23 Metaphors for dropped

The first drop is one inch and the increase is by increments of one inch until a height of ten inches is reached, after which increments of two inches are used until complete failure occurs or 6-inch deflection is secured.

Some will ever remember and regret the man or woman who carries true feeling into the affairs of life, important or minute: gentle courtesies, heart-warm words, delicate regards,as surely part of consummate charity as the drop is a portion of the deep whose fountains it helps to fill.

" "No, no," said Verty, earnestly"my heart is red, not white; every drop of my life-blood is yours, ma mere; you have loved me, cherished me: when my muscles were soft and hot with fever, you laid my head upon your bosom, and rocked me to sleep as softly as the topmost bough of the oak rocks the oriole; you loved me always.

I don't wish to insinuate that I should like to be eaten, either by lion or shepherd, but I confess that I consider that the new drop would be a worse fate than either. North.

Every drop of condensed moisture that forms on the walls of a crowded room is potentially a productive focus for microbes.

The timid snow-drop, the modest violet, the languid primrose, the coy lily, the flaunting tulip, the smart marigold, the lowly blushing daisy, the proud foxglove, the deadly nightshade, the sleepy poppy, and the sweet solitary eglantine, are all types.

The drop from the sill is no more than four feet.

Yet, if you consider that the only drop of real nourishment in your patient's tea is the drop of milk, and how much almost all English patients depend upon their tea, you will see the great importance of not depriving your patient of this drop of milk.

Dew-drops are the gems of morning, But the tears of mournful eve!

Holman reached out his hand at a moment when I thought that a drop through the air would be my reward for attempting aerial exhibitions, and the next moment I was beside him on a little projection that barely gave us a footing.

Now all the reservoirs are shut, The crew on short allowance put; So small a drop is each man's share, Few leavings you may think there are To water these poor coffee plants; But he supplies their gasping wants, Ev'n from his own dry parched lips He spares it for his coffee slips.

They hastened to examine the dead animal but one drop of blood issuing from its skull was the only indication that some missile had pierced its brain; and the veneration of the Narragansetts and their Chiefs for the prowess of the white men evidently rose in a great degree.

The drops became a slender thread which flowed over the gold of the pictures.

A short drop shot from the back of the court, or, in fact, from any position in the court (but I think more effectively used from the back of the court), is a very paying stroke to have at your command.

I can assure you that every grain of thought, that every drop of your affection, is divisible ad infinitum: and that in proportion as your ideas are divisible, so you are wise.

One gracious drop, falling from my seared orbs, would have been the blessed channel of pent-up griefs that seemed to crush my almost frenzied brain.

Another drop, and how futile are all the deceptions which he is wont to practice upon others!

The drops that on the blossom's light leaf hung, He bears exulting to his tender young; The grateful joy his happy accents prove, Is nature, smiling on her works of love.

There was no affectation about Frank's delivery, but the first man on the list of the regulars found Merriwell's slow drop was a hard ball to hit.

"The drop of water is not a homogenous mass.

Every drop that fell, immediately became a large loaf of bread, and tumbled upon the shop-board of a baker in the bazaar at Damascus.

KATHERINE Not to thy wretched self these tears are falling; But to my husband, and offended heaven, Some drops are dueand then I sleep in peace, Reliev'd from frightful dreams, my dreams though sad.

Then he was watching a little trickling fountain, and the falling drops were tones of "The Light of other Days."

23 Metaphors for  dropped