9 Metaphors for completion

When this was done, I had, as it seemed to me, untied all the really hard knots, and the completion of the book had become only a question of time.

This was a gala day for Staines and its vicinity; for, independently of the enthusiasm awakened by the visit of the popular Sovereign, the completion of so useful and ornamental a fabric must have been an occasion of no ordinary interest to every inhabitant of the district.

But the completion of this war is the safety of Decimus Brutus.

So certain were they to occur in some form that a successful completion of the journey was simply an escape from death.

The completion and sum of repentance is a change of life.

It led the Government at an early stage to preparatory steps for introducing it, and a completion of the work will be a just title to the public gratitude.

Brown does his work in a cage at the end of the room in which the completion of the notes is accomplishedthe room of the Division of Issues.

The completion of the Memphis and Charleston railroad was a great event in the history of the city.

The completion of a work of art in itself is the eternal, indispensable requisite.

9 Metaphors for  completion