31 Metaphors for concerned

This concerns you fellows only?" was the quick reply of Mr. Dodd, the sheriff.

"My concern is Mr. Cumberland.

Neither my wife nor I have any disposition for company or going out; and you may rest assured that I shall devote all my attention to business, and that your concerns will not be less the object of my regard merely because you have raised mine so high.

Willy Woolly's one concern in life was his master and their joint business.

e is little stimulus for the will; and so our chief concern is the extension of our knowledge.

"The great concern in which he had spent his life was the constant topic of his conversation; and he continued with his latest breath to enforce the claims of the unhappy sons of slavery upon the humanity of their brethren.

Does the matter concern my lord's person,is his life in danger?" "Not his life but his love; 'tis for thy sake he does it.

" "Not much fear of that, Mosesmy great concern is that starboard bower-cable; it has a good deal more strain on it than the larboard, and you can see how the strands are stretched.

Contrarily, in youth, the impressions that things make, that is to say, the outward aspects of life, are so overpoweringly strong, especially in the case of people of lively and imaginative disposition, that they view the world like a picture; and their chief concern is the figure they cut in it, the appearance they present; nay, they are unaware of the extent to which this is the case.

It is an act between you and Turkey; but the concerns of Turkey by the Treaty of Paris are the concerns of Europe at large.

My present concern is this disregard of my wishes."

Yet his first concern was for them, his first instinct paternal and protecting.

Unfortunately his concerns in England had been hitherto conducted by a council called "the Knot," at the head of which was Sir Richard Willis.

The concerns of the parish and the merits of the minister were the weightiest affairs, and a church reproof the heaviest calamity.

Her chief concern, therefore, soon became an anxiety that he should not be seen by her companions.

His chief concern then was the cultivation of the minds in order to make amends for the drudgery to their bodies.

And my concern, thou mayest believe, was the greater on his account.

One-Man Power Every successful concern is the result of a One-Man Power.

The women of the suffrage States differ so little from the women of other States, and women in general, that the chief concerns of their lives are the home, the school, and the baby,the Kaiser's "Kirche, Küche, und Kinder" over again.

He was taught, that any concern in it was a crime of the deepest dye.

That day the concern of the people was unquestionably not rouge but republics.

Being reduced to depend entirely during this struggle upon such strength as could be supplied by a municipal democracy incoherent, inexperienced, and full of divisions in its own ranks, and by a mad insurrection in the country districts, he rapidly fell into the selfish and criminal condition of the man whose special concern is his own personal safety.

Certainly the main concern of the Nursery School teacher is sympathetic understanding of children.

No, we are respectable citizens, tailors and shoemakers, and the whole concern is no business of ours.

" "While one's creditors meet him, at every corner" "The concern would be altogether Dutch.

31 Metaphors for  concerned