21 Metaphors for committees

Their Vigilance Committee," he said, smiling, "was not the only tribunal which weighed evidence for and against your friend, nor was it the only vindication he has received.

An elected committee of nine, and a general assembly of all men and women members of the society, were the government.

The committee in charge was Alexander Reed, Henry C. Singley, Fred B. Gruel and John Stoddart.

The committee was a Trojan horse to gain time and demoralize the South; he regretted that it emanated from a Virginia Representative.

These nominating committees were expedients devised to place the power in the hands of a few, in a government of the many.

A Vigilance Committee, composed of sixteen members of the Right, charged with impressing unity upon this trinity of parties, and charged with the task of carefully watching the Left, such was this precaution.

Important executive matters were at first assigned to committees, such as the Finance Committee and the Board of War, though at the most trying time the finance committee was a committee of one, in the person of Robert Morris, who was commonly called the Financier.

It was manifest that the Insurrectionary Committee would be a "find" for the bayonets.

At other times, as in a common district or town school, they are by law organized, and the school committee chosen for this purpose are their legal representatives.

The Committee were Revs.

This famous committee was a council of ten forming a pure dictatorship.

Under the law a "voluntary army of workers" signed up as ready to go anywhere their labor was needed, and local munition committees became labor courts endowed with power to change wage rates, to inflict fines on slackers, and on those who broke the agreements of the "voluntary army.

"The Committee is our centre, it should not disperse itself.

" "A committee of safety will be the thing!"

Finally, the original Democratic State Committee rescinded (October 12) all its resolutions of fusion, and the Douglas State Committee withdrew (October 18) its straight Douglas ticket.

In fact, the Committee is in its essence non-Turkish and non-Moslem.

The Committee is, therefore, in a sense, a memorial to Mr. Tucker, as well as to O. Henry.

The Committee of "Ways and Means," which regulates customs duties and excise taxes, is by far the most important.

Another circumstance which came before the committee was the following:Many arguments were afloat at this time relative to the great impolicy of abolishing the Slave Trade, the principal of which was, that, if the English abandoned it, other foreign nations would take it up; and thus, while they gave up certain national profits themselves, the great cause of humanity would not be benefited, nor would any moral good be done by the measure.

"The Committee of the Societyno, that is the wrong oneI mean Walter, you knowat least" "I beg your pardon," said Anstey, with polite gravity.

gend., ("The COMMITTEES WHICH" &c.,) in what cases is less approp.

21 Metaphors for  committees