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54 Metaphors for  constructions

54 Metaphors for constructions

Only an auger and sense and hickory pegs and an eye for business need be utilized in the making, and in fact this economical construction is the best.

CLT construction is also much more light weight than conventional building materials such as steel and reinforced concrete which reduces the embodied energy involved in transporting prefabricated panels to the construction site.

Their construction was the start of what was to become a massive castle building programme in England and Wales.

There's no art, To find the mind's construction in the face: The construction of the mind is, I believe, a phrase peculiar to Shakespeare; it implies the frame or disposition of the mind, by which it is determined to good or ill.

While construction is an industry well used to peaks and troughs, the key question is how well it might respond if demand returns to more normal levels in the coming months.ā€

The construction of the passage is, 'What may this mean, that thou revisitest thus the glimpses of the moon, and that we so horridly to-shake our disposition?'

The modern construction of this sentence would be: Avant que je ne la lui demande, souffrez que je vous la demande Ć  vous.

The construction is an unparsable synchysis, a vile snarl, which no grammarian should hesitate to condemn.

According to Gupta, the construction of the bridge is the most challenging task of the Kashmir railway link project, undertaken in the 150-year-long history of Indian Railways.

[217:2] This admission does not damage the credit of Tertullian and Epiphanius as witnesses; because what we want from them is a statement of the facts; the construction which they put upon the facts is a matter of no importance.

Dam construction is big business.

In universities, the construction of the most massive and self-managing union tools possible remains the priority of AL students.

A more regular construction would be: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

This construction of the relative is a Latinism, and very seldom used by the best English writers.

Therefore to every Freemason who rightly comprehends his art, this construction of a living temple is his labor.

The construction of his sentences is a curious framework with pegs and hooks to hang his thoughts upon, for his own use and guidance, but almost out of the reach of every body else.

The construction is an imitation of the French reciprocal or reflected verbs.

I assume the minister is aware that school construction has been the subject of a major Department of Education study for the past two years.

The complex construction, which at first sight seems a difficulty, is, in fact, like all mechanism, a great saving of labour to the operator.

Industrial construction, though a relatively small part of the entire construction industry, is a very important component.

[Illustration: From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc Fezthe praying-chapel in the Medersa el Attarine] The interior construction of the mosque was no doubt usually affected by the nearness of Roman or Byzantine ruins.

Constructions of Nouns.+The following are the usual constructions of nouns: (a) The possessive case of the noun denotes possession.

It was formerly fortified, and the construction of the belfryif such it can be calledis curious.

Although Dixon Marine argues that the amendments here involve new or greater claims, Rule 83.10 does not apply because neither Garian Construction nor Dixon Marine are parties who have become disentitled to notice.

And Markus Soeder, a Merkel ally who leads the smallest party in Germanyā€™s governing coalition, said the construction of the pipeline was a private business decision, not the governmentā€™s.

Still, the construction of a democracy is a difficult ordeal for people who have always been imperialists.

As long as they do not actually exist, they are evidently not necessary to the construction, and have no purpose save an imaginary decorative one, and in the words of Owen Jones, construction must be decoratednot decoration constructed.

Co-sponsored by Rep. Vicki Doudera, D-Camden, LD 1887 directs the Maine Department of Transportation to study the feasibility of having any planned new ferry construction be electric or hybrid ferries.

M P Rogers and Associates principal coastal engineer Clint Doak said construction of the breakwaters was ā€œa simple processā€, with trucks bringing the rock material in, dumping it straight in the ocean, then shaped by an excavator.

Light green construction is our own terminology in order to classify Evergreenā€™s environmentally responsible entrance level option in terms of design and actual choice of green products within a 21st century type of structure.

The construction is the genitive after dispenser.

Here the construction of the word as a proper noun, and of the feminine gender, is the result of the personification, and contrary to the literal usage.

Framed Watercolour & Ink Artist description: The complicated construction of this pier was a challenge, then to soften the image I placed a nude sunbathing on the bench.

The french developed wood building techniques like Piece-sur-piece and Poteaux en coulisse in New France but this was a technique that wasnā€™t used in france where stone or half-timber construction was the norm.

The construction was finished in 1648. citation The construction of Taj Mahal is about 6000 feet.

of, twofold; nature of the two constructions; OTHER less regular constructions; which two constructions of all, are legitimate uses of the participle; which constructions are of doubtf.

The afternoon that they had everything in normal condition again, Mr. Hooper came down to see them; he knew nothing of the tampering with the work, but it became evident at once that his nephew had slyly and forcibly put it into his head that amateur radio construction was largely newspaper bunk, without any real foundation of fact.

29.In some constructions of the word but, there is a remarkable ambiguity; as, "There cannot be but one capital musical pause in a line.

Clothing construction 1 is an introductory class to the construction of garments.

Will any one say, that every such construction is bad English?

The construction of the Dala Bridge, which will connect Yangon and Dala, is now complete 16.15 percent and scheduled to complete by October 2020,.

All the medieval constructions of the kingdom of Naples were the spoils of Paestum.

Without entering into the argument, I desire to state at the commencement of my Administration that long experience and observation have convinced me that a strict construction of the powers of the Government is the only true, as well as the only safe, theory of the Constitution.

If the construction of a harbor or deepening the channel of a river be a regulation of commerce, as the advocates of this power contend, this would give the ports of the State within which these improvements were made a preference over the ports of other States, and thus be a violation of the Constitution.

He said, ā€œThe construction of a pool in Vieux Fort is a Saint Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC) and Saint Lucia Aquatic Federation initiative; the drawings done, land leased.

The construction of a fleet by the Romans was in very truth a noble national worka work through which, by their clear perception of what was needful and possible, by ingenuity in invention, and by energy in resolution and in execution, they rescued their country from a position which was worse than at first it seemed.

Building construction was also revolutionizedmetals, concrete, glass and synthetics replaced wood and stone as the basic construction materials.

The construction of defenses, including city walls, were partly or wholly public enterprises.

The construction of state granaries in large numbers throughout Japan was a demonstration of the broad reach of Imperial power and concerns.

The construction of the seed-vessel causing the seeds to be discharged with an elastic force is a pleasing phaenomenon. 28.

This, however, is not surprising when we reflect upon the theoretical conditions upon which the construction of the new chimney is basedthe strong influx of air having the result of causing a more active combustion of the liquid, and consequently of raising to white heat the particles of carbon disseminated through the flame.

For us, the construction of the nuclear power plant is a consolidating, creative project that will ensure long-term sustainable development of the country and will strengthen its economic sovereignty,ā€ Roman Golovchenko said.

Of how many different constructions is the objective case susceptible?

The rapid construction of railroads, especially light railways, the speedy repair of destroyed lines, the protection of traffic on military railways, and the utilization of motors for various purposes, are the duties for which these troops must be trained.