33 Metaphors for closing

We all became excited over this, for among the paragraphs which I had copied from Calancha's "Chronicle" was the statement that "close to Uiticos" is the "white stone of the aforesaid house of the Sun which is called Yurak Rumi."

I noticed that close beside her was the preacher, little Jack's father, and behind him was Duncan.

Ere the close of the eighteenth century John Field of Dublin was a distinguished pianist.

The close of the day is, in the regions of the torrid zone, the only season of diversion and entertainment, and it was, therefore, midnight before the musick ceased, and the princesses retired.

The more complete the balance of power, the closer is the resemblance to a constitutional government.

I've trudged life's highway up and down; I've watched the lines of men march by; I've seen them in the busy town, And seen them under country sky; I've talked with toilers in the ranks, And walked with men whose hands were white, And learned, when closed were stores and banks, We're nearly all alike at night.

The lines convey poetic sentiment rather than reasoned truth; while Mr. Browning's close would be no unfit epilogue to a scientific essay on history, or a treatise on the errors of the human understanding and the inaccuracy of human opinion and judgment.

"There is the city, and close here must be the St. Germain road.

" She made some true friends during the months she spent with the Peabodys, and perhaps the closest, and certainly the most loyal, was Bob Henderson.

The close of that week had been a little under a cloud, which left just a nameless shadow over the commencement of the third, and Bart began it with an uneasy feeling.

He says: "That the close of the lunar series should have been the period of putting out the fire, and the beginning of the next, the time of relumination, from new fire, is so consonant to analogy in the tropical tribes, as to be probable" (op.

With the close of the war came an enormous increase in the tide of immigration; and many of the new-comers were of a very different stamp from their predecessors.

The closes are queer places.

They walked through the stables; five fine horses occupied the stalls, while close at hand were not fewer than a dozen Jersey cows.

I loved a love once, fairest among women; Closed are her doors on me, I must not see her All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

"You are right," he said, "quite right not to wish to survive me, for the close of my life will be the commencement of your own troubles.

The closing to-day was only a bluffone of the bluffs that all stores put up to keep the good opinion of the public.

The larger girls, as became their dignity, were seated in the middle, and close behind them were the smaller children.

The close was a leave-taking, in which the lingering affections of this life were placed in mournful contrast to the hopes of the future.

Otherwise he would have remembered that the close of the day, or, to speak with mathematical accuracy, the hour of eight P.M., is precisely the time when the HAMLET of a well-regulated theatrical community begins to make himself vocally prominent.

The Paris papers were printed on a single sheet and would pack as close as bank-notes.

" The officers had gathered around their commander as close as etiquette allowed.

barely beyond sight and hearing or the feel of its tremor; a veritable back garden wall to them and their beloved city; as close as forts Jackson and St. Philip, her front gate.

Further search was made, and a hundred and fifty slaves were discovered packed as close as herrings in a barrel.

Here very fierce conflicts occur between the wire-pullers themselves, and these are frequently decided by votes as close as majorities of one, or two.

33 Metaphors for  closing