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61 Metaphors for  county

61 Metaphors for county

What county of Scotland is the best to get a foot-hold in?

Hamilton County (Press Release) Brent Eller, principal of East Hamilton School, is the 2020 Principal of the Year for Hamilton County Schools.

In this respect, Transylvania County is not an anomaly.

Washington state's Clallam County was the outlier, backing Joe Biden in a state he won by more than 19 points.

The reason for that is, in North Carolina, counties are extensions of state government.

The torrential rains have reportedly wreaked havoc in several parts of Greater Pibor Administrative Area, with Pochalla County being the hardest-hit.

The devastation here is a cautionary tale of what happens when the virus seeps into communities that have for generations remained on the losing end of the nation’s most intractable inequalities: these counties are rural, mostly African American and poor.

To quote the pithy statement of Professor Macy, "The southern county was a modified English shire, with the towns left out.

Currently, 88 of Virginia’s 95 counties are 2A sanctuaries, along with 30 cities.

These eight counties are Columbia, Garfield, Lincoln, Ferry, Stevens, Skamania, Wahkiakum and Pend Oreille.

"Dear sir," answered the maiden sweetly, "if your county were a kingdom, and I were the king's only child, I would choose him as my husband, and gladly give him all that I had."

With South Orange County essentially being a cannabis desert, having no licensed retailers around, the kiosk and delivery service means locals and visitors searching for marijuana can spend their dollars in San Clemente.

The county, wherever found, is primarily a judicial district.

The County of Wellington Social Service Department is the service system manager for licensed.

KING'S COUNTY (66), an inland Irish county on the left bank of the Shannon, between Tipperary and West Meath; is mostly flat, a quarter of it bogland and a quarter under crops; the chief towns are Tullamore (5), the county town, on the Grand Canal, and Birr or Parsonstown (4), where Lord Rosse's great telescope is.

Oketibbeha County, Mississippi was the birthplace of the "Prophet".

For us in Essex County, we are the No. 2 county in terms of the rate and infection, with Bergen County being the highest.

PUTNAM COUNTY This November’s general election, still nearly three months away, is, and has been, the subject of rampant conjecture.

"The county of Salop is no exception to the rule of superstition.

Meanwhile, as with other South Florida counties, Palm Beach County remains a hot spot for the coronavirus, reporting 580 new cases on Saturday.

Allegheny county was overwhelmingly Whig.

It is true that his parents belonged to the class of poor whites; but the Lincoln family can be traced from an eastern county of England (we might hope for the purpose of genealogical harmony that the county was Lincolnshire) to Hingham in Massachusetts, and by way of Pennsylvania and Virginia to Kentucky.

For weeks before the election, therefore, the border counties of Missouri were all astir.

Also, the counties of Orebro, west of Stockholm, and Kronoberg in southern Sweden have been warnings of strains on hospitals due to the number of COVID-19 patients.

The county was my own native countyupon which, in its southern section, more than upon any equal area known to man past or present, had descended the original curse of labour in its heaviest form, not mastering the bodies of men only as of slaves, or criminals in mines, but working through the fiery will.

Ocean County is a Republican stronghold, while Burlington includes a number of once solidly Republican Philadelphia suburbs that have been trending Democratic in recent years.

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) LFO senior Zach Coots is a big man making a big impact for the Warriors and I’m not talking about just on the court.

The county is the nation's third-most populous and a crucial battleground in Texas, where President Donald Trump and Republicans are bracing for the closest election in America's largest red state in decades on Tuesday.

New London County is only a group of towns on a map.

Milwaukee County is an arm of the State!

The county, like the town, is a corporation; it can hold property and sue or be sued.

The county lieutenantsthere were now several counties on the Cumberlandwere ordered to see that their men were well mounted and ready to march at a moment's notice; and were warned that this was a duty to which they must attend themselves, and not delegate it to their subalterns.

The county is the least populated (with 50,927 inhabitants in 2011) and one of the poorest.

Johnston County is a member of the regional Triangle J Council of Governments.

Alameda County is around 50 percent.

The Northern Virginia counties staying in Phase Zero are: Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties; the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park; and the towns of Dumfries, Herndon, Leesburg and Vienna.

The top counties were Haskell, Reno, Johnson, Miami and Sedgwick.

The counties of the province are Iran Shahr, Chabahar, Khash, Zabol, Zahedan, Saravan, and Nik Shahr.

The English counties most productive in poultry are Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Herts, Devon, and Somerset.

Davidson County, the other Tennessee region devastated by tornadoes, is a Democratic enclave in the reliably Republican red state.

The only alternative was some kind of representative government, and for this the county was a small enough area.

The top South Carolina counties for new coronavirus cases reported Thursday were Greenville, 187; Richland, 175; and Horry 143.

The county with the highest increase in claims was Kilkenny, which recorded a 62% jump in claims, followed by Clare (32% increase) and Longford (30% increase).

Similarly it may be shown that the village, the city, and the county are governments in miniature.

NEWBERRY COUNTY This current health crisis arguably has been the most teachable of moments for students in Piedmont Technical College (PTC) health care programs.

The county with the lowest rate is Wexford at 36.7.

Average processing times for Buncombe and Forsyth counties were 14 days and 11 days, respectively, according to the data provided by the State Board of Elections through a public records request.

Bibb County is home to the Talladega National Forest.

[Sidenote: The county was the unit of representation.]

Hence we are not surprised to find that in the states formed south of the line of the Ohio, the county is the principal division; while in the northwestern states the town is the important factor.

These three counties are entirely woodlands, with the exception of a few small prairies which lay eastward of my course.

Our fair county of Nottingham hath been too long a breeding place for such naughty knaves as ye are.

The top five counties Ramsey, Hennepin, Stearns, Olmsted and Anoka counties were the original destination for 90 percent of new refugees.

The county is also home to the picturesque covered bridges: the Swann Covered Bridge, the Horton Mill Covered Bridge, and the Easley Covered Bridge.

The county is Esmeralda.

Dauphin County is up to 634 cases and 28 deaths and Juniata has 86 cases and one death.

" DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, FOLKLORE MIAMI'S EX-SLAVES There is a unique organization in the colored population of Miami known as the "Ex Slave Club."

Merced County, where the sheriff questioned the pandemic and a town became a sanctuary city for business, is now on the state watchlist after a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Chester County, Pennsylvania, has always been a rich farming region, peopled by solid, well-to-do farmers, many of whom are Quakers.

From time immemorial, and down into the lowest strata of savagery that have come within our ken, there have been clans and tribes; and, as is here shown, a township was originally a stationary clan, and a county was originally a stationary tribe.

It was followed by Clinton and Tioga counties, both with 267. Other top counties for bear harvests in 2019 were: Huntingdon, 180; Potter, 174; Luzerne, 163; Pike, 161; Bedford, 156; Centre, 146; and Warren, 146.