8 Metaphors for collapse

The temptation is to indulge grief, and to feel that collapse in such a case is a sign of loyalty.

He was still feeling decidedly shaky himself, but Piers' collapse was an admirable restorative.

The collapse of Putnam's big dream is the best thing that could have happened for us!"

In England the collapse of so great and so menacing a figure was a momentous event.

5 Military collapse In foreign affairs the whole eleventh century was a period of diplomatic manoeuvring, with every possible effort to avoid war.

Hardly were his tribesmen settled, however, among the Bithynians and Greeks of Yenishehr, before the Seljuk collapse became a fact.

"'Collapsing' is an exaggeration perhaps," laughed Lady Mountstuart.

Its collapse was a bitter disappointment, and drove many of its leaders into exile abroad, more particularly to the United States, where some of them, such as Carl Schurz, lived to play a noteworthy part under more democratic political institutions.

8 Metaphors for  collapse