10 Metaphors for detective

The detective who presented himself to Mrs. Hamilton was a quiet-looking man, clad in a brown suit.

On this especial morning the detective was nearly a block in the rear, with the snow driving furiously into his face, when an automobile suddenly rolled up to the curb beside him and two men leaped out and pinioned Fogerty in their arms.

Now in this case had you looked up page 797 of this little volume of Gotha's Almanach you would have seen my name in it and known from the first that the so-called Russian detective was a liar.'

A detective who loves his profession is no gabbler.

"I didn't imagine that a detective" "Some of us are human beings, Mrs. Lawrence.

If ever there was a case Then he heard an altercation going on fiercely between the salesman and Brown's summer friend, the latter insisting loudly that the detective was a perfect gentleman and entirely all right.

A detective has been my constant companion since I left Kioto, sitting by my berth all night on the train, and following me to the gates of the School! I had planned to start back to Peking as soon as Sada and Billy were clear and away.

I imagine those detectives are here to protect you, as well as the printing plant.

Would I have considered it farce if I could have heard the words which this detective was at that moment whispering into the district attorney's ears: "Do you want to know who throttled Adelaide Cumberland?

At one time I thought of employing a detective to find him, but was assured that "all detectives are scoundrels."

10 Metaphors for  detective