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129 Metaphors for  earth

129 Metaphors for earth

When the leaves fall, the whole earth is a cemetery pleasant to walk in.

Thus, evidence which cannot be rebutted, and which need not be strengthened, though if time permitted I might indefinitely increase its quantity, compels you to believe that the earth, from the time of the chalk to the present day, has been the theatre of a series of changes as vast in their amount, as they were slow in their progress.

the earth is our great common guardian angel, who watches over all our interests combined.

The earth is the colour of the working people - it is dark and brown and raw patches appear with cracks.

Can the earth become the domain of a single person, when the true limits of his possessions must always be those of the field which affords him subsistence?

Our fancy, while we gaze, takes wings And flits around earth's brighter things, Then whispers in our list'ning ears, "This earth is not all sighs and tears.

Thus the earth was, in their language, the parent of the race, and what more natural than that it should become so in the myth also?]

I can faintly resist when a man says that if the earth were a globe cats would not have four legs; but when he says that if the earth were a globe cats would not have five legs I am crushed.

As a whole the earth is a going concern that carries out its daily, seasonal, yearly business of providing a home for an immense variety of forces; for living forms, in the earth, on the earth, in the water and in the air.

I have daily experienced that the instrument was, and is, what God makes it to be; and I know that this 'God hath the hearts of all men in his hands, and the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof.'

"The earth has been, from the beginning, a great Aceldama, a shambles of blood.

The wanton winds with whistling murmur bear My piercing plaints along the desert plains; And woods and groves do echo forth my woes: The earth below relents in crystal tears, When heav'ns above, by some malignant course Of fatal stars, are authors of my grief.

II One day he learned by chance that the red earth of his field was an excellent clay.

Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet.

The earth is hell when thou, leav'st to appear.

"Then," replied Jesrad, "this earth would be another earth.

The earth was fairhe knew not it was fair; And he so gladhe knew not he was glad: He walked as in a twilight of the sense, Which this one day shall turn to tender light.

When I have journeyed through forests, where ten thousand shrubs and vines exist without apparent use; through prairies, whose undulations exhibit sheets of flowers innumerable, and absolutely dazzling the eye with their prodigality of beautybeauty, not a tithe of which is ever seen by manI have said, it is plain that God is himself passionately fond of beauty, and the earth is his garden, as an acre is man's.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is a mined sedimentary deposit consisting of the glassy, siliceous skeletons of diatoms, which are microscopic sized single celled aquatic and marine algae.

It is owing to this general attraction that our earth is a globe.

That her child should be one elected to walk in white, to reign with Christ when earth was a forgotten dream, was her one absorbing wish; and she looked on all the events of life only with reference to this.

If earth were a boat, and mine, I know well toward what wild azimuths I would compel her helm: but gravity, gravitychiefest curse of Eden's sin!is hostile.

Or a roaring north wind would howl through the forests, snapping off big trees from their roots as if they were only twigs, while earth, air, and sky were a confusion of whirling snowflakes.

Like the spirit of the fountain Seen when earth was yet a child Leaping, white-armed, from the mountain, Laughing, beckoning, water-wild, Sheen of mist her beauty veiling, Which she only half can hide, Garments o'er her white feet trailing, Seems the birch at summer-tide.

The earth with its oceans and its atmosphere is a storehouse containing many if not most of the essentials for survival, growth and development, for mankind as well as a multitude of other life forms.

The earth was theirs, with all its riches, its pomps, and its dominions, since they loved each other.

Mr. Wardlaw Scott's flat earth would be the true territory for a comfortable atheist.

To us who dwell on its surface, the earth is by far the most extensive orb that our eyes can any where behold; but, to a spectator placed on one of the planets, it looks no larger than a spot.

The cold earth was their bed, a piece of bread thrown to them their nourishment; and it was a feast to them when one of the gentlewomen of Leipsic succeeded in obtaining permission to visit a brother or husband, and was able to smuggle in under her silk dress a piece of meat or a little bowl of soup for the martyrs.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, eco-friendly water polisher.

It is entirely possible that, instead of overlooking, ignoring, bickering, quarreling and periodically maiming and killing each other wholesale, we humans should be devoting our energies, emotions, thoughts and plans to furthering the larger purpose of which the earth and its inhabitants are small segments.

"Of illustrious men," says Thucydides, "the whole earth is the sepulchre.

I felt, as the poet has it, "'A pilgrim stranger here I roam, From place to place I'm driven; My friends are gone, and I'm in gloom; This earth is all a lonely tomb; I have no home but heaven.'

The earth is one giant magnet, and produces a magnetic field just the same as small magnets do.

The following year, Spaceship Earth became the title of a book by a friend of Stevenson's, the internationally influential economist Barbara Ward.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is a mined sedimentary deposit consisting of the glassy, siliceous skeletons of diatoms, which are microscopic sized single celled aquatic and marine algae.

The earth is a vast workshop wherein there is never a slack season.

The decorative opportunities are endless let Mother Earth be your muse!

The mathematical and physical proof that the physical earth is 50,000 miles in diameter should not be passed over lightly in our haste to get on, for the perfect understanding of all this fact implies makes easy the comprehension of how we live etherically in the solar etheric globe, of how we live pranically in the stellar pranic globe, and how we live manasically in the manasic globe.

There's music in the sighing of a reed; There's music in the gushing of a rill; There's music in all things, if men had ears: Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.

The embryotic earth was then truly a Niflheim, or Mistland,a dun, fuming region.

This great earth was here thousands and thousands of years before I was born, and it will be here perhaps millions and millions of years after I am dead; but it cannot harm me; it cannot kill me.

"A great many men, taking northeast storms, bleak winds, thunder-showers, flies, mosquitoes, Canada thistles, hot sunshine, cold snows, weeds, briers, thorns, wild beasts, snakes, alligators, and such like things, which they don't happen to like, and putting them all together, attempt to persuade you that this green earth is a complete failure, a wreck and blasted ruin.

Were she as chaste, as she is outward bright, Earth would be heaven, and heaven eternal night.

The heavens above are brass, and the earth beneath is iron; for Jehovah is pouring His indignation upon His adversaries, and He will not pity or spare.

Again, the earth is a great animal, Within the greatest; we are like the lice Upon its body, doing harm as they.

" "The idea," says Dudley, "that the earth is a level surface, and of a square form, is so likely to have been entertained by persons of little experience and limited observation, that it may be justly supposed to have prevailed generally in the early ages of the world.

Many philosophers imagine, that the elements themselves may be in time exhausted; that the sun, by shining long, will effuse all its light; and that, by the continual waste of aqueous particles, the whole earth will at last become a sandy desert.

The human body, even, is promised its resurrection by the divinest authority and illustration, and waits hopefully, under all its pains and weaknesses, for the glory to be revealed in it when the earth on which it dwells shall have become "a forgotten circumstance."

The latter assumes that the earth was 75,000 years in cooling to its present temperature, and that, in 98,000 years more, productive nature must be finally extinguished.

The earth is our campaign of war, * * * * * Is there not havoc and carnage for thee Unless thou couchest thy lance at me?

Earth is a common noun, of the third person, singular number, neuter gender, and nominative case.

The earth is no wanton to give up all her best to every comer, but keeps a sweet, separate intimacy for each.

Has the earth become such bore That it pleases nevermore?

The coverings were slobbery, the skins they sat on were slobbery, the earth itself was slobbery; so Dick threw his blanket (which was also slobbery) round his shoulders, and sat down beside his companions to grin and bear it.

The undertaking was begun, the earth being carried off in cracker-boxes; and such was the steady persistence of the workmen that a gallery five hundred feet long, with lateral openings beneath the Confederate works, was soon finished; and in these lateral recesses was placed a large amount of powder.

Earth was a scale to heaven, and all I tasted was God.

A profitable life: some glance along, Rapid and gay, as if the earth were air,

"How can I believe this gross injustice, on the part of a Power that is wise without bounds, and forgiving to parental love?" "Thy answer would be well, were this earth the universe, or this state of being the last.

And the earth was waste and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

The god of fire is the organ that generated the (ocean); the earth is thy body; Vishnu deposited the seed that caused thy being and thou art the navel of nectar."

Thy earth is a grain of dust here, but a speck whose wonders astonish thee; only a grain of dust, and yet a star under stars.

Sometimes his words are heavy with the doubtful horror of an approaching thunderstorm: The Guests are scattered thro' the land, For the Eye altering alters all; The Senses roll themselves in fear, And the flat Earth becomes a Ball; The Stars, Sun, Moon, all shrink away, A desart vast without a bound, And nothing left to eat or drink, And a dark desart all around.

They told her that the earth though so small was the place in all the world to which the thoughts of those above were turned.

When time was young, and earth was in her prime, Secure I slept within her spacious womb; And ages passedI took no heed of time, Until some Druid burst my dismal tomb, And dragged me forth amidst the haunts of man.

Arrogant, truly, upon earth was this sinner, nor is his memory graced by a single virtue.

Past Spaceship Earth are many rides and attractions about technology.

At length the darkness was dispersed, the earth Became a scene, joyous and light, and gay, Covered with waving cornthere

The Muhammadans, as of yore all good Christians, believe that the earth is a flat circular plane; and on the confines of this circle is a ring of lofty mountains extending all round,

Google Earth is my favorite for scouting.

The sun is my father, and the earth is my mother; on her bosom I will recline;" and he seated himself on the ground.

If the earth be a sentient organism, we say, where are her brain and nerves?

When the excavated earth is easily removed figure 4 shows a good profile.

The Father is the Sun, the Mother the Moon: the Wind is the Womb, the Earth is the Nurse of it, and Mother of all Perfection.

I wish to convince you, and, through you, all the rest of mankind, that the soul is immortal, and that the earth is only a temporary stage of existence in a spiritual progress in which the whole universe is included."

The sandy earth was also a great nuisance in the region between Khan Yunus and Shellal, but between Deir el Belah and our Gaza front, excepting on the belt near the sea which was composed of hillocks of sand precisely similar to the Sinai Desert, the earth was firmer and yielded less to the grinding action of wheels.

The pang is past,and now with blest endeavour I check the ready tear, the rising sigh The common earth is herethe common sky The common FATHER.

I look upon earth as a place where every man is set to struggle and to work, that he may be made humble and pure-hearted, and fit for that better land for which earth is a preparationto which earth is the gate . . .

Viewed in relation to this universe of suns, our particular sun and all its satellitesof which the earth is oneshrinks to a point (a physical point, so to speaknot geometrical one).

All earth is placeall time th' auspicious hour, While heaven leans forth to look, oh, will he quail or cower?

But if any man shall possess wealth, and withal surpass his fellows in comely form, and in games have shown his strength to be the best, let such an one remember that his raiment is upon mortal limbs, and that the earth shall be his vesture at the end.

God knows, it is better to grow giddy on a ladder than to think that this majestic earth is such an universal pestilence.

Prime Earth IS the Metaverse.

For so the whole round earth is every way Bound by gold chains about the feet of God.

The rough earth is his bed, a morsel of dried meat and a draught of water are his food and drink, and death and danger his companions.

Thinking that a long and rapid course was insufficient to account for the volume of water and the violence of the currents, he conceived the idea that the earth, though round, was not a perfect sphere, and that it rose in one part of the equinoctial line so as to be somewhat of a pear shape.

For terriers, who enjoy burrowing, earth is the best ground for the run, and it can be kept free from dirt and buried bones by a rake over in the morning, while tufts of grass left round the margins supply the dogs' natural medicine.

50° N. From all the preceding discoveries, it may be concluded, that, as the whole earth is 360 degrees, and the ancient writers allow 17-1/2 leagues for every degree, the entire circuit of the earth would thus be 6300 leagues; but as, in my opinion, each degree is exactly seventeen leagues, the circuit will then be only 6120 leagues.

And may this intervening earth be snow, And my step burn like the mid coal of Aetna, Plunging me, through it all, into the core, Where in their graves the dead are shut like seeds,

The Earth, you know, is to the people on Mars a most brilliant object.

The earth at the same time was rent, and she went down alive into hell.

It was times denser than water, yet the whole earth is times denser than water, so that if we could go deep enough, it is not improbable that our own globe might be found to contain something like meteoric iron.

Hence if you are upright and rule well, the whole earth will be your precinct, all cities your temple, all mankind your statues.

As the total bearing of any animal is sedate and tranquil compared with the agitation of its blood corpuscles, so is the earth a sedate and tranquil being compared with the animals whom she supports.

But the earth is no such cripple; why should she who already possesses within herself the things we so painfully pursue, have limbs analogous to ours?

The Earth is about 150 000 000 km. from the sun.

Wasted through neglect and careless use, squandered in the senseless destruction of war, the earth is still a rich treasure house for its multitudinous forms of life.

The city of millions,lone islet and cave, The home of the hermit,all earth was a grave!

I have no doubt that the earth is some 93 millions of miles distant from the sun, because all astronomers agree that it has been demonstrated, and their agreement is only explicable on the supposition that this has been demonstrated and that, if I took the trouble to work out the calculation, I should reach the same result.

Up to the broad rim of its shade, the wheat on each side of the hedge was thick, heavyheaded and tall, but within the cool and sunless circle the grain and grass were so pale and sickly that the bare earth would have been relief to a farmer's eye.