59 Metaphors for doors

Out-doors is no fair.

Now the narrow door of a compartment on a train isn't any kind of easy place to fight in, but I vow and declare that Jeremy and I both did our best for Yussuf Dakmar.

"Neither do we, but next door to us is the loveliest milk-weed you ever saw, and I thought it a shame to see all the milk juice go to waste, so I churn it every week.

Beyond her salon there was an endless number of rooms, somewhat dismantled and without furniture, a labyrinth of partitioned walls and passageways, in which the captain was always getting lost, and having to appeal to Freya for aid; all the doors of the stair-landings that appeared unrelated to the green screen of the office were so many other exits from the same dwelling.

That door was his pride, sir,—it came from a famous house in England, and they’re wrecking it, sir, as though it were common pine.

But when the door was openedby Annhe instantly forgot all outside.

" The door was unlocked, the latch yielding instantly to the hand, and I stepped within.

Nothing less than a city of palaces, whose walls are marble and whose doors are ivory and pearl, could keep up the enchantment of that distant view.

And "There was a young genius of Queen's Who was fond of explosive machines; He blew open a door, But he'll do so no more For it chanced that that door was the Dean's.

Persons who traced the matter farther said that he was driven all the way to the upper deck, pushed with gentle violence into a state-room, the door locked upon him, and the key pocketed by the lady, who said triumphantly, as she walked away,"That's the Sultan's place for him, I guess!"

It would never have been taken for anything but a closet convenient to the main office; but the door was solid iron, the lock of which none but the owner could manipulate.

" The lady in question wondered if the forecastle-door were proof against the voices in the cabin.

It stood over a high cellarage, and opposite the cellar door was a brand-new blindage of earth packed between timbers.

The door was simply a lattice shutter covered with paper.

Its doors and windows were mere openings which could not be closed.

Her door was the nearest to the stairs, and she was all alone in the house with Chet!

From any one not an acknowledged superior that shut door was an insult to be avenged, and she sat and waited for the moment to arrive when she would most adequately avenge it.

The front door was a thing of solid olive-wood.

" I have hinted that we had no scandalous capabilities; and though slander flashed around us, we seldom admitted morning visiters, and our street-door was a non-conductor.

"Only the door is common property.

Opposite the door was a cavity in the rock, in which the tomb was made; it was about two feet above the level of the ground, and fastened to the rock by one side only, like an altar: two persons could stand, one at the head and one at the foot; and there was a place also for a third in front, even if the door of the cavity was closed.

"He had a future before him: the open door was his winning in the railroad fight, and I closed it against him.

The doors were merely half-doors of escape, parts of larger ones.

At the foot of this, under the other front-window, was the pallet of the nurse, and midway between it and the door through which she peered was the low trundle-bed of the sick child, on which at this moment lay the mother,soon to become a mother again; while at the farther end of the room a candle was burning dimly upon the hearth.

Next door is the old Market House and across the way stands the turreted Town Hall.

59 Metaphors for  doors
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