8 Metaphors for contentions

Even though Leibnitz' contention, that this is the best of all possible worlds, were correct, that would not justify God in having created it.

Between the Greek and Latin churches, especially, there is a deadly feud, and their contentions are a scandal, not only to the few Christians here, but to the Moslems themselves.

To do this requires only a general acquaintance with modern science, more especially with mechanics and physics, while the main contention (with which I shall chiefly deal) that the features termed 'canals' are really works of art and necessitate the presence of intelligent organic beings, requires only care and judgment in drawing conclusions from admitted facts.

A fair contention, thou seest: nor plead thou in her favour her youth, her beauty, her family, her fortune, CREDULITY, she has none; and with regard to her TENDER YEARS, Am I not a young fellow myself?

In the prologue, the writer refers to childish years, presumably his own, and perhaps the "Contention" was a youthful effort.

In a spiritual reference the whole contention of Strauss against Christianity is a tissue of irrelevancies, for the spirit of it, which is its life and essence, is true whatever conclusion critics in their seraphic wisdom may come to regarding the facts (1808-1874).

The contention between France and Germany for the control of Morocco, the contention between Russia and Austria for the control of the Balkans, the contention between Germany and the other Powers for the control of Turkeythese were the causes of the war.

Fortunately, as it seems to me, his general contention, that the very notion of relation is [Footnote 1: Here again the reader must beware of slipping from logical into phenomenal considerations.

8 Metaphors for  contentions