17 Metaphors for disasters

I always argue that as irremediable disasters are the only ones that deserve or obtain sympathy, he might as well say that there is no use in crying for anything.

" As the apothecary moved about his shop awaiting Raoul's return, his own disaster became once more the subject of his anxiety.

But Don José, we say, plucked up new spirit.. "Last year's disasters were but fortune's freaks," he said.

Two disasters and six successes were wholly or almost wholly the work of native auxiliaries.

Add to this, that when you gave yourselves up to us we granted you an alliance on equal terms, that we allowed you your own laws, and lastly, what before the disaster at Cannae was surely a privilege of the highest value, we bestowed the freedom of our city on a large portion of you, and held it in common with you.

And even if the disasters of the body have been in a sense our own fault; if we have lived prodigally and carelessly, either yielding to base desires or recklessly overworking and overstraining the mortal frame, for however high a motive, we can still triumph if we never yield for a moment to regret or remorse, but accept the conditions humbly and quietly, using such strength as we have to the uttermost.

The first disaster that befell Bishop Walkelin's building was the fall of the central tower in 1107, which all England, at the time, attributed to the burial beneath it of William Rufus.

Disasters the most disgraceful have been enduredvictories the most brilliant have been achieved.

The disaster at Bull Run, and the inability of our men to keep the ground they had won at Wilson's Creek, in Missouri, (August 10,) were the legitimate consequences of action over which the mass of the soldiers could have no control.

The disaster was a greater blow to the English Mana than even the Wairau Massacre.

But Varro, a more matter-of-fact observer, does not disguise the plain truththat these disasters were often the product of pure malicious frolic.

Disaster to the voyage was d by the enemies of Columbus. PRESCRIBE, PROSCRIBE.

Disaster to the voyage was d by the enemies of Columbus. PRESCRIBE, PROSCRIBE.

These disasters were a source of great anxiety to Marie de Medicis, who began to apprehend that should the Duke be in like manner despoiled of his other fortified cities he would no longer be in a position to afford her any protection; but fortunately De Luynes had also taken alarm.

His disaster, which they much exaggerated, was a shock to the three sisters.

During the progress of this Alexandrine war one great disaster occurred, which has given to the contest a most melancholy celebrity in all subsequent ages: this disaster was the destruction of the Alexandrian library.

The disaster of Roncesvalles and the heroism of the warriors who perished there became, in France, the object of popular sympathy and the favorite topic for the exercise of the popular fancy.

17 Metaphors for  disasters