56 Metaphors for clouds

The heaven expanded like an azure seaand the dimpling clouds of gold were its Elysian islesnot unlike the splendid images we are apt to admire in the poems of Petrarch and Alamanni.

A cloud, who mocked his grateful tongue, The day with sudden darkness hung; 20 With pride and envy swelled, aloud A voice thus thundered from the cloud: 'Weak is this gaudy god of thine, Whom I at will forbid to shine.

Now he saw distinctly that the clouds were enormous carts, which drove through the heavens with sky-high loads.

The shape and clamour of waves breaking on the beach in a storm is as irresistibly recorded by Homer as the gleaming flowers which earth put forth to be the bed of Zeus and Hera in Gargaros, when a golden cloud was their coverlet, and Sleep sat on a pine tree near by in the likeness of a murmuring night-jar.

Of these, Hammond was chiefly concerned in swamp drainage, hillside terracing, forage increase, and livestock improvement; Jones was a promoter of the breeding of improved strains of cotton; Cloud was a specialist in fertilizing; and Philips was an all-round experimenter and propagandist.

The one heavy cloud that overhung agriculture, in his opinion was the extraordinary and almost world-spread depression of trade, and his argument was very simple.

The Captain was deceived in the most singular manner; about five or six o'clock he was called up; some persons who were on deck persuaded him that a great cloud which was in the direction of Cape Blanco and in truth very near it, was that Cape itself.

These clouds are not merely the distilleries of rain, but the reservoirs of snow and hail, and they are the agents of electric and magnetic storms.

These clouds, pregnant with cataracts, this night descending upon the full daylight of the Atlantic, had been the terror of the ancients, and yet, thanks to just such phenomena, the sailors could pass from one hemisphere to another without the light wounding them to death, or the sea scorching them like a burning glass.

But when the thickening sunbeams Had drunk the gleaming dew, A misty cloud of sorrow Swept o'er her eyes' deep blue.

" "Red Cloud is a great warrior," replied the chief; "he wears many feathers of honor; you must marry him.

The finest days, when the trees are greenest, the sky bluest, and the clouds most snowy white are the days that come in the midst of bad weather.

St Cloud was the favourite residence of Napoleon; and the furniture in the palace here shows him to be a man of the most refined taste.

Afar the lovely panorama glow'd, Until the mountains, on whose purple brows The clouds were pillow' d, closed it from our view.

In British East Africa the cloud is perhaps the thickest.

* You drive on the Nevski, you look to the left on the Haymarket; the clouds are the color of smoke, the ball of the setting sun purpleDante's hell!

St Cloud is an exceedingly neat pretty town, well and solidly built, and tolerably large.

She folds her blanket round her and seats herself; she has a request to make, I know, but Checkered Cloud is not a beggar, she never asks aught but what she feels she has a right to claim.

The clouds were still a claret colored purple in the west, but in another few minutes that color would be gone.

There were more than ten thousand horsemen and chieftains from the Atlas and the wilderness, and as the ceremony continued the dust-clouds grew denser and more fiery-golden, till at last the forward-surging lines showed through them like blurred images in a tarnished mirror.

Clouds become hostile airmen, stars are mistaken for airships and the cross-bars of bicycles are thought to be bombs; bridges have been blown up, telegraph and telephone wires cut in the middle of Stuttgart; spies have been shot and water supplies poisoned!

Each black cloud Is a fiery steed.

In the midst of threescore goats whose feet had made the yellow cloud of dust was a man, tall, gaunt, dressed in the garb of the desert, and burned by the sun as black as a Soudanese.

The morn is grey, and green the brae, the wind is frae the wast Before the gale the snaw-white clouds are drivin' light and fast; The airly sun is glintin' forth, owre hill, and dell, and plain, And Coquet's streams are glitterin', as they run frae muir to main.

But the darkening clouds were fast gathering into black masses: The rapid lightning flames along the sky.

56 Metaphors for  clouds