5 Metaphors for dart

Her dart to the left was only the effort to elude him for that instant, and she was not aware of the mouth of the creek until she had entered it.

Συ δ' θεων τυραννε κ' ἀνθρωπων, Ἐρως. (Tu, deorum hominumque tyranne, Amor!) Murderous darts, blindness, and wings are Cupid's attributes.

Death's darts are sometimes Love's.

she hailed, as the porch party hastily adjourned and ran to welcome her, "how's that for a novice only recently out of the Mineola School?" "Bess Marshall, you're a wonder!" cried Peggy, embracing her; "the Dart is the prettiest little machine I've seen for a long time.

When on the new tack the Dart was not a cable's length from the boiling water.

5 Metaphors for  dart