9 Metaphors for dislike

His first public act after his accession was to join in the coalition against Napoleon, and dislike of Napoleon was the main-spring of his policy.

No doubt her dislike of the Encyclopaedists and all their works was in part a matter of personal piquethe result of her famous quarrel with Mademoiselle de Lespinasse, under whose opposing banner d'Alembert and all the intellectual leaders of Parisian society had unhesitatingly ranged themselves.

I dare say our mutual dislike is due to the inevitable misunderstanding that exists between the generations.

His dislike of priestly sentimentalities is no anachronism.

Charlie laughed, and the more Mrs. Jennings showed 'er dislike for 'is nonsense the more he gave way to it.

The girl's dislike for him was an iron that entered the quick of his vanity anew every time he saw her.

Meanwhile he had completely regained his ascendancy over the lower part of the school, which was not difficult, because they were wincing under Montagu's contempt, and mingled no little dislike with it; a dislike which all are too apt to feel towards those whose very presence and moral superiority are a tacit rebuke of their own failings.

Dislike was a stout barrier, which remorse might have broken down.

There were in some of the public buildings certain statues of kings; for it must be understood that the Roman dislike to kings was only a dislike to having kingly authority exercised over themselves.

9 Metaphors for  dislike