34 Metaphors for crop

Land that has been well manured for the previous crop is the best on which to obtain well-shaped roots of high quality.

Last summer, for example, one could learn in the Wilhelmstrasse that the potato crop was a glittering success.

He laughed, and said rice and cotton crops were the ornamental gardening principally admired by the planters, and that, to the best of his belief, there was not another decent kitchen or flower garden in the State, but the one he had mentioned.

The prevailing industry is agriculture; the crops are grain, potatoes, and hops; there are some manufactures of machinery and cloth.

The sole industry is agriculture; the crops are wheat and rice, which are exported by rail and river.

His crops of wheat, in which he especially put faith, and which he grew year after year upon the same land, totally ignoring the ancient rotations, were the wonder of the neighbourhood.

The only crop in this island is ginger, and it is so depreciated that nobody buys it or wants to take it to Spain....

ROSCOMMON (114), an inland county of Connaught, SW. Ireland; is poorly developed; one-half is in grass, and a sixth mere waste land; crops of hay, potatoes, and oats are raised, but the rearing of sheep and cattle is the chief industry; the rivers Shannon and Suck lie on its E. and W. borders respectively; there is some pretty lake-scenery, interesting Celtic remains, castle, and abbey ruins, &

The only crops that one will ever raise on it are stones and frogs.

The settlement was their world; work, seasons, crops were the adventures of their life.

It was in his eyes, he said, what Ithaca was to Ulysses, "A rough, wild nurse-land, but whose crops are men".

They go at a half run, a kind of fast trot, and hardly a word is spokengarnering the rice crops is too important an operation to dawdle and gossip over.

The principal crop is the bitter white potato, which, after being frozen and dried, becomes the insipid chuño, chief reliance of the poorer families.

The crop of the dead was the one sure crop upon which embattled Europe might count.

WESTMEATH (71), an inland county in Leinster, Ireland; is mostly level and gently undulating; the soil in many parts is good, but little cultivated; the only cereal crop raised is oats, but the herbage it yields supplies food for fattening cattle, which is a chief industry.

In short, planters must guard their slaves' health and life as among the most vital of their own interests; for while crops were merely income, slaves were capital.

The cotton crop was the master's, while the hogs, corn and other produce belonged to the slaves for their sustenance and the sale of any surplus.

Rousseau, naturalist as he was, could hardly tell one berry from another, and three of our greatest wits disputing in the field whether the crop growing there was rye, barley, or oats, were set right by a clown, who truly pronounced it wheat.

From every field the first crop was glory, the second a bon-mot.

The General's crops were from two to three bushels of wheat per acre; and my father's farm, although poor clay soil, gave from twenty to thirty bushels.

In 1821 the potato crop was a complete failure; and in 1822 it is impossible to tell, and dreadful to think, of what might have been the consequence, had not the English people come forward, and by the most stupendous act of national generosity which the world ever saw, and which none but a country so rich as England could afford, arrested "the plague of hunger," which must otherwise have desolated the country.

The most important crops are cereals, including rice and maize, grapes, olives, and chestnuts, and in the S. oranges and lemons.

The cultivated land by the river was only a narrow strip, and the crops were chiefly maize and buckwheat.

Should this be done, it will be found that the average crop of the previous four years is 91,980 hhds., and if from it is deducted one fourth, there will remain 68,985 hhds., whilst the average of the other four years is 72,200 hhds.

It might almost be said that the crops are really the property of the local banks, so large in the aggregate are the advances made upon them.

34 Metaphors for  crop