50 Metaphors for ears

In heaven the right ear is the good of hearing, and the left the truth thereof, 316.

"My ears are the ears of Ap-uat.

the harmony of war, The trumpet's clangor, and the clash of arms, That concert animates the glowing breast, To rush on death; but when our ear is pierc'd With the sad notes which mournful beauty yields; Our manhood melts in symphathising tears.

The ear is passive to those single strokes; willingly enduring stripes, while it hath no task to con.

In art, and especially in medallion portraits, in which the ear is a marked (because central) feature, the auricle is of great importance"William W. Keen, M.D., editor of Gray's Anatomy The organ of Corti is a very complicated structure which it is needless to describe in this connection.

Their ears, which were pierced all overI counted twelve holes in one earwere so thickly laden with similar ornaments, that the latter could not be distinguished from one another; all that was to be seen was a confused mass of gold, pearls, and diamonds.

That he has no need to concern himself about any bloodthirsty beast that may be lurking in the jungle is not more obvious than that his ears are the biggest in the world.

Where is the military man, whose ears have been slit, whose limbs have been mutilated, or whose eyes have been beaten out?

This is an important point, a houndy carriage of ear being a decided defect.

Ye perceive that the goddess sits on a throne whose ornaments are all taken from the earth; a sheaf of wheat tops the canopy; rich ears of generous grain are her jewels, and her sceptre is the sickle.

'Pincher's' ears were perfect shreds, and his scars were as numerous almost as his hairs.

The ear is a miserable organ at best, and the majority are far too gross to know clair-audience.

The ears, too, may be the source of disturbance in sleep; for even though we are asleep, the tympanic membrane is always exposed to vibrations of air.

"This obstinate silence," said he, "those eyes fixed on the earth,those ears deaf to all comfort,with the shame of beholding the light,are indications of a mind calling forth, from its inmost recesses, the utmost exertions of resentment.

Now the babeesh rope was taut, Wolf's muzzle was turned half to the sky, his ears were alert, half-sounding notes rattled in his throat.

Censures and applauses are passengers to him, not guests; his ear is their thoroughfare, not their harbour; he hath learned to fetch both his counsel and his sentence from his own breast.

To one unheard-of-thing people have certified upon oath; that the ears are as thick round as a man's arm and one palm in length, and that some of them contain as many as a thousand grains of wheat.

The eye is not the grandest sense organ we have; the ear is the path-way to the heart, and that is what you want to understand.

Well, the Confessor's ear is the speaking-tube of the ear of God.

" "My ears are uncommonly keen, Black Rifle.

" The ear is only a guide to the harmony of a Period, and often tempts us into the feebleness of expletives or approximative expressions for the sake of a cadence.

The ear is the most delicate, the most exacting of all our senses.

His ear is the sanctuary of his absent friend's name, of his present friend's secret; neither of them can miscarry in his trust.

I would exclude the eared owls, whose ears are a mere sport of fashion, like the hideous imitations of birds' wings which ladies stick on their hats.

Firio, P.D., Wrath of God, and Jag Ear became the fantastic memory of another incarnation.

50 Metaphors for  ears