31 Metaphors for defeating

Floyd had previously written Jefferson (Virginia State Papers, I., 47) that in his county there were but three hundred and fifty-four militia between sixteen and fifty-four years old; that all people were living in forts, and that forty-seven of the settlers of all ages had been killed, and many wounded, since January; so his defeat was a serious blow.]

The defeat of the Armada was the turning-point of the war, but it was not the end.

Though I do think you are taking too personal a view of to-day's contest, your defeat was purely a matter of duty.

'This defeats every purpose of my coming here' were the first words that he said.

Like him, accomplished, handsome, plucky, industrious, and dangerous, if unconvincing, in debate, he brings to bear on every question the immediate force of personal courage and readiness, but none of that force drawn from persistent principle, whose defeats are tutorings for victory.

The only thorough defeats are surrenders.

No one could say that the defeat of the altered Statute by 341 to 21 was the work merely of a party.[105] It was the most decisive vote given in the course of these conflicts.

He retired for some time to his own quarters, and received the revelation of part of Sura iii, wherein he explains the whole matter, urging first that Allah was pleased to make a selection between the brave and the cowardly, the weak and the steadfast, and then that the defeat was the punishment for disobeying his divine commands.

That defeat was the most disgraceful that ever befell the arms of a military nation.

Their defeat had been an incident to the thrust of a tiny feeling finger of the German octopus for information.

There are lessons which every great nation must learn which are cheap at any cost, and for some of those lessons the defeat of the 21st of July was a very small price to pay.

Brennus and the picked warriors about him made a gallant resistance, but defeat was a foregone conclusion.

The defeat was the fault of the commander, not theirs.

To the young king the defeat at Dunbar was a subject of real and ill-dissembled joy.

Defeat is a mighty aid to repentance; and processes grow rapid in the presence of Death: he forgives and desires forgiveness.]

That defeat was a hurt to his egoism that he could not forget.

If the troops of Rosecrans had not been veterans, and if the right wing had not been under the immediate command of so sturdy and unconquered a veteran as General Thomas, the defeat might have become a rout.

Defeat itself is a satisfaction, before a tribunal of such absolute justice.

The defeat of Napoleon was not only the defeat of French domination but the defeat of the French Revolution, and of the principles of Democracy and Nationality which inspired it.

"No questions," said Goodlaw, shortly, gathering up his papers as if his defeat was already an accomplished fact.

In consequence of this, such dismay spread through the camp, as, had it seized them during the engagement, a signal defeat would have been the result.

They follow the war very closely after their own method, and believe that any defeats, such as on the Somme or Verdun, are tactical rearrangements of positions, dictated by the wisdom of the General Staff, and so long as no Allied troops are upon German soil so long will the German populace believe in the invincibility of its army.

As the affair went on with much detail of correspondence between the konak and the consulate for some weeks, it had attracted the general attention of our little public, and the final defeat of the pasha was a mortification to him which he made every effort to conceal.

It is now plain that our defeat at Bull Run was in no true sense a disaster; that we not only deserved it, but needed it; that its ultimate consequences are better than those of a victory would have been.

My defeat had been with her, of course, a certainty, but perhaps it took place more rapidly than she had expected.

31 Metaphors for  defeating