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79 Metaphors for  cried

79 Metaphors for cried

The Irish Expeditionary Force, after an absence of three months and a severe training at home, has returned to the Parliamentary Front, and their war-cry is "Devlin's the friend, not Shortt!"

"One cries because one is so happy; it is just a silly old habit," she said.

This operation, dangerous to those outside, was limited to certain hours, and the well-known cry, which preceded the missile and warned the passenger, was gardeloo!

At night, strange, uncanny cries came out of the wood, and probably out of the owls also; but such sad and querulous cries as may well have been the plaints of the mournful marsh forest itself.

" "Is it a jaunting-car?" cried Molly.

The simultaneous cries of "here's a native!"

"Here is a pretty conclusion to the adventure!" cried Parravicin; "but where is the apprenticeand where is the pretty Nizza Macascree?

The common cry is even religion's test The Turk's is at Constantinople best; Idols in India; Popery at Rome; And our own worship only true at home: And true, but for the time 'tis hard to know How long we please it shall continue so.

In case of disaster, the cry of the night owl, as agreed upon, will be a warning.

The same awful roar which Leonard had heard on the river likewise broke upon their ears, while from all the adjoining streets arose a wild clamour of human voices, the burden of whose cries was "Fire!

And neither can know these points in the other by intuition; a cry of pain will often be the first intimation that the one can hurt the other just there.

This cry might have been an answer, or it might merely be the Italian encouraging his dog to bear on the body, with which it was already loaded Sigismund uttered a shout, which he felt must be the last.

Afflicted with the vows, thy cry is Religion!

To every proposition for reform the cry has been, Non possumus.

Their battle-cry was 'Louvain!'

The only cry I will adopt is "England for ever," which means that we are here, every one of us, with all that we have and all that we can do, as members of a nation that must either serve the world or perish.

Up went the little chin, back went the shoulders, down went the elbows, and, in her wrath, the little princess did precisely what the old soldier had been striving to make her do; but his delighted cry of "Just right!" was a surprise to her, inasmuch as she had been conscious of no muscular effort whatsoever.

The cry, 'Be my brother, or I slay thee,' was the sign of a very weak, though very fiery, faith in the worth of fraternity.

This cry was, "The Count de Lille!"

Up the beach fled Tunnygate, his cries becoming fainter and fainter.

Towers filled with irons, chains, ancient arms, tombs, ruins, dungeons, cold and silent vaults, a pit called the well of blood, the funeral cry of owls and of vultures, mingled with the roar of the wavessuch are the objects and sounds with which the eye and ear are familiarized in these dreary abodes, according to poor Ponqueville, the traveller, who speaks from experiencewithin the walls.

Then something was supposed to drop, and the cry was "Gravy!

And now my cry is, "Brother, welcome home!" MEDEA (plaintively).

The cry of the whole South should be death, instant death, to the Abolitionist, wherever he is caught."

Thus, to-day is heard in the senescent East the oft-repeated formula of the Mussulman's faith, "There is no God but Allah, and Mahomet is his Prophet," while in the youthful West a new cry, as fully believed, not less devout, and scarcely less often repeated, arises from one great and influential portion of the political and social thinkers of this country,the cry that "There is no King but Cotton, and the African is its High-Priest."

The cry of the Church calling on all to adore and praise God, Who has done all for us, Who is the Great Shepherd, and we, the sheep of His fold, should not harden our hearts as did the ungrateful Jews.

Such a cry is merely a theatrical way of saying that he felt tired.

The cry was a protestan expression of bitterest shame and sorrow.

what is that awful lingering shriek And cries of woe, that on his ears wild break?

As at Breitenfeld, the rallying cry was, "God with us!"

May the cries and groans of Nicosia and Famagosta be an earnest of those happier days, proclaiming as they do the vile habits of the beast, who keeps so close in the path of the herd his brethren.

Life is my province, and the birth cry of every infant is an oath of allegiance to me.

Here as elsewhere the cry was: "Room for the young."

This cry was a confession of their own incompetency.

Formerly, the two cries of "Protection to Home Manufacture" and "Free Trade" were the distinct rallying points.

It was evident that their battle-cry was Conquer or Die.

The cry, 'Be my brother, or I slay thee,' was the sign of a very weak, though very fiery, faith in the worth of fraternity.

The loudest cry of its woe is but the dull, bitter sigh of its lonely unhappiness, engendered by the deep misery of the secret depression of its mental complaining, making the heart like a faded flower in a gloomy wilderness; like a blighted tree in a sultry waste.

this, the cry of most men in periods of great outward prosperity, was the popular inquiry.

And the cries of children at the breast all bloody resound, and there is rapine, sister of pell-mell confusion ...

His cry of protest was the last articulate sound he uttered.

But the cry which is so often ours was never Christ's.

Yon doleful cry is not the note of the swallow on the carved rafters, nor the song of the variegated bird upon the blossoming tree.

" "Here is a pretty witness to convict the prisoner!" cried the judge; "he swears Ave Maria is Latin for the Lord's Prayer!"

No doubt it was at the first glance over his shoulder that he had raised the scream when he saw that terrible hairy face coming in upon him, while the second cry may have been when those great hands clutched at his head.

Cimabue, in painting, lately kept the field against all comers, and now the cry is 'Giotto.'

And the mendicants' cries and the laughter loud, Of Pleasure in hand with Youth, Is the silent yet eloquent reign of Peace

Their one cry to an advocate of improvement is some sagacious silliness about recognising the limits of the practicable in politics, and seeing the necessity of adapting theories to facts.

For though few may follow and join with us to-day, yet to-morrow and every day in the future, and every year, as the mass-peoples come into their own, and to the knowledge of what they are and what they desire to be, those numbers will increase, till the cry itself is no longer a mere cry but an accomplished fact.

The cry was not speech; her gladness was far beyond words; it was simply the first utterance of nature; it was the primal inarticulate language.

Her cry, as Cain seems to threaten the infant, followed by the picture of his bloom and joy, is a touch of perfect pathos.

He had gained admission to the caste of Whigs, whose battle-cry was "Knowledge for the People," and his brilliant rhetoric overpowered the arguments of champions of oriental learning.

No recreant I to a noble cause, Nor traitor base to a leader bold; 'Twas a fight where he won most applause Who captured most of his neighbor's gold; Where the wounded crawled away to die, Or, hopeless, ate their bread with tears, And the only cries that rent the sky Were the shouts of frenzied financiers.

And so he had come in first with every other team at least six hours behind; and the cry "'Scotty's' sleeping the race away at Candle" became the derisive slogan of the Allan clan.

And with increasing knowledge came increasing tranquillity; as when he found that the hideous cry, startling him at every dawn, was the signal not for massacre, but buffalo-milk.

"Now is he a fool!" cried Tyee, leaping high, as he ran forward, to clear the squirming body of one of the Hungry Folk.

To counteract this move Lola enrolled a students' corps of her owna small army of young stalwarts, whose cry was "Lola and Liberty," and who were sworn to fight her battles, if need be, to the death.

And the cry was: "Garthlaxton!" CHAPTER XXX HOW THEY SMOTE GARTHLAXTON

On Friday last baby's cry had become a sad sort of wail, and he was so pale and weak, that I did not see how he was going to rally; but he is better to-day, so that I begin to take breath....

He fell in a heap, from which his arms shot forth wildly as he reached the bottom, and his cry was half anguish yet half desire.

The living movements of the present, its efforts at reform, its cries for liberty, its searchings after a freer and purer life, also became a prominent element in her novels.

Their war-cry was: "Spain!

They were not therefore driven to this measure by any new perils; and the cry of "Nous les abandonons!" which resounded throughout the line, was the yell of a spontaneous and instinctive impulse of cowardice, perfidy, and cruelty; and the impulse was as unanimous as it was diabolical.

Now twice a day, the shriek of his diabolical whistle pierced the umbrageous woods and hilly gorges for miles away, and its cry to many a solitary household was the epoch of the day.

"Think," says Dr. Buchan, "of the immense number of children that die of convulsions soon after birth; and be assured that these (its cries) are much oftener owing to galling pressure, or some external injury, than to any inward cause."

Ann crying was an unusual sight, but Ann in a night-dress was almost unbelievable.

The struggles of the poor old man from the first lash bespoke the most extreme torture; and his cries were to me most distressing.

She was asked over to spend three days and went, accompanied by Jeanne, who by this time was crying much less; crying was no longer the cue; her mistress, and not merely stern Doctor Mary, had plainly shown her that.

The column had barely stretched out when, looking back on it as he quickened pace, Hilary's cry was, "Battery, trot, march!"

The cry for a reduction of rent was an irresistible proof of what he had put forththat it was the farmers themselves who were to blame.

But your cries your cries will be clothes and flowers, honor for the journey.

And now my cry is, "Brother, welcome home!" MEDEA (plaintively).

That cry of anguish was no supernatural echo of past suffering, but the despairing shriek of some victim of modern cruelty.

To the listeners, huddled in silence, the familiar cry became a long, monotonous accompaniment to sad thoughts.

The cry is, "A sail!

[Footnote 9: A cry of hounds is a pack.

" "Oh, are there boats?" cried Dolly.

When, lo! the next day but one after I had spoken to him, he suddenly galloped into the court of the castle, and the cry of the sentinel, "L'Empereur!" was the first notice they had of it.

The cry of the upholders of this doctrine is: Truth in art, war against the freaks of the imagination that colors all in unreal tints.