28 Metaphors for comforts

It must be acknowledged, however, that comfort and discomfort are so largely matters of habit and personal point of view that education as to ideals is an important duty of society in its own defence.

NAGLE All the comfort some of us have in this world is a smoke, that's when we have the tobacco, of course.

But the dinner-table would present a repast far below that of a New England farmer or mechanic in ordinary circumstances, and the sleeping-rooms would give evidence that genuine comfort was a secondary consideration.

The only comfort he 'ad was the thought of the ten pounds Ginger and Peter 'ad paid 'im; and when he remembered that he began to cheer up and even smile.

The comfort which poor human beings want in such a world as this, is not the comfort of ease, but the comfort of strength.

The ties of affinity in her were sacred; and to the happiness, the comfort of those in which she felt an interest, there were few sacrifices of her own propensities she would not cheerfully have made: it was this very love of her offspring that made her anxious to dispose of her daughters in wedlock.

I answer, such should know, that life is one thing, and comfort is another thing; grace is one thing, and warm blinks of God's face is another.

We feel the cold very little, the great comfort of our situation is the excellent drying effect of the sun.

The disappearance, unexplained as yet, Of the great man, his mind doth sorely fret; Comfort from his return and health are still his prayer.

Comfort was indeed the note.

As to food, clothing and shelter, a few concrete items will reinforce the indications in the preceding chapters that crude comfort was the rule.

The only comfort he got was a shake of the head from Tommy.

In secrette she nurst him, and swaged his paine, While he throughe the realme was beleev'd to be slaine: At lengthe his faire bride she consented to bee, And made him glad father of prettye Bessee. And nowe, lest oure foes our lives sholde betraye We clothed ourselves in beggars' arraye; Her jewells shee solde, and hither came wee All our comfort and care was our prettye Bessee.

Thursday, March 2, A.M.The events of the past 48 hours bid fair to wreck the expedition, and the only one comfort is the miraculous avoidance of loss of life.

Some Comfort, I shall be Father to a Viscount, and for the restPatience All Nations Cuckolds breed, but I deny They had such need of Cuckolding as I. [Goes out with the Turk.

Belphoebê would go to the battle-field, and make a most admirable nurse or lady-conductor of an ambulance; but Amoret would prefer to look after her husband and family, whose comfort would be her first care, and whose love she would seek and largely reciprocate.

The Watson family were thriving; their farm had not failed them; comforts, and even a few luxuries were theirs, and Pearl's heart grew very soft and tender with a sense of gratitude.

Vertue commands the Stars: rise more than Vertue; Your present comfort shall be now my business.

But the chief comfort derived by Lady Roos from the society of Sarah Swarton, was the power of unbosoming herself to her respecting her husband, and of pouring her sorrows into a sympathising ear.

Here were soldiers to whom comfort and rest were the sweetest blessings upon the earth, and they could not grasp them.

It is good to be in the midst of them, for they thrive as never before, and their comforts are few enough these wet bloody days.

" He urges upon the planters of Virginia to give their slaves, in addition to bread, "salt meat and vegetables," and adds, "we shall be ASTONISHED to discover upon trial, that this great comfort to them is a profit to the master.

Aunt Comfort was a personage of great importance in the little village of Warmouth, and one whose services were called into requisition on almost every great domestic occasion.

There are cases," he continued, "yes, there are, where comfort is a lie, and despair is a duty.

In charity, comfort for the afflicted, help,not in money, for of that there was little to spare,but in food; in watching with the sick and consoling the bereaved in her own loving, sympathetic mother's way, she abounded.

28 Metaphors for  comforts