189 Metaphors for  differences

189 Metaphors for differences

Now it is precisely at these hours that the difference between the temperature of the lower layers of the atmosphere and that of the surface of the ground is the greatest, and that the ascending currents of air starting from the ground are the strongest.

Consequently, the difference between d' scores for evaluated and paraphrased items is a measure of the salience of discourse evaluations, with story content controlled.

What difference is there between a savage's fear of a demon, and a hunter's fear of a fall?

Talent, or Tilin, the difference only is the adding of the Berber termination.

This difference in the mode used in various editions is but another proof of the elasticity of the subjunctive in French.

The difference between him and the rest of the rude crew among which she must perforce live was a question of degree, not of kind.

Warmly as she was attached to these principles, she ever rejoiced in the conviction that all the followers of Christ are one in Him, and that, by whatever name designated, those who have attained to the closest communion with Him are the nearest to one another; and when differences in sentiment were the topic of conversation, she would sometimes rejoin in an earnest tone, the "commandment is exceeding broad.

The difference is the reaction to that fear.

They admitted the abstract injustice of slavery, and one remarked, that a difference of the color of the skin was a misfortune, not a crime.

The biggest difference in is its ending.

The only difference was Jack.

The difference between the number of generations for each cousin is the removal.

The most important difference is the omission in the later Charter of the 14th and 15th Articles of John's Charter, by which the King is restricted from levying aids beyond the three ordinary ones, without the assent of the 'Common Council of the Kingdom.'

When compared to other studio tours, Parker said the main difference is the option to cruise the lake, see her neighbours, visit with artists and see great art.

Between Paris in peace and Paris to-day the most striking difference is lack of population.

The only difference is a joint resolution that proposes an amendment to the US Constitution.

The differences in votes in each category weren’t more than 60 votes between the 1st and the 5th position!

This condition is necessary because the surface speed of the drawing roller is much greater than that of the retaining rollers; indeed, the difference between the surface speeds of the two pairs of rollers is the actual draft.

In 1867 the difference between the highest and lowest barometrical readings was not more than 13.96 millimetres, and would have been much less if the mercury had not been much depressed by storms in July and September.

The difference between any two harmonic numbers is never an integer.

Logan (1995) argues that such a difference between two environments is not a unique situation.

In short, they resemble the stag in all his natural habits, and the greatest difference between them is the duration of their lives: the stag, it is said, lives to the age of thirty-five or forty years, and the fallow-deer does not live more than twenty.

They have already distinguished parallel-veined from netted-veined leaves, and learned that this difference is a secondary distinction between monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

This where the racism allegory fails the hardest because the anime validates a stereotype often used to justify discrimination in reality -- that imagined differences are literal, biological ones.

Could these differences be a coincidence?

While difference is not necessarily evidence of bias, there were instances of differences that are significant enough that they warrant closer attention.

The difference in the expenditure upon a solitary farm may be but a triflea few pounds; but when some score or more farms are taken, in the aggregate the decrease in the cash transferred from the pocket of the agriculturist to that of the labourer becomes something considerable.

The difference is not merely high pitch or low pitch.

As he amazingly puts it, "Perhaps the difference between what is miserable, and that which is spectacular, lies is a leap of faith."

The difference of ages is indicated in the Greek formula; but the difference of complexion is a modern innovation, and more frequently found in the German than in the Italian schools.

Another crucial difference is the age group.

The only difference between the Live and Playback condition was the presence or absence of social contingency.

A key difference between public inquiries and government-led reviews, according to experts who spoke with iPolitics last week, is the control the governing party is able to exercise over the information scrutinized and released to the public.

By actual experience I have been able to prove that at least 25 sections of electrodes should be in series and across any one of these sections the potential difference need not be greater than 1.8 volts, the current being of any desired amount, according to the surface of plates used.

The only major difference is the spoiler.

But the difference was, under that organization, a teacher who was charged with anything, didn’t really have the rights they should have had to be heard.

This means the 1995 difference between the sexes was 123 more male deaths per 100 000 population, compared with a difference of 215 deaths in 1979.

The only difference has been, that some Lunas took a fancy to go and fight the Moors, and they became lords, and conquered castles, whereas my ancestors remained in the service of the Cathedral, like the good Christians they were.

The difference this time, he said, is the public insistence on action.

It worked perfectly, although you have to keep shuffling it constantly and watch closely because the difference between light roast, dark roast and burnt is just a few moments at the critical time.

things may be very different from what we have been taught, or what we may of ourselves desire; but every difference will be the step of an ascending staireach nearer and nearer to the divine perfection which alone can satisfy the children of a God, alone supply the poorest of their cravings.

But the difference, whatever may have been its nature, was seemingly a matter of unimportance to Mrs. Pendomer, who was in meditation.

The most important difference with the other orders is the big capital (top part of the column), which is decorated with leaves and scrolls.

The main differences are the interface (which looks different), an addition of more music, and the addition of music videos.

In conclusion, I would remark that we extended our navigation so far south that our difference of latitude from the city of Cadiz was sixty degrees and a half, because, at that city, the pole is elevated thirty-five degrees and a half, and we had passed six degrees beyond the equinoctial line.

Local difference, nationality, is a very obstinate thing.

Please do not think of me as one to whom a "difference of creed" is a bar to friendship.

"The difference you spoke of," I began, with my eyes upon that spectral pool, "is only that change which belongs to life, dissolving like illusion, but not itself illusion.

Because the only difference of Kubuntu and Ubuntu is the default software, an Ubuntu system can turn into a Kubuntu system, or a Kubuntu system into an Ubuntu system, only by installing some software.

The difference is 8.6 years or 13.9 per cent.