30 Metaphors for devices

Now, the accuracy of this latter is such that it is impossible for its projectiles to miss a ship under way, and that we are sure of playing with it against the enemy that game whose device is "We win at every shot!"

The devices then known were merely semaphores, that spoke to the eye for a momentbearing about the same relation to the great discovery before us as the Abbé Sicard's invention of a visual alphabet for the purposes of conversation bore to the art of printing with movable types.

The device of John Tate, jun. was a wheel; his paper is remarkably fine and good.

The people who speak the English language have been the most successful, and the device by which they have overcome the difficulty is REPRESENTATION.

The device on his flag was an "Apollo" on a field azure.

Their most common devices are, Adam and Eve (probably the No. 3. of CLERICUS), St. George, and the Grapes of Eschol (No. 4. of CLERICUS).

The device on the one was two figures resting upon urns, representing the rivers Savannah and Alatamaha, the north-eastern and south-western boundaries of the province, between which the genius of the colony was seated, with a cap of liberty on her head, a spear in one hand, and a cornucopia in the other, with the inscription COLONIA GEORGIA AUG:

Such devices were the common stock in trade of minor writers for the theatre.

The device engraved upon it was a lion holding a sword in his pawa fit emblem of the characters of the men, who, though in many respects magnanimous and just, had filled the whole world with the terror of their quarrels.

A most ingenious device in this machine is the arrangement for automatically lengthening the throw of the feed while stitching around the eye of the button hole.

I wonder this owl dares look on the sun; and I marvel this goose flies not the laurel: his device might have been better, a fool going into the market-place to be seen, with this motto: Scribimus indocti; or, a poor beggar gleaning of ears in the end of harvest, with this word: Sua cuique gloria.

It was said to have belonged to Queen Ti, the mother of our friend Amenhotep the Fourth; but I don't think that could have been so, because the device on it was the Eye of Osiris, and Ti, as you know, was an Aten-worshipper.

But my device was knowne unto my friend, And worthilie he banisht me his sight.

The law came to frown upon it everywhere; but the device was too great a public and private convenience to be suppressed.

This inscription announced the beneficent disposition and disinterested motives of the trustees; while the device was an allusion to a special object which they had in view,the production of silk.

What pretty new device is this Evadne?

It seems possible that the "device" really was the building of a wooden siege-tower, as high as the walls, with a projecting and revolving neck.

Recent critics have pertinently suggested that the device of furnishing Loveby with money was the chief hint for which Dryden is indebted to Spain.

The matter now to consider, and the one of greater interest to the teacher of deaf children, is, Of what utility can the device be in the instruction of deaf-mutes?

"My device is the absolute ruler of whatever spark I direct it against.

The device on the obverse was two hands clasped in one of the grips of the Endowment; on the reverse, a figure from the Book of Mormon, with the motto, "Holiness to the Lord."

The device itself is a friction brake, constructed in the form of a clip with holes in it for the three ropes to pass through.

The customary device, where contemporaries are concerned, of disembowelling the victim's name, and leaving it a skeleton of consonants, is a formal concession which in effect concedes nothing.

It has learned that this device has been a trick employed by a crafty pedagogy for the sake of appealing to unimaginative children.

A favorite humorous device in his style is a stately and roundabout way of telling a trivial incident, as where, for example, Mr. Roker "muttered certain unpleasant invocations concerning his own eyes, limbs, and circulating fluids;" or where the drunken man who is singing comic songs in the Fleet received from Mr. Smangle "a gentle intimation, through the medium of the water-jug, that his audience were not musically disposed."

30 Metaphors for  devices