44 Metaphors for cross

" "Monsieur, how idle are these cross-purposes!"

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are the ones who look to our comforts.

The cross, as St. Paul said, a stumbling-block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks, is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes.

"Good when he gives, supremely good; Not less when he denies; E'en crosses from his sovereign hand Are blessings in disguise.

The cross is a slave's and a wretch's death; and therefore slaves and wretches will hear me, though you will not.

Much blood came in the morning from her head and side, and in the afternoon from her hands and feet, and it seemed to her as though she were being made the test of whether the cross was really the Cross of Jesus Christ, and that her blood was testifying to its identity.

His cross-examination was the admiration of those spectators whose sympathies were on the side of the man in the dock as one of themselves.

As the Chac was the god of bread, Dios de los panes, so the cross was the tree of bread.

" Stony Cross is a favourite spot for pic-nic parties in the summer.

The cross was not a vision.

The cross and whipping-post are the chief emblems of Christ's Passion.

God bless her!" Mr. John Walter Cross, for some time a wealthy banker in New York, had long been a friend of the family, and though many years younger than George Eliot, became her helper in these days of need.

Here helms and swords are made of chalices: The blood of Christ is sold so much the quart: His cross and thorns are spears and shields; and short Must be the time ere even his patience cease.

"Two ranches are left, the Cross-in-a-box and the Bar S. Jack Richie is manager of the Cross-in-a-box.

Mr. Disraeli lived to offer Carlyle the Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, and that, in Sir William's opinion, is enough to dispose of Carlyle's vituperation; but, after all, the Grand Cross is no answer to anything except an application for it.

To-day that cross of shame is a throne of power.

Charing Cross is the last place to dawdle in if you have any objection to being recognized.

I am going to turn over a new leaf, now that Cousin Ann's gone and our only cross is Julia!"

As an old writer has remarked: "The cross which Michelangelo made Greek is now Latin; and if it be thus with the essential form, judge ye of the details!"

It is a pity to have to say that the Cross of the South is a disappointmenthas to be explained and made impressive by a diagram.

The cross which they thought was to stigmatize Him with infamy, became the ensign of His renown.

The cross is the standing way-mark by which all they that go to glory must pass.

The City Cross is graceful and elegant fifteenth-century work, much restored of course, and in a quaint angle of some old houses that rather detract from its effectiveness.

The Cross is an historical sign, not properly a symbol, except through the facts it reminds us of.

His most successful cross was, perhaps, Beckford and Bianca, and one has only to mention such hounds as Burgundy, Babbo, Benedicta, and Bardolph to recall the finest team of Bloodhounds that has ever been benched.

44 Metaphors for  cross