13 Metaphors for dims

Ay, and the light doth dim, And asleep's the rose, And tired Innocence In dreams is hence ... Come, Love, my lad, Nodding that drowsy head, 'Tis time thy prayers were said!

The dim of sight are the timid and the shrinking.

Over Life's river the shadows are creeping, Dim and unknown is the opposite shore, But in the fatherland some are still keeping Lights in the window and watch at the door.

It runs as follows: DANAE EXPOSED WITH HER INFANT An English Sapphic Dim were the stars, and clouded was the azure, Silence in darkness brooded on the ocean, Save when the wave upon the pebbled sea-beach Faintly resounded.

Dim at best are the Conceptions we have of the Supreme Being, who, as it were, keeps his Creatures in Suspence, neither discovering, nor hiding himself; by which Means, the Libertine hath a Handle to dispute his Existence, while the most are content to speak him fair, but in their Hearts prefer every trifling Satisfaction to the Favour of their Maker, and ridicule the good Man for the Singularity of his Choice.

Mother, I speak with the voice of a man; Death is between us,I stoop no more; And yet so dim is each new-born plan, I am feebler than ever I was before, Feebler than when the western hill Faded away with its sunset gold.

"'Our ponies grazed in the idle noon, unsaddled, at ease, and slow; The ranges dim were a faëryland; blue hills in a haze of gray.

an earthly flame Yes, thy brain harass'd by deep toil, became With all its fire, a tenant of the tomb, And dim is now thine eye, Belov'd of Fame!

Dim is the light from beyond, Unanswered the riddle of life.

So dim and delicate is the heart of the winter woods, a kind of glittering gloaming, that a figure stepping towards us in the chequered twilight seems as if he were breaking through unfathomable depths of spiders' webs.

Yet how dim was their vision of this truth, how insecure their hold upon it, in comparison with that which the meanest Christian may attain!

The least dubious effect would be, I hope, to prevent us from accepting the anthropological theory of religion, or any other theory, as a foregone conclusion, I have tried to show how dim is our knowledge, how weak, often, is our evidence, and that, finding among the lowest savages all the elements of all religions already developed in different degrees, we cannot, historically, say that one is earlier than another.

After five o'clock she started home alone along the heavily shaded paths of the campus, as dim as caves in the interval before the big, winking sputtering arc-lights were flashed on.

13 Metaphors for  dims