4 Metaphors for convert

Not all the converts were saints,and none of them were such saints as the Catholic painters of the last three centuries have prostituted Art and debased Religion in producing.

His first convert to total abstinence was a man named John King; Livesey and he signed together; and on 1st September, 1832, at a meeting held at Preston, seven men"the Seven Men of Preston," as they are calledsigned the pledge, of which the following is a facsimile: [Handwritten: We agree to abstain from all Liquors of an Intoxicating Quality, whether ale porter Wine, or Ardent Spirits, except as Medicine.

A few Jews were converted, but the converts were chiefly Greeks, of whom the larger part were women belonging to the best society of the city.

Two such converts in one afternoon is a coincidence that seems too good to be true.

4 Metaphors for  convert