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65 Metaphors for  dears

65 Metaphors for dears

To her, my Mabel, do I bear in love Some first-fruits of my findingmake her rich, That, gazing through her eyes, I may behold How sweet is heaven, how dear is happiness.

And how so dear was the coffee, And how so rare was the pelf.

'Well, my dear, you know I am no judge of poetry.

"Be very sure, my dear, for you know you might have been a marchioness or a princess if you had wished.

This, my dear, is a very extraordinary visit.

The opportunity I gave him of making himself popular among my subjects, awakened in his bad nature a proud ambition to deprive me of my dukedom; this he soon effected with the aid of the king of Naples, a powerful prince, who was my enemy." "Wherefore," said Miranda, "did they not that hour destroy us?" "My child," answered her father, "they durst not, so dear was the love that my people bore me.

'Consider me, dear Lovelace,' [dear was her charming word!]

The remark surprised his wife, who laughed gayly and confidently, saying: "Why, what is the matter with you to-night, my dear?

* * * * * FRIEND AND FOE Dear is my friendyet from my foe, as from my friend, comes good; My friend shows what I can do, and my foe shows what I should.

Mr. Sanderson merely suggestspoetically, my dear, of coursethat these may be manifestations of life, though life at a different stage to ours.

40 Tho' sweet the early spring, her blossoms bright, When first she swells the heart with pure delight, Yet not unlovely is the sober ray That meekly beams o'er autumn's temper'd day; Dear are her fading beauties to the soul, 45 While scarce perceiv'd the deep'ning shadows roll.

The story that he quoted was Rogers' pretty song of "Dear is my little native vale, The ring-dove builds and warbles there, Close by my cot she tells her tale, To every passing villager."

On the way he met the lion, who said, "What is that footwear, my dear?" "You don't know, my uncle?

My precious dear has been to me in my late exercise a never-failing instrument of strength, comfort, and encouragement: in general her faith has been much stronger than my own.

"Isn't that a grey hair I see, my dear?

And, my dear,' I said, 'there is another thing.

" "Should be a fiddlestick, my dear," the old Colonel answered.

Henry had recently had one of Angel's poems accepted by a rather good magazine, and the trance of joy in which for fully two hours he had sat gazing at that, his first, proof-sheet, was hardly less rapturous than that into which he had fallen after seeing Angel for the first time,so dear are the emblems of his craft to the artist, at the beginning, and still at the end, of his career.

The more dear were the ideal image that accompanied her, the more did she execrate and detest her persecutor.

This, my dear, is Captain Furness, a king's officer, who has fought through all the battles of the war.

Within the fields of Spain!" "Now welcome to me, noble lord, Thou and thy stalwart power; Dear is the sight of a Christian knight Who comes in such an hour!

"My dear," she said, "in my young days there were gentle people and common people, but now there is no distinction in society, only one of dollars and cents, and whether you get into the right swim or not.

Now, my dear, is not this a particular incident, either as I have made it, or as it was designed?

Pleasant evenings those seem to me now, as they come floating down on the current of memory from the long past, and dear are the faces of those that made up the tableaux as they were grouped around those winter fires.

"My dear, my dear, have I been a brute to you?

"Well, my dear, that was the reason of our parting.

Dear were ye both to me!

In my mother's time poor Lord Byron was held up to the execration of respectable people as the type of cynical profligacy; in my own time people talked about Lord Waterford; but, my dear, the young men now are all Byrons and Waterfords, without the genius of the one or the generosity of the other.

Royally laughed he then; Dear was that craft to him, Odin Allfather, Shaking the clouds.

My dear, until you comprehend I am the most frank and downright creature that ever lived you do not begin to appreciate me."

20 Dear is the forest frowning o'er his head, And dear the velvet green-sward to his tread: Moves there a cloud o'er

Whether I do or not, my dear, is my own business.

my dear, were but a woman, who gives reason to the world to think her to be in love with a man,

Elsley shrugged his shoulders, and said, smiling, as if it were a fine thing to say"Really, my dear, all men are not knight errants enough to endanger their necks for a bit of weed; and I cannot say that such rough tours de force are at all to my fancy."

First F.O.L. That's your ignorance, my dear, it's quite the right perspective for a Pastel, it's our rooms that are all wrongnot these clever young gentlemen.


And by the old, and the sad, and the broken, Often he lingered, a well-beloved guest; Dear was his voice, whatever the word spoken, Sweetening their day with a song or a jest.

Bolts were shot, keys turned; from the lighted front parlour came the notes of the sweet-toned square piano, and Ailsa's voice: "Dear are her charms to me, Dearest her constancy, Aileen aroon" "Never mind any more of that silly song!"

He pranced with his legs, and tumbled his hair, and twitched at his whiskers more than ever, as he said, "My dear," (and the boy had called her Mamma; so, then, it must be a fancy sketch, after all,) "my dear, no doubt the gentleman is more a cosmopolite than yourself, and blessed with more facility in adapting himself to circumstances."

Ah, when the Summer graces flee From other nests more dear than thou,

The story that he quoted was Rogers' pretty song of "Dear is my little native vale, The ring-dove builds and warbles there, Close by my cot she tells her tale, To every passing villager."

"What, my dear, is your opinion of our favorite, Mr. Boyer?"

Royally laughed he then; Dear was that craft to him, Odin Allfather, Shaking the clouds.

20 Dear is the forest frowning o'er his head, And dear the velvet green-sward to his tread: Moves there a cloud o'er

"My dear, here's a surprise!

"My dear," was Bob's mild answer, "Christmas day."

Innocent children out of nought Build up a universe of thought, And out of silence fashion Heaven: So, dear, is this poor dying even, Seeing thou shall be touched, heard, seen, Better than when dust stood between.

Can you, who have always been used to serenity and order in a family, to rational, refined, and improving conversation, relinquish them, and launch into the whirlpool of frivolity, where the correct taste and the delicate sensibility which you possess must constantly be wounded by the frothy and illiberal sallies of licentious wit? This, my dear, is but a faint picture of the situation to which you seem inclined.


And then he added gravely: "That, my dear, is the statement of a scientific man of the Twentieth Century."

" "But, my dear," was my reply, "GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN got up his name by gittin into musses, and wastin and pinin away into furrin pastiles.

"Why, my dear, Pompey is a modern Socrates, bound in ebony.

Upon my life, my dear, this man is a vile, a contemptible villainI must speak out!How has he laughed in his sleeve at us both, I warrant, for I can't tell how long!

But dearest of all was a recess among the pine-trees, on the side of a hill.

But dearest of all is remembrance of the evening long ago when he befriended us at Sutter's Fort.

He replied in four verses, which show well enough what thoughts were in his brain when he composed the nightmare-burdened, heavy-sleeping women: Dear is my sleep, but more to be mere stone, So long as ruin and dishonour reign: To hear naught, to feel naught, is my great gain; Then wake me not; speak in an undertone.

It is enough, for sacred is the soil, Dear are the hills of God.

"My father's spirit hovers near "Alas, he comes to chide; "Is there no means, my Edwin dear, "The fatal deed to hide?

Guerdon dear shall be his meed Who will be Love's thrall in deed: Strollings 'neath a mellow moon, Whispers soft as rain in June, Kisses, maybe, one or two Maidens all were meant to woo!

" "Nay, Sir Tristram," said Sir Launcelot, "arise, and kneel not to me, for I am not willing to accept thy submission, for indeed it is yet to be proved which of us is the better knight, thou or I. Wherefore let neither of us yield to the other, but let us henceforth be as dear as brothers-in-arms the one toward the other."

Fine engraving is thus almost as dear as building-ground at Brighton.

Swadeshi was as dear as life itself.

P. Pain is more dear than pleasure when 'tis past.

But trifles look so trivial As soon as you have come, That blame is just as dear as praise And praise as mere as blame.

And themselves thereby more really faulty, than ever THEY suppose me to be, though I the cause of that greater fault in them?What, my dear, is the worst, that you will leave for ever unrevealed?