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164 Metaphors for  courses

164 Metaphors for courses

This course is the most brilliant of the repast, and at some of the princely banquets the dishes are made to imitate a sort of theatrical representation.

Sure of being able to prove innocence, Yussuf Dakmar decided that a bold course was the best.

So, not only is this course a kind of writing that usually doesn't come into English classes much; it also some kinds of writing you may not have experienced.

The path to business glory can be treacherous, but the Amazon FBA 2021 Course is a solid introduction to help the uninitiated start off on the right foot.

" In notifying the House of my approval of this bill I deem it proper, under the peculiar circumstances of the case, to make a few explanatory observations, so that my course may not hereafter be misunderstood.

Then, supposing there is no such effect, the course of the axis of the pencil of light would be a o c mirror

The bike course is mostly flat with a short climb out of the Park to start and a short climb just before you get back to transition at the end of the bike.

The first course was grapefruit, then followed scalloped oysters garnished with lemon slices, chicken and mayonnaise salad, individual baked custards, and sunshine cake.

The first course might be prawn cocktail or a cold soup like borsch.

Would not the proper course be non-co-operation with the Supreme Council of the Allies, including Great Britain, if it be found that the latter has failed properly to support the demand of the Indian Government and people?

" "Indeed, sir, I cannot think that the course my mother shaped for me can be a running into temptation."

Sickly dogs require invalid's treatment; but the best course is usually the simplest, and, given a sound constitution to begin with, any dog ought to thrive if he is only properly housed, carefully fed, and gets abundant exercise.

The course is an online review of everything an experienced hunter should know, including a review of firearm safety and safe hunting practices.

The first course was pea-soup.

The hilly course is also a good feature for cycling races held in the circuit.

Scribe's course was now an uninterrupted triumph.

He thence concluded that their whole night's course was only nine hours, or so many parts in twenty four of a great circle; and this he observed to be the case regularly every night.

Then the Vizcaya veered out to sea and the Colon kept nearer the shore, their courses being about seven-tenths of a mile apart.

Music Composition IV This course is a continuation of CA (or FPA) 345. Prerequisite: CA (or FPA) 345. Students with credit for FPA 346 may not take this course for further credit.

A second course of action available to the Defendant is the right to demand particulars.

The course was twice around windward/ leeward with a leeward gate.

As some of the Organizationโ€™s Canadian clients were small businesses, the Organization also opted to contact those clientsโ€™ customers directly where this course of action would be the most expedient means of notification.

The course is the brainchild of fine arts teacher and self-dubbed "quiet activist" Andrea Superstein.

The course will be a survey of their efforts.

As a day is to a year, and as a year to man's life, so is man's life to that which we do not know, the course of our life beyond Time's blank horizon.

"Course, now, you-all are awonderin' jest how a poor woods boy like me 'd ever git hold o' such a clever cabin," he went on to say; "but shucks!

This course is not a pre-requisite for the MOT 103N M2 License Training โ€“ Motorcycle Riding course.

The usual course of the winds near the coast in the months of April, May, and June, is as follows: after a calm night, the land-wind springs up at daylight from South or South-South-East; it then usually freshens, but, as the sun gets higher, and the land becomes heated, gradually decreases.

"From Pelly River to within twelve miles of White River the general course of the river is a little north of west; it then turns to the north, and the general course as far as the site of Fort Reliance is due north.

The provident wisdom of the little busy worker, in laying up the needed store for future use, was especially commended, "But more especially," it was added, "is this course the dictate of wisdom in such beings as have an eternity before them."

Over the sandstone flats there were some ugly ledges, but on the whole the course was down-hill and relatively easy.

This course is a wonderful extension of the skill set obtained from the first visceral course and a step closer to the full osteopathic approach to treatment.

The only course is the bold course.

Small discussion-oriented courses are the heart of the Trinity One program.

Men feel that a certain course of life is the natural end of their being, and they feel bound, even at the expense of happiness, to pursue it.

This course is a critical analysis and examination of print, radio, television cinema electronic media and their representations of disability.

The Capstone Course for this major is REN R 464.

In November of the same year, he made a third expedition in the vicinity of Lake Eyre, but there is little of interest attaching to the Journal of this trip, as his course was mostly over closely explored country.

All courses must be graduate level, which includes both 500- and 1000-level.

The infantry and cavalry course is three years.

It was one in which higher and larger interests than those of party were concerned, and in which the course that the House now took would be a precedent to guide future Parliaments."

The French Golf Federation has announced that its courses will also be re-opening on May 11, with restrictions expected to be lifted on the same day in Switzerland and Spain.

The courses can be weekdays and/ or weekends.

This course is a sampler of the carpentry trade based on the Carpentry Foundation Program Outline from the Industry Training Authority of BC.

And many courses will be a combination of face-to-face and online learning.

River courses, they say, are not temporaryin the main they are archaic.

Its course from the junction with the Tahkeena to this point is generally a little east of north; at this point it turns to nearly west for some distance.

For example, he noted that massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a rising trend in education because they are a free or inexpensive way to provide online education to large numbers of people.

This course is an investigation and demonstration of hands-on approaches to the study and practice of Media Theory, a field that lives on the borderland of the Digital Humanities.

[-2-] His course was the same when they wished to elect him censor for life.

His course of action was conclusive evidence of this conviction.

doubly mournful, when we know that the writer had nearly half an ordinary lifetime still between her and that grave which she made haste to prepare, in the hope that her course was nearly run.

The Food Product Development course is an annual joint offering of the Departments of Food Science (FAFS) and Human Nutritional Sciences (HEC).

The two courses that we may pursue are (1) the direct, and (2) the indirect refutation.

Four university courses are giventheology, law, medicine, pharmacy.

All preprofessional courses are prerequisites for senior courses, thus deficiencies would normally have to be made up.

"Your course is about run, young man!" thought Mrs. Hill.

The most independent scholars made no attempt to disguise the fact that the course which political affairs had taken was the clearest proof of the moral degeneration which had set in, and they pronounced an equally bold and merciless criticism upon the government in all its departments.

When the course is Poker 101, taught by uOttawa Associate Professor Pieter Hofstra, the answer is a full house of 200 students.

The first new course that was voted on was PUBH 4775 Experiential Seminar in Public Health Practice.

The course of events, taken as a whole, is in part a process of nature independent of man, in part the product of his will.

Astro Triggers Course is a program that helps women to lead a strong relationship with their partner.

Students who have experience find the course to be a great refresher, and excellent preparation for the Canadian Firearms Safety Examination.

Our course during the day had been nearly west twenty-two miles, one large tributary having joined the river from the northward, which was afterwards named the Lyons, in honour of the gallant admiral of that name; this accession had increased the breadth of the channel to 400 yards.

The capstone course for this major is one of AN SC 474; ENCS 471; or PL SC 499.

"Everything looks encouraging, but I need not say to you that in this world a continued course of prosperity is not a rational expectation.

I had considered with some care how I was, on so critical an occasion, to conduct myself, and had resolved that the most politic course would probably be an assumption of courteous but absolute independence; to treat the Autocrat of this planet much as an English envoy would treat an Indian Prince.

The course is one semester in length and is normally to be held in the fall.

Crash Course, created by John Green, Hank Green and friends, is a great resource to get a general overview on subjects in History, Science, Language Arts, Social Sciences and more.

As he passed without a condition, although he had been told again and again that a course at Phillips Academy was almost an absolute necessity, Frank was decidedly grateful to the professor.

The course taken in Virginia was the most remarkable, perhaps the most important.

This 3-day course is a practical overview of the process and highlights the roles of all parties.

At first, as we partook of the diurnal motion of the earth, and our course was consequently oblique, the same portion of the globe from which we had set out, continued directly under us; and as the eye stretched in every direction over Asia and its seas, continents and islands, they appeared like pieces of green velvet, the surrounding ocean like a mirror, and the Ganges, the Hoogley, and the great rivers of China,

This course is a complement to several other strategy electives including: Strategic Change & Implementation, Entrepreneurship, Network & Digital Market Strategy.

Mountains and hills shall be tunnelled, rivers shall be bridged, houses shall be levelled; a road shall be cut through forests; and, when I have finished my march, the course over which I have passed shall be a mathematically straight line.

The race-course at Philadelphia is a road on a perfect level, and a circle of one mile; every stone is carefully removed, and it looks as smooth and clean as a swept floor.

In the South, on the other hand, the medium course was the obvious thing.

This Course was a drafting subject treating Mechanics of Machines, Kinematic Pairing, Velocity and Acceleration of machine parts.

The course TA is Yu-Xiang Gu, who holds office hours in room 480 at PI on Fridays from 1-3 pm.

The spinning of worlds, the pulses of tides, the course of the blood in his veinsthese were kindred phenomena; the law of God bound about with its fine chain of divine will and love the greater and the lesser bodies moving through the universe.

The course they pursued was the direction taken by Mary and her rescuer.

Numa, unlike Romulus, was against war and thought the best course for Rome was peace, Numa is credited with bringing religion into the average Roman everyday life.

If these ideas be all merged in the conception of the world as a totality whose course is the unfolding of one Divine will operant throughout it and called Fate or Providence, then the individual will, through which, as through nature also, the Divine will works, is only its servant.

The next course was fish a la Pymeut.

The sole course left to him was retreat, but this now seemed difficult, if not impossible.

If youโ€™re like me and want to expand your knowledge, this English course is an opportunity to learn about their history through various works of literature.

In the introduction to this Primer he observes: "What a course of eloquence and poetry is the Bible in our schools."

This course is an examination of music from different parts of the world with the intent of understanding the significance of music in diverse cultural contexts.

This is called in Gaelic, going round in the right or lucky way; the opposite course is the wrong or unlucky way.

Various trials of faith and patience have been permitted me; my course has been very different from what I expected; and instead of being, as I had hoped, a useful instrument in the Church militant, here I am, a careworn wife and mother, outwardly nearly devoted to the things of this life.

A third course is the third heaven to him, and he is ravished into it.

A Course in Miracles โ€“ often abbreviated ACIM or simply called the Course โ€“ is a complete self-study spiritual thought system.

Our core course is seminar-style, in which students explore legal and theoretical issues in a shared presentation learning environment.

Besides, we have different experiences and skills, and someone's easy course is another's GPA killer (e.g. I worked with databases during co-op and the class was boring easy-A, while many others did not have similar experience and struggled to pass).

The six courses of SWAYAM are Academic Writing, Digital Marketing, Animations, Mathematical Economics, Python for Data Science, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

The next course will be Guinea-hen!

The course to be run was a sort of elongated, or isosceles triangle.

The opposite course is the wrong, or the unlucky way.

For an efficient but progressive learning experience, a part-time course may be a better fit to reach your objective.

This course is the first proper quantum mechanics course taken by undergraduates in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.