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179 Metaphors for  dog

179 Metaphors for dog

Dogs are the most intelligent of all animals, but they know nothing of love; the most intelligent nations of antiquitythe Greeks, Romans and Hebrewswere strangers to this feeling; and in our times we have seen that such intelligent persons as Tolstoi, Zola, Groncourt, Flaubert have been confessedly unable to experience real love such as Turgenieff held up to them.

Thus the dog and the serpents became the characteristics of Aesculapius amongst the Romans and Greeks, who were entirely strangers to the original meaning of these hieroglyphics.

When I went t' sleep, seemed laike d' dogs was right aftah me."

The dogs are invaluable tools for locating discarded or hidden evidence, illegal drugs and explosives.

His trusty dog became the companion of his journey.

Hunger and heat wear you out and drive you mad; cold makes your blood curdle.... TOBY-DOG, (vexed) Mine is a sensitive nature.

"Dog yourself," was the prompt retort.

Because of the small size of the Java mouse-deer, dogs are also a common predator for them, as well as crocodiles, big cats, birds of prey, and snakes.

On which diet he seems to have thriven: And an ass was his charger they say, sir, A dog was his life-guard, we're told, And many a peregrination Thus attended, he must have been bold, He made step and step through the nation.

The only two dogs we could trust were the two borrowed jaguar hounds.

This stately dog was a dark heather brindle, standing 32-3/8 inches at the shoulder, with a chest girth of 34-1/2 inches.

The "sleeve dog" and the "chin dog" are common and appropriate appellations in the East.

Now, this dog is a snarling, cross-grained, cantankerous beast, and when I heard Joe was coming, I said: 'Now we'll have a good dog about the place, and here's an end to the bad one.'

"A small task that, your Honour, since a starved dog was the whole crew she could muster to keep us off.

The best dog in it was Granite, whose portrait and description were given in the Journal in connection with the said review; and the other animals of the kennel being of the same type, it was at once recognised that there was, in fact, such a breed, and the mouths of the doubters were stopped.

The two splendid dogs were the children's special protectors and companions.

Gason (259) tells us that the dogs, of which every camp has from six to twenty, are generally a mangy lot, but "the natives are very fond of them....

The Indians had told him that these sun dogs were warnings of severe cold and probably a blizzard.

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A Dog of Flanders is a 1959 movie directed by James B. Clark.

The common Pariah dog, or village dog of India, is a perfect cur; a mangy, carrion-loving, yellow-fanged, howling brute.

If these requirements are present and the dog is in no sense a contradiction of the good qualities of its progenitors, but a justification of its pedigree, care and good treatment will do the rest.

Head of Tagore Memorial School Board Charlie Baul Amar in an invited comment said that the dogs in the school are a nuisance and should not be there.

That case has been tested in this very state, where a dog was on the track settin' a covey of birds in the adjoinin' field.

But the dogs were the great difficulty: we lost six mortal hours a day in harnessing and tending them.

Previously to this, Quiz had always understood that the dog was the most kind-hearted of animals, but it was months after that night before he could hear the mere name of a canine without shuddering.

Dylan Dog is a fictional character from the Dylan Dog.

Through our participation in beginner agility, obedience and rally classes, as well as the invaluable socialization and training offered through the puppy playcare program, my now adolescent dog is a true pleasure to live with.

Prairie dogs are mostly herbivores (plant-eaters).

I rather think the dogs are being underfedthey have weakened badly in the last few daysmore than such work ought to entail.

A good fat dog about the place is a mighty fine advertisement for a lodging-house; it speaks for good feeding anywhere.

Another professed his readiness to swear that the dog was the property of the pilgrim, being accustomed to carry his wallet, and that Maso, owing to an ancient grudge against both master and beast, had hurled the stone which sent the animal away howling, and had resented a mild remonstrance of its owner in the extraordinary manner that all had seen.

The dog is a flunkey, a serf, an underling, a creature that is eternally watching its master.

On its being mentioned, that a present had here been made to him of a curious specimen of Highland antiquity, Dr. Johnson said, 'Sir, it was more than he deserved; the dog is a Whig.'

Because of its shape, the Bernese Mountain Dog is not a natural distance runner, he is massive and heavy.

In this sentence, 'The dog' is the subject, and 'is' is the verb.

The dog is the water.

Plato records a saying of Socrates that the dog is a true philosopher because philosophy is love of knowledge, and a dog, while growling at strangers, always welcomes the friends that he knows.

Harker's dog was a combination of Great Dane and mastiff, born in the North, and bred to the traces.

If you watch the movements your dog makes on a daily basis, you will see how dogs are natural yogis.

A happy dog was Rover, in his new home.

The nose now becomes hot and dry, the dog is restless and thirsty, and the conjunctivae of the eyes will be found to be considerably injected.

Tannian's dog has now become a protagonist; and Bartley Fallon and Shawn Early strayed in from the fair green of Spreading the News, and Mrs. Broderick from the little shop where The Jackdaw hops on the counter, as witnesses to the miracle that happened in Hyacinth's own inside; and it is likely they may be talking of it yet; for the talks of Cloon are long talks, and the histories told there do not lessen or fail.

Four dogs and eight bitches are not a bad beginning, and with care and judicious selection in mating, I have little doubt but Mr. Pigott's kennel will be as renowned for Terriers as the late Mr. Laverack's was for Setters.

A dog shouldn't ever be a loose leader unless he's a wonder at managin' all the rest, an' young dogs ain't generally had the trainin' for it.

Service dogs for persons with hearing or sight impairment are the only exception to this policy.

The dog was the victor.

"Reckon our dogs are gettin' into trouble

TOBY-DOG, (modestly) Don't be afraidit has never happened.

Sea-dogs; for sea-dogs is my sayin'.

Dogs, which were used as food, and rats were the only quadrupeds seen.

Dogs selected for this service are thoroughly children of the regiment.

No dog should be over 20 lb., nor under 16 lb.; and no bitch should be over 18 lb., nor under 14 lb. * * * * * Whereas the Scottish Club limits the approved length of coat to 5-1/2 inches, the English Club gives a maximum of 9 inches.

The more dominant the dog is, the more experienced handling he will require.

'Being a god kissing carrion,' is in itself good enough; but Shakspere meant what stands in both Quarto and Folio: the dead dog being a carrion good at kissing.

By 1835 the old Spanish Pointer had been left behind, and the English dog was a perfect model for pace, stamina, resolution, and nerve.

Dogs profiles real people and their pooches, telling stories from around the world including Syria, Japan and Costa Rica that prove the unconditional love one feels for their dog is a universal truth.

They say a dog is the only animal that dreams.

His dogs and sledge were a hundred yards from the building, and Howland's first move was to take possession of the Frenchman's rifle and eject the cartridges while Jean tossed chunks of caribou flesh to the huskies.

The young dog is a quiz, and has been amusing himself with a sailor of what he calls the old school.

Lark is senior now, and Timothy Saunders's sheep dog, The Orphan, is also a veteran; the foxhounds are in their prime, while Martha Corkle, as we shall always call her, is raising a promising pair of collie pups.

The bullock suddenly became a handsome man, and the dog became a handsome woman.

With a menu that boasts homemade duck perogies, Vietnamese tempura hot dogs and homegrown eggplant dumplings, Heirloom is not your average food truck.

The dogs were a wild-looking set.

The best dogs are the St. Bernard or Newfoundland.

One dog of his, who it is believed became a champion, viz.

If you had seen our hero in all the strength and majesty of full-grown doghood, you would have experienced a vague sort of surprise had we told youas we now repeatthat the dog Crusoe was once a pupa soft, round, sprawling, squeaking pup, as fat as a tallow candle, and as blind as a bat.

Native Dog (Zh) is the common name in Taiwan nowadays to indicate that the dog is an offspring of Formosan with foreign dogs.

He run back only when the dog was in dire need an' chokin' to death.

Throughout Europe and in the United Stateswherever these dogs are keptit is usual to clip the coat on the face, the legs, and the hinder part of the body, leaving tufts of hair on the thighs and a ring of hair on the pasterns.

The head huntsman who had them in charge told me there was thirty couple of them, and I thought that sixty dogs was pretty heavy odds against one deer.

But the dogs were monsters.

I read somewhere the other day," he went on, "that it might easily be argued that the dog was a higher flight of nature even than man; that man has gone ahead in mind and inventiveness; but that the dog is on the whole the better Christian, because he does by instinct what man fails to do by intentionhe is so sympathetic, so unresentful, so trustful!

Canaan dogs first became competition in 1997.

The smaller dogs became the American cockers while the larger dogs became the English variety.

The little dog is the symbol of faithfulness.

The idea that they are more trouble than dogs is a fallacy.

They brought the first sport to the Nome Beach Where they showed up in action and deed That the North dog is game as they make them

The dog was a little black-and-tan setter.

The most lively and excitable dogs are usually the easiest to train.

The War dog is a direct product of the War, but you never yet met him collecting for a hospital, or succouring the wounded, or assisting the police, or hauling a mitrailleuse if he could help it.

The "dog" was Junius Brutus, who was called a dog by way of contempt.

Is there any room behind Kim Thonger’s sofa for a nervous supporter and three retired/failed guide dogs?

With the dogs came also the man-smell!

THE LITTLE DOG There's a strange odor.

For example, a male dog is "perro", and a female dog is "perra".

In parti-coloured dogs the colours should be evenly distributed on the body in patches; a dog with white or tan feet or chest would not be a parti-colour.

The dog, I'm thinkin', he had odd uses for; Andy was no above seekin' a hare now and then that was no his by rights.

Dogs and Tails are different societies, Is'-sui, Tails, but they dress alike and dance together and alike.

Our dogs were wolves, warm with thick hides and hard to the frost and storm.

An' I hold that since a dog is de facto an' de jure an individual, he has a right to life, liberty an' the pursuit of happiness.

Dogs, little boys, and grotesque old men were his special delight, and of all his elders he had, it goes without saying, a private gallery of irreverently faithful portraits.

This massive dog is a challenge.

But see you, a woman's love is a pitiful thing at best, while dogs and horses be a-plenty.

THE WATCH-DOG OF KNOWLEDGE Mordax is an admirable man, ardent in intellectual work, public-spirited, affectionate, and able to find the right words in conveying ingenious ideas or elevated feeling.

The dog was company.

Given an abundance of firewater and tobacco, Red Dog was the happiest Indian between the northern boundary of the United States and Lake Gary; deprived of them both he hunted vigorously, thinking all the while of the coming hour when, after a long journey and much travail, he should be in what was his idea of heaven again.

On the streets the dog of choice is the pit bull, a term that encompasses several muscular breeds, most of which were developed for the blood sports of Elizabethan England.

"That dog is a gentleman," she said; "see how he holds bones on the paper with his paws, and strips the meat off with his teeth.

There can be no question that these dogs, which are so typically Highland in character and appearance, as well as the Clydesdale, the Scottish, the Dandie Dinmont, and the White Poltalloch terriers, are all the descendants of a purely native Scottish original.