6 Metaphors for do

The very examples which have hitherto been given to prove that do may be a substitute for other verbs, are none of them in point, and all of them have been constantly and shamefully misinterpreted.

" "Ole miss ain't gwine ter do nuffin' to him," said Isham, in a gruff and troubled tone.

This is Thy doing, to Thee be all the praise.

If thou doest well, is there not acceptance?

All this is just and forcible; and surely nothing can be easier than to confute the Methodist by shewing that his very 'no-doing', when he comes to explain it, is not only an act, a work, but even a very severe and perseverant energy of the will.

All ye had t' do was t' lean back an' let 'er sail.

6 Metaphors for  do