50 Metaphors for division

The first great division should be the body of professional artists from the amateurs and students, constituting the body who are to manage the entire concerns of the institution, who shall be its officers, etc.

The division of cavalry brigades into two regiments is simply a traditional institution which has been thoughtlessly perpetuated.

This division of the inferior surface of the foot into zones will be somewhat of a guide also when describing the complications next to follow: (a) Suppuration.

He had served but one campaign in Spain, and in that year, and that division of the army; and surely his principles were no restraint upon his conduct.

In New England the most important division of the state is the town; in the South it is the county.[Footnote: An excellent discussion of this may be found in "Samuel Adams, the Man of the Town Meeting," John's Hopkins University Studies in History, Volume II, Number 4.]

Since belief is a firm opinion, but feelings are an excitement of the mind either to pleasure, or to vexation, or to fear, or to desire, (for there are all these kinds of feelings, and many divisions of each separate genus,) I adapt all my arrangement to the object of the inquiry.

The Division of Hell into Seas of Fire, and into firm Ground impregnated with the same furious Element, with that particular Circumstance of the Exclusion of Hope from those Infernal Regions, are Instances of the same great and fruitful Invention.

Q. What Division of land is Africa?

Q. Between what Divisions is the Mediterranean Sea?

The last division of Guinea from which slaves are imported, are the kingdoms of Kongo and Angola: these lie to the South of Benin, extending with the intermediate land about twelve hundred miles on the coast.

EVANS, SIR DE LACY, an English general, born at Moeg, Ireland; served in the Peninsular war; was present at Quatre-Bras and Waterloo; commanded the British Legion sent to assist Queen Isabella in Spain, and the second division of the army in the Crimea and the East; was for many years a member of Parliament (1787-1870).

The fourth division is a natural consequence from those qualities, which we said were usually attributed to things in distinction from persons.

The division you are in is A.P. Hill's.

What natural division of land is South America?

"The division of the whole country into twelve revenue districts was a serious grievance,especially as the high official over each could make large profits from the excess of contributions demanded."

The division of the produce of the soil, the price of labour, the relief afforded to the poor, are matters of human arrangement: while any charitable hand can extend relief, it is a proof that the means of subsistence are not exhausted in themselves, that "the tables are not full!"

In this edition, containing the first two and a half books only, the division into chapters and the arrangement of the incidental verse were the work of the 'over-seer of the print.'

The three great divisions of time are past, present, future.

The division of Poland was an outrage upon the Polish people, but it was largely dictated by an entirely honest desire to settle a dangerous possibility.

The fourth and last division of our subject is the Harmony of Parts; or the essential agreement of one part with another, and of each with the whole.

The report of the six captains says "two divisions"; from Haywood we learn that the two divisions were two lines, evidently marching side by side, there being a right line and a left line.

The division of poetry into its peculiar lines, is therefore not a mere accident.

The next division is the intermediate ear; it consists of the tympanum, mastoid cells, and Eustachian tube.

The northern division is bold and bare, yet flocks of sheep graze on the slopes of its mountains; and the inland plains behind them are covered with orchards of pistachio-trees.

The division was half a mile in our rear.

50 Metaphors for  division