28 Metaphors for direction

I felt by a glance what immense things might be accomplished by that energy, to the honour and lasting welfare of all humanity, if only its direction be not misledand I pray to God that he may preserve your people from being absorbed in materialism.

Its direction is not perfectly horizontal, but slightly inclined downwards.

"The direction of a line in any part is the direction of a point at that part from the next preceding point of the line!" Minos.

God's direction is, "Preach, teach, dogmatize."

"The direction to your stake was 78 degrees from the base line at C. This degree scale will give us that."

"The direction of a line in any part is the direction of a point at that part from the next preceding point of the line!" Minos.

The direction of the itinerary must have been westwards, probably south-west.

We didn't know where we were going, but at about eleven o'clock in the morning we started off on the march, and soon realized that our direction was Bailleul.

After proceeding two miles further, it took a more easterly course, and as we advanced the general direction of the reaches were east and south.

[70] The direction in the 4to is "Enter Flores and Homer!" Vide note .

Our direction is Mr. Westwood's, Chase Side Enfield, but alas

Our Saviour's direction is, after this manner, pray ye"Our Father," thus directing us to draw near to the Most High God as a heavenly father, rich in mercy to all them that call upon him.

for 45 miles from its mouth to the lake Ligauasan, out of which it is seen to flow; from the other side of the lake the direction of the river is NNE.

"A soul that knows itself must know that the proper direction of its energy is not outwards in a straight line, but round a centre which is within it" (Enn. vi. 9, § 8).

When the assurances thus required of the French Government, previous to the departure of our envoys, had been given through their minister of foreign relations, the direction that they should proceed on their mission was on your part a completion of the measure, and manifests the sincerity with which it was commenced.

We all heard it, but not one of us could assert that the direction from which it came was a fixed fact in his mind.

Scenical directions in verse are novelties.

I had been led to expect this from the fact of our finding the flood-stream coming from the north-east, whereas the direction of it in the offing is North-North-West.

The stage direction in the original is only Enter Robin.

The world is a stage, and my direction is exit.

The further direction that the certificates required to be issued by the treaty, and in conformity with the practice of the board heretofore, shall be proper and sufficient vouchers, upon which payments shall be made at the Treasury, is a departure from the system established soon after the adoption of the Constitution and maintained ever since.

The direction behind you is the south.

'This last direction is the principal; with an unquiet mind, neither exercise, nor diet, nor physick, can be of much use.

I saw all the luggage labelled with my own eyes, and the direction was New York by steam-packet Oronoco; and Mrs. Holbrook had lots of dresses made, and all sorts of things.

The directions as to the disposal of the Canaanites, are mainly in the following passages: Ex. xxiii.

28 Metaphors for  direction