8 Metaphors for compliance

It was difficult for her to realise that her thoughts or wishes could truly interest me, that compliance with her inclinations could be an object, or that I could be seriously bent on teaching her to speak frankly and openly.

Those who deny, my lords, that there is a sole minister to whom the miscarriages of the government may justly be imputed, may easily persuade themselves to believe that there have been no miscarriages, that all the measures were necessary, and well formed, that there is neither poverty nor oppression felt in the nation, that our compliance with France was no weakness, and that our dread of the treaty of Vienna was not chimerical.

His public spirit wants pliancy; his selfish compliances go all lengths.

Compliance with this condition was the price of the privilege.

Exertion of power on one hand, and compliance on the otherthis is his type of the conditions of the social union.

In my judgment a compliance with the resolution which has been transmitted to me would be a surrender of duties and powers which the Constitution has conferred exclusively on the Executive, and therefore such compliance can not be made by me nor by the heads of Departments by my direction.

The only compliance which is immoral is the compliance with a practice which one believes to be immoral and which yet is sanctioned by society.

Does it not yet come into your Head, to imagine that I knew my Compliance was the greatest Cruelty I could be guilty of towards you?

8 Metaphors for  compliance