55 Metaphors for dears

" "You certainly are not, my dearest Fannyyou are a charming young ladythe most delicious of your sex.

My dear, don't you know Larry is the maddest of the three when he gets under way?

Only, as Effie says about her housekeeping, the two dearest things in living are butter and experience!"

" "But, my dear, if they should trace her to me, it would be a very troublesome affair," said the perplexed lady.

" This, my dear, is a very extraordinary visit.

'Consider me, dear Lovelace,' [dear was her charming word!]

Ah, my dear, my poor lonely girl, that this should be the end of it!

40 Tho' sweet the early spring, her blossoms bright, When first she swells the heart with pure delight, Yet not unlovely is the sober ray That meekly beams o'er autumn's temper'd day; Dear are her fading beauties to the soul, 45 While scarce perceiv'd the deep'ning shadows roll.

" My precious dear has been to me in my late exercise a never-failing instrument of strength, comfort, and encouragement: in general her faith has been much stronger than my own.

Yet, though this dear and homely sympathy was a sweet and companionable thing to my heart, it came swift to my thought that I was in a sore danger, if that they ceased not quickly to think so onely upon me; for surely was I not come over-near unto that dreadful House of Silence; and well might so much Emotion of the Millions tell unto the Horrid Power that dwelt within, how that I was even anigh.

"Dear, your letter breaking the news to me that Marye Mead was burned when the cavalry burned Edmund Ruffin's house was no news to me.

"Dear is that shed, to which his soul conforms, And dear that hill, which lifts him to the storms.

Henry had recently had one of Angel's poems accepted by a rather good magazine, and the trance of joy in which for fully two hours he had sat gazing at that, his first, proof-sheet, was hardly less rapturous than that into which he had fallen after seeing Angel for the first time,so dear are the emblems of his craft to the artist, at the beginning, and still at the end, of his career.

Dear as was still the memory of that earthly love, the only real passion I had ever known, could ever know, it came no longer to my spirit as a substitute for religion.

"Oh, dear!" was Lucinda's favorite aspiration.

This, my dear, is Captain Furness, a king's officer, who has fought through all the battles of the war.

"My dear," she said, "in my young days there were gentle people and common people, but now there is no distinction in society, only one of dollars and cents, and whether you get into the right swim or not.

Now, my dear, is not this a particular incident, either as I have made it, or as it was designed?

Dear, too, unto Hiawatha Was the very strong man, Kwasind, He the strongest of all mortals, He the mightiest among many; For his very strength he loved him, For his strength allied to goodness.

20 Dear is the forest frowning o'er his head, And dear the velvet green-sward to his tread: Moves there a cloud o'er mid-day's flaming eye?

In my mother's time poor Lord Byron was held up to the execration of respectable people as the type of cynical profligacy; in my own time people talked about Lord Waterford; but, my dear, the young men now are all Byrons and Waterfords, without the genius of the one or the generosity of the other.

"Yes, my dear; and the part nearest to it is New South Wales, from which it is separated by Bass's Straits, which are 100 miles broad, and contain a great many small islands.

No, my dear, diamonds are a consolation that no woman can afford to miss.

Whether I do or not, my dear, is my own business.

my dear, were but a woman, who gives reason to the world to think her to be in love with a man,

55 Metaphors for  dears