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144 Metaphors for  concerned

144 Metaphors for concerned

This concerns you fellows only?" was the quick reply of Mr. Dodd, the sheriff.

"My concern is Mr. Cumberland.

According to him, his concern for Guyana and making a positive difference in society has always been his motivator.

Somewhat selfishly, the biggest personal concern Iโ€™ve had since the outbreak of The Big Cancel is the ramifications it could have on the Premier League just as Liverpool is closing in on their first title in 30 years.

My main concern with an attic install in your case is the aluminium siding.

Neither my wife nor I have any disposition for company or going out; and you may rest assured that I shall devote all my attention to business, and that your concerns will not be less the object of my regard merely because you have raised mine so high.

There is no question that South Koreaโ€™s main security concern is its northern neighbor.

โ€œFar and away, the biggest concern is the back door being bolted from the exterior,โ€ said Jim Begley, founder of the Las Vegas-based fire protection engineering firm TERPconsulting.

With both rock'n'roll and environmental concerns being fairly new concepts for the communist nation, it was the perfect opportunity for both music and Greenpeace to come together and appeal to a brand new audience.

SomeAmerican: The concern is the flu season.

The only concern is compensation which I hope will get better with time as well.

Willy Woolly's one concern in life was his master and their joint business.

The biggest concern that I have regarding the bill is the fact that it has selected a specific group of students, a few specific groups, to highlight.

The one concern is sight visibility for vehicles backing from the driveway in relation to pedestrians using the sidewalk.

e is little stimulus for the will; and so our chief concern is the extension of our knowledge.

The main concern when taking a blood sample is stress to the bird as stress hormones can skew the results.

The other concern that has been expressed is the question of the role the Yukon Housing Corporation is beginning to play in this area.

That Concern which is described in the Letter, is to all the World the greatest Charm imaginable: but then the modest Man must proceed, and shew a latent Resolution in himself; for the Admiration of his Modesty arises from the Manifestation of his Merit.

"The great concern in which he had spent his life was the constant topic of his conversation; and he continued with his latest breath to enforce the claims of the unhappy sons of slavery upon the humanity of their brethren.

A key concern has been a fear of panic.

My concern would be interference if they are too close together.

A major concern for Daffe isnโ€™t his performance in New Zealand, its getting to New Zealand.

Does the matter concern my lord's person,is his life in danger?

The School's primary concern is the development of design skills in architecture, and it stresses awareness of cultural background and existing environment.

My concern within our province is the process that it's been going through, or lack of process.

Additional concerns are the spread of water-borne diseases.

PARIS: Football has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the immediate concern is the simple survival of many clubs because of the financial impact, but there is hope that the global game could ultimately emerge better from this crisis.

But while Beers suggested families talk to their own pediatricians about choosing whatโ€™s right, he emphasized that concerns of infection arenโ€™t the only issue.

Underlying Dutch concerns is the reputation of Spain and Italy for lax public spending in the minds of voters in northern Europe, and Mr. Rutte wants them to reform their labour and pensions rules.

The main concern with these apps was the collection of user data and the unauthorised sending of this data to locations outside of India, particularly to China.

Another concern listed in the AZA report was the lack of staffing at the zoo.

Their biggest concern were the slaves being held against their will on the plantations.

Contrarily, in youth, the impressions that things make, that is to say, the outward aspects of life, are so overpoweringly strong, especially in the case of people of lively and imaginative disposition, that they view the world like a picture; and their chief concern is the figure they cut in it, the appearance they present; nay, they are unaware of the extent to which this is the case.

Prof Openshaw said his concern was the hard to reach in the community, people who are very doubtful about vaccines or those not very well informed.

In the public sector, a prime concern in achieving good accounting for results is the converse of public trust in institutions.

A second significant concern is the authoritarian posture and rhetoric of ministers like Bheki Cele and Fikile Mbalula, both of whom have a history of authoritarianism and buffoonery.

Ms Ohlback said the biggest concern for most residents โ€“ who do not have phone reception and rely on the internet for communication โ€“ is the power going out, although this was "not an uncommon thing, even in perfect weather".

That as related above, the main concern of the Agency is the violence which takes place between these two parties and their inability or unwillingness to protect the child from this violence.

Epp said the hedgehog is worth $200, but his main concern right now is the animalโ€™s welfare.

She learned that the main concerns of MPs were: 1) logistical needs (physical working space, lease agreements and technology) and, 2) constituency casework.

It is an act between you and Turkey; but the concerns of Turkey by the Treaty of Paris are the concerns of Europe at large.

โ€œIf the concern is symbolic species, there may well be a bigger threat from climate change than from utilisation and poaching,โ€ he said.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to deeply impact peopleโ€™s lives, one concern that may fly under the radar is child abuse.

Another concern is the recent spike in refugee claims from countries that are generally considered to be safe.

The concern is that the curvature in the faรงade competes with the establishment of a stronger sense of verticality, which is important in order to shift the expression from slab to point tower.

Use Golden Gel if your main concerns are firmness, sagging, and lines.

โ€œOur main concern is the differences between those states and Hawaii.

Sometimes the concern is more suspicion or the concern is very low, although real, but is not enough to justify a conclusion that there is a risk.

My present concern is this disregard of my wishes."

The primary concern for houseplants in the winter โ€” particularly in places with exceptionally short winter days, like in Maine โ€” is access to sunlight.

Icenhour said his immediate concern was the parallel road network around Independence.

Concerns about future employment prospects are the highest since March 2013, even though unemployment rates are considerably better.

My concern is Ingram.

My main concerns are durability, battery longevity, low-light performance, RAW performance, and portability.

Unfortunately his concerns in England had been hitherto conducted by a council called "the Knot," at the head of which was Sir Richard Willis.

When one of Joe Exoticโ€™s employeeโ€™s arms is ripped off by a tiger, the immediate concern is the financial stability of the park.

Her primary concern is people following the guidelines.

The studentsโ€™ most common concern was the fountainsโ€™ unsightly and unappealing appearance.

Recording arts major Joshua Polksโ€™s concern is the studentsโ€™ ability to access certain resources, especially technical resources.

Essentially, Ferroโ€™s concern is refugees who have made Quinte their home will be forced to seek assistance from food banks and through Ontario Works programs.

The concerns of the parish and the merits of the minister were the weightiest affairs, and a church reproof the heaviest calamity.

โ€œA primary concern of policing in Canada is impaired driving.

โ€œThe concerns would be cumulative damage, a year of up to four blasts per day โ€” is there going to be damage sustained from repeated impact over and over again?โ€

What gave Roswell the most concern was the great distance that this field extended to the westward.

Thatโ€™s not too shabby, but the big concern were his hands due to his 11 drops of 66 catchable balls.

His real concern was the two juvenile robbers.

โ€œMy main concern is the children of this neighborhood trying to cross it.

Her chief concern, therefore, soon became an anxiety that he should not be seen by her companions.

Concern respecting the respondentโ€™s honesty with agency workers was a continuing theme throughout the involvement of both the Lunenburg and Colchester County agencies.

Respondents' concerns during DI were respiratory compromise (61%), pain (48%), agitation (45%), and device removal (26%).

While the association has a long list of objections โ€” 10 pages worth, in fact โ€” its main concern is new rules about where charters choose to house their schools.

Other concerns are the land requirements and the potential conflicts with land claims.

His chief concern then was the cultivation of the minds in order to make amends for the drudgery to their bodies.

Our only concern is the rate.

The other concern was the insensitivity of the shortest distance to the position of the polygons.

The greatest concern about the regional health boards and advisory boards today, I believe, is the way in which these boards are put together.

Their concern is firefighters who receive training wonโ€™t be able to be re-certified.

Langloh said the No. 1 concern of those calling United Way is food insecurity โ€“ โ€œfear of running out and not knowing where to go to get food.โ€

โ€œThe concern for us is the degree of asymptomatic spread,โ€ she said, noting that younger people without symptoms can be โ€œsuper spreadersโ€.

A key concern expressed was the reliance on volunteers to staff/manage CAP sites/arrangements.

Their concern is the wording of the Fisheries Act.

My concern here is not just disclosure and not just listing, as the federal Auditor General has recommended; it is that there is a reason for tax expenditures.

These concerns are cornerstones of Project Big Picture.

Under the same ownership for forty years, their concern is your satisfaction.

We have Donald Trump in charge, and the author's main concern is a loss of trust on the part of the public.

To my mind, the real concern and the focus of anger should be the causes and denials which allow new diseases and newly drug-resistant strains to thrive.

โ€œOur greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems,โ€ he added.

โ€œOur first concern is food, not the virus,โ€ said Suresh Kumar, 60, a bicycle rickshaw rider in New Delhi.

The main concern, Brannen said, was their compliance with city and state requirements.

For a modern audience whose main concern is convenience, an entire segment dedicated solely to teaching neophytes the ropes is a preferable alternative to thumbing through page after page of a how-to guide.

But I do believe that most peopleโ€™s concerns are the economic impact of and how can the county survive and stay viable and feasible.

RTAM's concern is the long-term sustainability of the TRAF plan for both current and future retirees.

โ€œThe major concern with Android is security (because) itโ€™s an openplatform,โ€ Ettrick said.

But our only concern was even a longer delivery time to provide you with the product than the maximum mentioned time on site.

I don't know if they can do a good job or if they can't, but the biggest concern was the location.

Even so, it seemed his first concern was the campaign, and he seemingly couldnโ€™t help himself and mentioned his favorite topic: the number of people who attend his rallies.

One-Man Power Every successful concern is the result of a One-Man Power.

Concern about intra-community conflict is high in both the case (83%) and control (85%) communities as is concern about the fairness of local economic benefits (56% and 62%, respectively); yet neither is significant in the models.

A concern - or complaint - is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions, or lack of action by the Society as an organization, or by a staff or volunteer acting on behalf of the Society.

The women of the suffrage States differ so little from the women of other States, and women in general, that the chief concerns of their lives are the home, the school, and the baby,the Kaiser's "Kirche, Kรผche, und Kinder" over again.