49 Metaphors for clothes

"These clothes are the best I could get at a minute's notice.

"I reckon I'll know her, and her clothes too; and whoever found her wouldn't be fool enough to destroy them.

Of course we girls liked to dress nicely, but fine clothes was not the chief passport to our society, and yet I think on the whole that our social life would compare favorably with yours in good character, if not in intellectual attainments.

Clothes, complexions, polish of manner, and the avoidance of any sort of shock were the simple objects of their solicitude.

Eight days after this occurrence, the beloved fair one thus addressed me:"God has bestowed on man the robe of humanity which may not be torn or soiled; and although tattered clothes are no disparagement to his manhood, yet in public, in the eyes of the world he has no respect paid to him [if shabbily clothed].

"And clothes are but the first want,the primitive fig-leaves; the world is full of other outside business,as much outside as these," pursued Miss Goldthwaite, thoughtfully.

His clothes are but his tailor's livery, which he gives him, for 'tis ten to one he never pays for them.

Lodged in the deepest and most loathsome dungeon of the Bastillea dungeon so damp that within a few hours his clothes were saturatedwithout even a chair to sit on or a bed to lie on, with legions of hungry rats for company, he was now face to face with almost certain death.

"The clothes are a perfect fit, sir," the man observed, "and I think that we are exactly the same height.

They made a pile of money there last summer; fine clothes and fine living for allbut there's an end of that now.

Clothes, sir, are the essence of human society, and a man is known by his shell.

Good clothes, quiet demeanour, and numerical smallness are the striking characteristics.

or can those neat black clothes which you wear now, and are so careful to keep brushed, since we have become rich and finical, give you half the honest vanity with which you flaunted it about in that overworn suityour old corbeaufor four or five weeks longer than you should have done, to pacify your conscience for the mighty sum of fifteenor sixteen shillings was it?a great affair we thought it thenwhich you had lavished on the old folio.

The young man was thin and looked bored; his summer clothes were a study in harmonious colors, and he had delicate hands like a woman's.

Your clothes is dreadful tasty, and do you credit if you made 'em yourself."

All the clothes these fellows wore was a strip of cloth about their middle.

The latter is, so to say, cased in an incorruptible body, its very expression being chosen and sealed for ever with Divine approval, and rescued from the fluent and unstable condition of religions whose clothes are the works of men's hands.

These foes of England could live easily for years on oatmeal, sour milk, and cod's heads, while the fighting clothes of a whole regiment would have been a scant wardrobe for the Greek Slave, and after two centuries of almost uninterrupted carnage their war debt was only a trifle over eight dollars.

Their bed-clothes are a nest of rags thrown upon a crib, or in the corner; sometimes there are three or four families in one small cabin.

The men's clothes were varied, for a number wore shabby uniforms, and others white linen with red silk sashes, while a few had chosen the plain black, and wide sombrero, of the Spanish don.

Your clothes are parallels to these, all counterfeits.

Your clothes are parallels to these, all counterfeits.

Although he had not altogether hidden his bandage and his clothes were not the latest fashion, Ruth Duveen was satisfied.

He is a kind of spectrum, and his clothes are the shape he takes to appear and walk in, and when he puts them off he vanishes.

And his clothes and features were an exact replica of those portrayals.

49 Metaphors for  clothes