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65 Metaphors for  cultures

65 Metaphors for cultures

Ethnocentrism is the idea that oneโ€™s own culture is the best, and other cultures are studied or viewed with this outlook.

Long before cancel culture became a well-known term, Arabs were boycotting Jews.

It is a mere truism to say that the cotton-culture is the cause of the present philosophical and economical phase of the African question.

Politicians from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AFD) play on this sentiment, and Germanyโ€™s culture of self-critical examination of its own past is a thorn in their side.

" "Voice-culture for the speaking-voice is not an art that is cultivated in France," Mme.

Toxic culture, power abuse, Old boy's club, no room for advancement plus HR is a joke.

Due to colonial influence, Filipino culture is a blend of Spanish, American, and indigenous cultures.

Culture is a word for the 'way of life' of groups of people, meaning the way they do things.

The traditional Indian culture of hand washing and cleaning, for instance, is a barrier which has helped our citizens gain some degree of natural protection.

The culture of those islands is typically Polynesian.

Tanzanians need not pull ideas from Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin because the culture of socialism - hospitality, cooperation and hard work - was already a staple of local societies throughout Africa.

His West African culture is a gift Koffie Fugah wants to share.

Culture and peaceand the greater of these is peace!

As mentioned in my previous post about insight and exploration, Iโ€™m from Australia where fitness and sporting culture is a big deal.

Stenโ€™s culture and his world view was a puzzle that players had to figure out over the course of the game, especially if they wanted to keep the wayward warrior in their good books.

Coffee culture is an industry requiring great care and some knowledge, and the preparation of the berry for the market involves no less of care and knowledge.

Mississippian culture is the culture of the Mississippian people.

"Culture," with all its intimate associations, its appeal to language, to national history and traditions, and to instinctive patriotism, is so much simpler and warmer a conception: it seems so much easier to fight for Germany than to fight for Justice in the abstract, or for Justice embodied in the British Commonwealth.

Human culture is the sum total of ideas, relationships, artifacts, institutions, purposes and ideals currently functioning in any community.

Guyanaโ€™s culture is the fusion between African and Indian Diasporas, melded together by the colonizing force of the British Empire through slavery and indentured servitude.

As their strength increased, they were led to practise the simpler gymnastic exercises,running, jumping, climbing, marching, the use of the dumb-bells, etc. The body thus partially invigorated, the culture of the mind was next to be attempted,a far more difficult task.

"Culture and creativity are integral parts of our society and economy.

Our culture is often a window in our lives.

Step Four: Stop allowing your culture to be your cult.

Culture is a composite of beliefs, values, customs, and institutions developed by each society and transmitted to the next generation.

" "Voice-culture for the speaking-voice is not an art that is cultivated in France," Mme.

โ€œCulture is the foundation of our success at the DMZ, and recognition on this level from Waterstone Human Capital reflects the exceptional efforts of our high-performance team,โ€ said Abdullah Snobar, executive director, DMZ.

He was a Venetian, or rather to speak accurately, I believe, a Dalmatian by birth, but all his culture and sympathies were Venetian.

Cancel culture before cancel culture was a thing.

While that message will always be viewed through the filter of a receiving culture, a culture is a dynamic relational process, not a static object.

He added: โ€œCulture is a reflection ofโ€ฏwho we are; it is how we express ourselves and how others perceive us.

Underlying Scout culture is a radically child-centred approach to education.

Videos include 'Why is "LeftTube" So White' and 'Cultures Are Not Costumes'.

There is no escape from slavery, or the mere pretence of freedom, but in radical individual power; and all solid intellectual culture is simply the right development of individuality into its true intellectual form.

Human culture at any point in its history is the social structure: the aggregate of existing culture traits, the products of man's ingenuity, inventiveness and experimentation, set in their natural environment.

Culture to a German is not only a national possession; it is also, to a degree difficult for us to appreciate, a State product.

Culture is the suggestion from certain best thoughts, that a man has a range of affinities, through which he can modulate the violence of any master-tones that have a droning preponderance in his scale, and succor him against himself.

This institutional and political culture is not the result of some one-off policy.

Ritual or social culture is the study of actions; these actions can be considered a form of dramatic expression.

It conduces to the highest self-culture; and self-culture is our first duty."

Academic Culture & Advising is a course that provides students with the opportunity to participate in peer study groups and discussions on the work they have been assigned in their other Bridge courses.

Culture and communications are two other priority issues for the Bloc Quรฉbรฉcois.

Your modern culture is still a reference point, with dynamic young people.

Our collaborative culture is an extension of our vision to empower personal transformation to improve lives and change the world.

Now the culture of flowers is no longer a mania, but is carried on for love of them, and Haarlem is the principal temple.

"Culture," in the German idea, is the justification of a nation's existence.

The culture and environment of the school was the first shock I experienced as I felt out of my element and different than everyone else.

Nunavut: Rethinking Political Culture is an exemplary work asking the question of how well a population with set attitudes and behaviours copes with having institutions foisted upon them over a short period of time.

He says: "In spite of the events of 1815 and 1870, French 'culture' is supreme to-day over all South America.

This culture of wisdom is the aim of the books which together form the Bible.

Culture is our focus, diversity is our normality: INTER guide to implement intercultural education (Vol. 4, 2nd ed.).

Our culture must be the passion-flower of Christ Jesus.

So that the culture of the best wheat had lately become a vital question, and this new seed was making a stir of eager interest throughout the region.

The Observatoire de la culture et des communications is a division of Statistique Quรฉbec that is responsible for everything specifically concerning the fields of culture and communications.

The noble architecture of the thirteenth century was the work of corporations, of a society that knew only corporations, and where individual culture was a crime.

The most famous culture in Metal Age is the Thirteen Hangs Cultures.

Human culture at any point in its history is the social structure: the aggregate of existing culture traits, the products of man's ingenuity, inventiveness and experimentation, set in their natural environment.

High culture is, by analogy, the residue of styles of walking, not walking as a generic condition.

The culture of intolerance of diverse political views is an aberration that is haunting Zimbabwe now.

It was indicated that culture, youth and sports are โ€˜vesselsโ€™ for social cohesion.

The culture there became extremely masculine.

Have you not reflected that the culture of wheat has been an inseparable adjunct to progress and refinement?

Man's culture and civilization, views and values, whether African or Western are products of a fallen mind.

When a man is touched with religious ideas he seeks to make converts, when he has views on political questions he agitates to make his views prevail: culture on the other hand has been only too often cherished as a badge of exclusiveness, instead of the very consciousness of superior education being felt as a responsibility which could only be satisfied by efforts to educate others.

Cape Verdean culture is a unique mixture of European and African elements.