29 Metaphors for conflicts

The conflicts in the school, if they gave me less tedium, were all the more acute.

The conflicts of reason are its own necessary processes and expressions.

Conflicts is a common noun, of the third person, plural number, neuter gender, and nominative case: and is the subject of are; according to Rule 2d, which says, "A noun or a pronoun which is the subject of a finite verb, must be in the nominative case."

The greatest conflict of this period was the attack in 660 B.C. against the feudal state of Wei, in northern Honan.

A sanguinary conflict is the result, in which Quiroga, slaying four or five of his assailants, comes off victorious, and pursues his journey in the teeth of other bands which are ordered to arrest him.

They would supply a starving garrison with provisions in order that an impending conflict might be a fair trial of strength.

The second condition conflicts with the first, for the radius is the difference between the focal length for parallel rays, and that for rays at the distance of the fixed mirror.

The conflict was not strictly a battle,not like an encounter in the open field, where the raw troops under Jackson, most of them militia, would have stood no chance with the veterans whom Wellington had led to victory and glory.

As all the Northwestern tribes were banded in open war, it was useless to let the conflict remain a succession of raids and counter-raids.

These conflicts are the lot of those who are training to be the Lord's true yoke-fellows.

If in the course of events there arises a conflict between the will of the individual and that of his environment, whether nature, man, or God, then the seed of tragedy, specifically, is present; this conflict is the essential idea of tragedy.

A conflict between England and Germany must be primarily a naval war, and Germany's naval forces are considerably weaker than those of England.

The sex conflict has been the cause for the origin and the survival of certain physical and mental traits, helpful in sex attraction, sex combat, the growth of the embryo, and the nutrition and safety of the young of a species,in short, the whole process of sexual selection.

" The matter-of-fact way in which the expression, "a church fight" is used by the writer of the above item, seems to indicate that tabernacular conflicts are rather the rule than the exception in "deeply religious" Brooklyn.

A conflict of this kind is the test of nations, not only of their strength but also of their righteousness or right to be.

The spiritual conflicts I have passed through have been a blessing, as I am beginning to see; I can understand better how such conflicts may prepare one for work.

The philosopher has a lifelong quarrel with bodily desires, and he should welcome the release of his soul.' 1. 3. 'Tis we who, lost in stormy visions, &c. We, the so-called living, are in fact merely beset by a series of stormy visions which constitute life; all our efforts are expended upon mere phantoms, and are therefore profitless; our mental conflict is an act of trance, exercised upon mere nothings.

Because the meaning iswhat conflicts are thy portion, when inclination and habit exert, &c. Inclination is a common noun, of the third person, singular number, neuter gender, and nominative case: and is one of the subjects of exert; according to Rule 2d, which says, "A noun or a pronoun which is the subject of a finite verb, must be in the nominative case."

"Conflict isn't Sin."

The inner conflict was still a source of trouble, but it did not seem quite so much a matter of life and death.

" "The conflict between men is the law of Nature.

The conflict of her interests with Russia's in Persia and in the newly arisen Dardanelles question, as well as the power of Islam in the most important parts of her colonial Empire, are the subjects of permanent anxiety in Great Britain.

Direct conflict is a mistake, as a ruleblaming, fault-finding, censuring, snapping, punishing.

Class conflict is the tragic element.

" "The conflict with the Arabs"that has been the worst folly of the Young Turkish politicians, and it will perhaps be the most powerful solvent of the Empire which the Osmanlis have misgoverned so long.

29 Metaphors for  conflicts