8 Metaphors for consistencies

She looked so earnest, so persuasive, that I yielded, and said that "consistency should be my only requirement.

Consistency was a virtue which he probably too often scouted, but his high purpose, his spotlessness of spirit, and strong control of men no one can gainsay.

A consistency between belief and behaviour becomes the only way to make our designs on reality real.

The beautiful consistency of your everyday life and simple trust, have been powerful sermons to me, convincing me that there is a reality in the religion you profess.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

It's been my experience that consistency is simply a steel hoop around a small mindit keeps it from expanding.

And accordingly Mr. Newman, with whom producible logical consistency was indeed a great thing, but with whom it was very far from being everything, had continually to accept conclusions which he would rather have kept in abeyance, to make admissions which were used without their qualifications, to push on and sanction extreme ideas which he himself shrank from because they were extreme.

Even Liberty party, blind as she is, has light enough to see that "Consistency is the jewel, the everything of such a cause as ours."

8 Metaphors for  consistencies