22 Metaphors for cultures

The higher culture, of Scotland especially, was all but exclusively Frenchnot a good kind, while Voltaire and Volney still remained unanswered, and "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" were accepted by all young gentlemen, and a great many young ladies who could read French, as the best account of the relation of the sexes.

It is a mere truism to say that the cotton-culture is the cause of the present philosophical and economical phase of the African question.

" "Voice-culture for the speaking-voice is not an art that is cultivated in France," Mme.

Culture and peaceand the greater of these is peace!

Coffee culture is an industry requiring great care and some knowledge, and the preparation of the berry for the market involves no less of care and knowledge.

"Culture," with all its intimate associations, its appeal to language, to national history and traditions, and to instinctive patriotism, is so much simpler and warmer a conception: it seems so much easier to fight for Germany than to fight for Justice in the abstract, or for Justice embodied in the British Commonwealth.

Human culture is the sum total of ideas, relationships, artifacts, institutions, purposes and ideals currently functioning in any community.

The body thus partially invigorated, the culture of the mind was next to be attempted,a far more difficult task.

" "Voice-culture for the speaking-voice is not an art that is cultivated in France," Mme.

There is no escape from slavery, or the mere pretence of freedom, but in radical individual power; and all solid intellectual culture is simply the right development of individuality into its true intellectual form.

Culture to a German is not only a national possession; it is also, to a degree difficult for us to appreciate, a State product.

Culture is the suggestion from certain best thoughts, that a man has a range of affinities, through which he can modulate the violence of any master-tones that have a droning preponderance in his scale, and succor him against himself.

It conduces to the highest self-culture; and self-culture is our first duty.

Now the culture of flowers is no longer a mania, but is carried on for love of them, and Haarlem is the principal temple.

"Culture," in the German idea, is the justification of a nation's existence.

He says: "In spite of the events of 1815 and 1870, French 'culture' is supreme to-day over all South America.

This culture of wisdom is the aim of the books which together form the Bible.

Our culture must be the passion-flower of Christ Jesus.

So that the culture of the best wheat had lately become a vital question, and this new seed was making a stir of eager interest throughout the region.

The noble architecture of the thirteenth century was the work of corporations, of a society that knew only corporations, and where individual culture was a crime.

Human culture at any point in its history is the social structure: the aggregate of existing culture traits, the products of man's ingenuity, inventiveness and experimentation, set in their natural environment.

Have you not reflected that the culture of wheat has been an inseparable adjunct to progress and refinement?

22 Metaphors for  cultures