23 Metaphors for county

What county of Scotland is the best to get a foot-hold in?

A county? Were amendments XIII., XIV., and XV. constitutionally adopted?

To quote the pithy statement of Professor Macy, "The southern county was a modified English shire, with the towns left out.

The county of Derby was jealous of its neighbour in other things besides sport, and considered itself to have scored when its own tame minstrel retorted with a parody ending: "Is there a county to compare with Notts? Lots!"

" "Dear sir," answered the maiden sweetly, "if your county were a kingdom, and I were the king's only child, I would choose him as my husband, and gladly give him all that I had.

The county, wherever found, is primarily a judicial district.

"The county of Salop is no exception to the rule of superstition.

Allegheny county was overwhelmingly Whig.

It is true that his parents belonged to the class of poor whites; but the Lincoln family can be traced from an eastern county of England (we might hope for the purpose of genealogical harmony that the county was Lincolnshire) to Hingham in Massachusetts, and by way of Pennsylvania and Virginia to Kentucky.

The county was my own native countyupon which, in its southern section, more than upon any equal area known to man past or present, had descended the original curse of labour in its heaviest form, not mastering the bodies of men only as of slaves, or criminals in mines, but working through the fiery will.

The county, like the town, is a corporation; it can hold property and sue or be sued.

One side of the road was Benton County and the other side was Washington County but we always had to go to Bentonville, the county seat, to tend to business.

The English counties most productive in poultry are Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Herts, Devon, and Somerset.

The only alternative was some kind of representative government, and for this the county was a small enough area.

Similarly it may be shown that the village, the city, and the county are governments in miniature.

During his lifetime, he almost banished wine from the tables of the rich of his acquaintance; and persuaded most of the gentry in his own and the neighbouring counties to become water-drinkers."

[Sidenote: The county was the unit of representation.

And whereas, on the day of , A.D. 18, at in said county, before the Hon. , probate judge of said county, the last will and testament of the said (a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) was proved, allowed and admitted to probate:

Hence we are not surprised to find that in the states formed south of the line of the Ohio, the county is the principal division; while in the northwestern states the town is the important factor.

These three counties are entirely woodlands, with the exception of a few small prairies which lay eastward of my course.

Our fair county of Nottingham hath been too long a breeding place for such naughty knaves as ye are.

From time immemorial, and down into the lowest strata of savagery that have come within our ken, there have been clans and tribes; and, as is here shown, a township was originally a stationary clan, and a county was originally a stationary tribe.

Chester County, Pennsylvania, has always been a rich farming region, peopled by solid, well-to-do farmers, many of whom are Quakers.

23 Metaphors for  county