15 Metaphors for duel

The duel was a bad affair, for the man almost died, and the baron barely managed to get out of the scrape through court influence.

The duel is, so to speak, a very serviceable extra-horse for people of rank: so they are trained in the knowledge of it at the universities.

Duelling is the vilest of all egotism, treating the public, who has a claim to all my powers and exertions, as if it were nothing, and myself, or rather an unintelligible chimera I annex to myself, as if it were entitled to my exclusive attention.

[Footnote 3: The duel, even in countries whose customs permit of it, is essentially an inartistic end; for it leaves the catastrophe to be decided either by Chance or Providencetwo equally inadmissible arbiters in modern drama.

The duel is not generallynot at all, I believe, when we can get at the genuine native form of the mythbetween a morally good and an evil spirit, though, undoubtedly, the one is more friendly and favorable to the welfare of man than the other.

But duelling was a peculiar Southern institution; most Southern people settled their difficulties with pistols.

It is true that duels were the product of the old ordeals; but the latter are not the foundation, but rather the consequence and application of the principle of honor: the man who recognized no human judge appealed to the divine.

That duel, first, last, and for ever, was a duel between the Frenchman and the German; that is, between the citizen and the barbarian.

It must be remembered that in the generation succeeding that which had fought a long civil war, and when duels were common assertions of honour and self-respect among young gentlemen, homicide was not so exceptional and heinous an offence in ordinary eyes as when a higher value has come to be set on life, and acts of violence are far less frequent.

There are also other authorities for this usage, and also for some other nouns that are commonly thought to have no singular; as, "But Duelling is unlawful and murderous, a remain of the ancient Gothic barbarity.

A duel was a fine thingat a distance.

If the gladiatorial fight was a cruel sacrifice to the prevailing desire for great spectacles, dueling is a cruel sacrifice to existing prejudicesa sacrifice, not of criminals, slaves and prisoners, but of the noble and the free.

The duel became the least important event and Marshall's new picture the greatest.

It might equally well be maintained that the duel is everywhere the sign of high civilisation; being the sign of its more delicate sense of honour, its more vulnerable vanity, or its greater dread of social disrepute.

A duel with Leddy was a simple matter beside this battle he had to wage.

15 Metaphors for  duel