29 Metaphors for constructions

Only an auger and sense and hickory pegs and an eye for business need be utilized in the making, and in fact this economical construction is the best.

There's no art, To find the mind's construction in the face: The construction of the mind is, I believe, a phrase peculiar to Shakespeare; it implies the frame or disposition of the mind, by which it is determined to good or ill.

The construction is an unparsable synchysis, a vile snarl, which no grammarian should hesitate to condemn.

[217:2] This admission does not damage the credit of Tertullian and Epiphanius as witnesses; because what we want from them is a statement of the facts; the construction which they put upon the facts is a matter of no importance.

This construction of the relative is a Latinism, and very seldom used by the best English writers.

And, 3. Therefore to every Freemason who rightly comprehends his art, this construction of a living temple is his labor.

The construction of his sentences is a curious framework with pegs and hooks to hang his thoughts upon, for his own use and guidance, but almost out of the reach of every body else.

The construction is an imitation of the French reciprocal or reflected verbs.

The interior construction of the mosque was no doubt usually affected by the nearness of Roman or Byzantine ruins.

Constructions of Nouns.+The following are the usual constructions of nouns: (a) The possessive case of the noun denotes possession.

It was formerly fortified, and the construction of the belfryif such it can be calledis curious.

Q.Of what construction are the wheels?

Still, the construction of a democracy is a difficult ordeal for people who have always been imperialists.

As long as they do not actually exist, they are evidently not necessary to the construction, and have no purpose save an imaginary decorative one, and in the words of Owen Jones, construction must be decoratednot decoration constructed.

The construction is the genitive after dispenser.

Gooch.] 662. Q.Of what construction is the safety valve?

As the construction and application of this instrument is the result of personal, long-continued, and anxious effort, and as I have rarely seen a pirated one made properly or understood, I may express a hope that whenever it is wanted either for schools or nurseries, application will be made for it to my depot.

of, twofold; nature of the two constructions; OTHER less regular constructions; which two constructions of all, are legitimate uses of the participle; which constructions are of doubtf.

The afternoon that they had everything in normal condition again, Mr. Hooper came down to see them; he knew nothing of the tampering with the work, but it became evident at once that his nephew had slyly and forcibly put it into his head that amateur radio construction was largely newspaper bunk, without any real foundation of fact.

The result of this discussion has been a thorough conviction on the part of the Government of the United States that the construction of that article of the treaty contended for by France is destitute of any solid foundation and wholly inadmissible.

Will any one say, that every such construction is bad English?

All the medieval constructions of the kingdom of Naples were the spoils of Paestum.

Without entering into the argument, I desire to state at the commencement of my Administration that long experience and observation have convinced me that a strict construction of the powers of the Government is the only true, as well as the only safe, theory of the Constitution.

The construction of a fleet by the Romans was in very truth a noble national worka work through which, by their clear perception of what was needful and possible, by ingenuity in invention, and by energy in resolution and in execution, they rescued their country from a position which was worse than at first it seemed.

The construction of defenses, including city walls, were partly or wholly public enterprises.

29 Metaphors for  constructions