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16 Metaphors for « duel »

16 Metaphors for « duel »

  • A duel with Leddy was a simple matter beside this battle he had to wage.
  • It might equally well be maintained that the duel is everywhere the sign of high civilisation; being the sign of its more delicate sense of honour, its more vulnerable vanity, or its greater dread of social disrepute.
  • That duel, first, last, and for ever, was a duel between the Frenchman and the German; that is, between the citizen and the barbarian.
  • [Footnote 3: The duel, even in countries whose customs permit of it, is essentially an inartistic end; for it leaves the catastrophe to be decided either by Chance or Providencetwo equally inadmissible arbiters in modern drama.
  • The Duel is the seventh episode of the first season of the series, and it's easy to see why it's so highly-rated.
  • The duel became the least important event and Marshall's new picture the greatest.
  • JAN MOIR: The Duchesses' duel of the tights was all a game of thrones so perhaps it's for the best there is.
  • The duel is, so to speak, a very serviceable extra-horse for people of rank: so they are trained in the knowledge of it at the universities.
  • But duelling was a peculiar Southern institution; most Southern people settled their difficulties with pistols.
  • Duelling was the recognized mode of settling all personal disputes, and no attempt was made to enforce the law which, theoretically, treated the killing of a man in a duel as wilful murder; but, on the other hand, debt was punished with what often was imprisonment for life.
  • It is true that duels were the product of the old ordeals; but the latter are not the foundation, but rather the consequence and application of the principle of honor: the man who recognized no human judge appealed to the divine.
  • If the gladiatorial fight was a cruel sacrifice to the prevailing desire for great spectacles, dueling is a cruel sacrifice to existing prejudicesa sacrifice, not of criminals, slaves and prisoners, but of the noble and the free.
  • A duel was a fine thingat a distance.
  • The duel was a bad affair, for the man almost died, and the baron barely managed to get out of the scrape through court influence.
  • The duel of Tancred and Argantes, in which the latter is slain, is as earnest and fiery writing throughout as truth and passion could desire; that of Tancred and Clorinda is also very powerful as well as affecting; and the whole siege of Jerusalem is admirable for the strength of its interest.
  • It must be remembered that in the generation succeeding that which had fought a long civil war, and when duels were common assertions of honour and self-respect among young gentlemen, homicide was not so exceptional and heinous an offence in ordinary eyes as when a higher value has come to be set on life, and acts of violence are far less frequent.

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