6 Metaphors for deliverances

The king's deliverance was a subject of joy to the nations of Europe, among whom the horror excited by the death of the father had given popularity to the exertions of the son.

The victim was never found, but her story was bequeathed from class to class, and her deliverance was always the object and excuse of the Diables.

The signal deliverance of the French at that gloomy period from the hands of the English, by Joan of Arc, was a religious movement.

She felt as if this deliverance were a token of forgiveness for her past wilfulness, and as if hope were opened to her once more.

The deliverance of republican France from four great Austrian armies was a grand service; and Napoleon merited its gratitude and all the honors he received.

My deliverance was providential, and I could not refrain from shuddering as I sat gaining breath upon the bank after my escape, and watching the disappointed alligator lurking about as if still in hopes of making his supper upon me.

6 Metaphors for  deliverances