7 Metaphors for cleans

We'd get that hoecake out of the ashes and wash it off until it looked like it was as clean as bread cooked in a skillet.

Two cisterns were replenished with between 60,000 and 70,000 gallons of sparkling water from the hills in place of water heavily charged with the accumulation of summer dust on roofs, and the dust of Jerusalem roads, as we had sampled it, is not as clean as desert sand.

In the stable-lots the larded porkers, with bristles as clean as frost, and flesh of pinky whiteness, are hunting with nervous nostrils for the lush purslain.

But Dotty Dimple need not have held her skirts so tightly about her, and brushed her elbow so carefully when it hit against the wall; for the house was as clean as hands could make it.

I, for one, firmly believe that her hands are as clean as ours.

They say there hasn't been a woman inside Samuel's house since he built it, but it's as clean as soap and sand can make it.

In the first place, the men must keep themselves as clean as water will make themdirt is a great helper of coldand the water must be just as frosty as human natur' can bear it.

7 Metaphors for  cleans