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124 Metaphors for  costes

124 Metaphors for costes

"As a matter of fact, the costs are no affair of mine.

Additionally, your operational costs are significantyou lack agility when managing your stock and promotions.

The true interest cost of the bonds is two percent over the 20-year repayment period.

Cost of sales was USD2.0 billion in the third quarter 2018, an increase of USD40.2 million compared to the third quarter 2017.

F cost is the sum of the g cost and the h cost.

The expenses of keeping in repair, interest, etc., summed up, show that the cost per day of 10 hours is 47.9 francs for the steam engine and 39.6 for the gas motor, say a saving of 8.3 francs per day, or about 2,500 francs for a year of 300 days' work.

But cost of production is the chief factor which, in the case of commodities, ultimately determines the conditions of supply.

She noted that transportation cost is a major driver of inflation, especially of food prices, in the economy.

The cost of Integrated Coverage is level during the initial 10- or 20-year period and becomes YRT (yearly renewable term) thereafter.

The cost was only eight shillings, but the boy then got an idea for the first time of the value of learning.

Bollier said the rising cost of tuition is a side effect of state governments not being able to adequately fund education at this time.

This heterogeneous tripartite army is exceedingly expensive, its cost during the current year being, according to the Estimates, very little less than 29 millions, the cost of the personnel being 23-1/2 millions, that of matรฉriel being 4 millions, and that of administration 1/2 millions.

Information technology (IT) costs are a significant source of uncontrollable spending in corporations that derive much of their profits from the information economy, such as banks, publishing houses, telecommunications companies and defence contractors.

As things are, of course, a ball-dress, or a motor-car costs more to produce than a loaf of bread or a packet of salt; and the common-sense explanation of the paradox seems, therefore, to be that the cost of production is a more weighty influence than the usefulness, or utility, as we will henceforth call it (so as to include the satisfaction we derive from not strictly useful things).

Costs are an impediment for some companies to offer any coverage.

One of the reasons for this, besides the lack of interest in higher education in Peterborough, is the cost -and the main cost of a college education is not tuition, but board and lodging.

The cost to Africa, as it is to the US, is the assumption by media elites that it does not matter what voters say about their leadership, they are the true opposition and will overthrow a government they donโ€™t like.

Minimum age is 16 years and costs are HFl 80 including books.

For example, for a delivery robot, the cost of an arc may be resources (e.g., time, energy) required by the robot to carry out the action represented by the arc, and the aim is for the robot to solve a given goal using fewest resources.

The cost of labor in the sweated industries is a small fraction of the manufacturing cost.

This fair market value is used to calculate the capital gains on sale of the shares by the employee at a future date, where the cost of acquisition is the fair market value.

Currently the cost to apply to Grad School at Queenโ€™s is $105.00 CDN.

CAT6 typically costs little more than CAT5e so cost is not an issue.

The total cost of construction is 1.58 billion yuan (US$255 million).

He said the increase in the cost of fuel with an ad valorem on that tax, the extra cost is revenue neutral to us.

Cost of electric vehicles is a major deterrent, even with current government subsidies.

The cost of these works complete to the city was a trifle over $6,000.

Opportunity cost is one such criterion.

Another overhead cost which plays havoc with civilized nations and peoples is the support of a bureaucracy.

The cost per to attend is $200/coach for Speed Skating Canada members and $300 for non-members registered by May 11, 2009.

Costs are an unmitigable atrocity.

Lower cost and wider choice will be the recipe for real progress.

These associated costs are often money that you donโ€™t necessarily pay out of your pocket each day like with fueling your addiction, but they can hinder you from making or keeping the money that you would have earned.

Cost can also be a barrier to lessons but Ms Kumar said NSW's Active Kids voucher had helped.

The cost to change over all of the stationery is one example of increased costs: letterheads, envelopes, business cards, just to name a fewโ€“additional mileage for administration and also board members.

The cost of a firman, including backsheesh to the priests and doorkeepers, is 700 piastres (about $33).

Our debt servicing costs are double Saskatchewan; they are 10 times Alberta.

A free conveyance will be given, but the cost of recording the transaction in the county office (there is no stamp duty), about 1-1/2 dollars, must be paid by the purchaser.

"Including the value of the food we begged, the cost of living was just about two annas a day for each of us.

The cost of that service will be a debt to be paid by the Mother, the tax required to be paid will be a joint family debt but the penalties and interest will be a debt to be paid by the Mother.

Water heating costs can be a substantial portion of your total bill.

The cost is children repeatingThe cost is in special education programs.

โ€œThe cost to maintain this rest area is the second highest of all 58 sites in the state,โ€ Kimes said in the letter.

The cost of such a system could be prohibitive and disrupt work activities.

One of the largest, if not the largest, costs to a sports team is the playersโ€™ salary bill.

The cost of the project is 2.4billion Euros, with 85% to be provided by Export-Import Bank of China.

School foundation cost is the estimate of the cost to design and construct a hypothetical foundation of the school if it were free standing (slab on grade), including geotechnical requirements.

The salary costs at City Hall will definitely be a hot topic when it comes to election campaigning this time around.

Because cleaning fees are almost always charged only once per stay, the cleaning costs are a bigger hit for customers who book only one night than those who book for several days.

In a graph of cities on a map, the cost may be the distance between two cities, or the amount of time it takes to travel between the two.

The cost for this extra activity is $10/student and a letter will be coming home about it this week as well.

They murderously and swiftly pressed the attack in the front as well as on the sides; and the cost of victory was seven or eight thousand casualties.

The package cost without train fare for Single Occupancy is Rs 16,020 per passenger (group size 2-3), Rs 14,830 (group size 4-5), Rs 14,290 (group size 6-10).

The cost of the War is now Two Millions a day, and a new campaign of Posters and Publicity has been inaugurated to promote recruiting.

The other costs are formidable: loneliness, isolation, economic hardship, anxiety about what's ahead.

The cost of the software after the discount is: $ 20 US + tax.

The cost to the schools is $189,708.95 plus protective cases from AgiRepair for $49,770.

The cost of clear bags will remain the same and a half ton truckload in a 5.5 or 6 foot box will remain at $30.

As Cabinet meets on Monday, the economic cost of moving to Level 4 or 5 will be a key consideration.

"College Cost Isn't Poor Students' Big Problem," Christopher Flavelle, BloombergView, July 28, 2014.

Repair costs will be approximately $5,124 over 10 years (25.6% of $20,000) or about 2.6% of new cost per year.

" The more common cost of decent living in our Eastern cities is: Rent...............................$1000 to $1500 Meals.............................. 1200 " 1400 Clothing........................... 500 " 700 Incidentals........................ 300 " 600 Savings, nil.

The cost of laminated armor is less than half that of solid plates.

Yes, even if that cost is the life of other members of the team.

The cost of decommissioning Koeberg is multiples of the cost of extending its life.

The instalments even experience PayPal, so the suspicious cost is the main thing I need to go on.

Its difficulties disappear when we realize clearly that the real cost of anything is the curtailment of the supply of other useful things, which the production of that particular thing entails.

The cost for lighting is about 24 thousand yen to 25 thousand yen a day.

But the problems would have been easier to handle, if the public generally were a little less disposed to think in terms of averages, and a little more in terms of margins, if we all of us instinctively realized that the cost that really matters is the cost at which additional production is profitable under the conditions ruling at the time, or in the immediate future.

It was estimated that the cost of the church would be 1000 pounds, which Mr. Becconsall willingly agreed to pay; but religion has no aegis against "extras"they will creep in, are irrepressible; and, in accordance with this fatal philosophy, the church in Avenham-road cost in the end nearly 2000 pounds, which he paid without even grumblinga privilege all Englishmen have the right to exercise freely after they have paid the piper well.

"Signore, its cost was a hundred doppie of pure gold and full weight, and it is contracted for with a young noble of Milano, who hopes to win his mistress by the present, for a profit of fifty.

The second largest operating cost is generally media replacement.

But the cost in human life and suffering of the great railroad system of the United States is quite another matter, and one that does not come within the scope of the calculations of accountants, expert or otherwise.

The cost of the conviction isnโ€™t just the fine you get from police; itโ€™s how much your auto insurer decides to jack your rates, too, once they find out.

The entire cost of buildings and grounds, including the Parsonage, was sixty thousand dollars.

The estimated cost of this work is in the order of $3,000.00, funds for which are available in the 1998 Operating Budget.

He knows that the cost of tuition, the ability to get an American visa and being accepted into the university are all real challenges that he is facing.

Costs associated with the India Tour (3-weeks) and applicable tuition are the responsibility of the student.

Basically, the cost of a pill is the research and developing it, and the testing and making sure it doesnโ€™t have bad side effects.โ€

Cost is the main subject of some project reports.

We're poor, very poor, you know; and the cost of living and servants is very greatvery great."

The outrageous cost of the rate hearings last time was the result of $1 million being spent on outside lawyers and accountants by the utilities.

A man bent on the most useful ends might, with a fortune large enough, make morality magnificent, and recommend religious principle by showing it in combination with the best kind of house and the most liberal of tables; also with a wife whose graces, wit, and accomplishments gave a finish sometimes lacking even to establishments got up with that unhesitating worldliness to which high cost is a sufficient reason.

If you factor in that individual channels start at 4 while theme packs are largely 5, and the cost of starter + hardware if you also want internet, there's almost no situation where it makes sense to get it.

Still, I sometimes wish that the cost of a postage stamp were a sovereign at least!

The cost was twenty-five cents a plate, but the gods never feasted more grandly in Olympus than these two simple, loving souls in that grimy Duggan street restaurant.

The Illinois statute of that year permitted combinations as to articles whose chief cost is wages when the object or effect is to maintain or increase wages, a qualification which led to the whole law's being declared unconstitutional.

The government has ยฃ12bn for the track and trace system; the cost of extending SSP would be a rounding error by comparison.

The capital cost of building the sports facilities is the second bucket, absorbed by the government at the national, regional or city level.

The high cost of housing in the expensive ones is, as usual, assigned to constrained supply โ€” a failure to build more housing due to zoning restrictions and, in some cases, geographic constraints.

The global cost of the coronavirus could be three or four times that of the 2003 SARS outbreak that sapped the world's economy by $US40 billion ($59.6 billion), according to the economist who calculated that figure.

Total annual corporate after tax profits in the United States in 2002 were approximately $500 billion, while the direct costs of the activities from which these profits derive are more than $2.5 trillion.

In fact, unexpected medical costs are the publicโ€™s top health concern.

The total cost of a crop, from beginning to end, should be 152 pesos an acre, and the return about 170.

According to a KPMG study, total business tax costs in Canada are the lowest in the G7 and 48% lower than those in the United States.

"Eccellenza, with a thousand welcomes," Benedetta continued, as she placed the flask on the table, after having carefully removed the cotton and the oil with her own plump hand; this being one of half a dozen flasks of really sound, well-flavored, Tuscan liquor, that she kept for especial occasions; as she well might, the cost being only a paul, or ten cents for near half a gallon; "Eccellenza, a million times welcome.

The cost of each clinic is person of which $2 is donated to the Edmonton Nordic Trail grooming fund.

โ€œTransportation for youth, people on low incomes, and others who cannot or donโ€™t want to drive, or for whom the cost of car ownership is great burden, has been a major need in the county for many years,โ€ Fitzsimmons said.

The cost for the course is $711.00 (Tuition $ 681.00 and CAP/Tech fees $30.00).

Another major cost of the school system is the construction of schools.