circle will be the edge of the firepit wall.

The centre circle is 0.9m in diameter and is marked in the centre of the court.

Their own little circle of hills and valleys, their own forests and pasturage was their world, the only one practically of which they had any cognizance.