122 Metaphors for earth

When the leaves fall, the whole earth is a cemetery pleasant to walk in.

Thus, evidence which cannot be rebutted, and which need not be strengthened, though if time permitted I might indefinitely increase its quantity, compels you to believe that the earth, from the time of the chalk to the present day, has been the theatre of a series of changes as vast in their amount, as they were slow in their progress.

the earth is our great common guardian angel, who watches over all our interests combined.

Can the earth become the domain of a single person, when the true limits of his possessions must always be those of the field which affords him subsistence?

Our fancy, while we gaze, takes wings And flits around earth's brighter things, Then whispers in our list'ning ears, "This earth is not all sighs and tears.

As a whole the earth is a going concern that carries out its daily, seasonal, yearly business of providing a home for an immense variety of forces; for living forms, in the earth, on the earth, in the water and in the air.

I have daily experienced that the instrument was, and is, what God makes it to be; and I know that this 'God hath the hearts of all men in his hands, and the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof.'

Nor did this hypothesis gain credit, since it was the fixed opinion of philosophers that the earth was the centre of the universe, around which the sun, moon, and planets revolved.

My piercing plaints along the desert plains; And woods and groves do echo forth my woes: The earth below relents in crystal tears, When heav'ns above, by some malignant course Of fatal stars, are authors of my grief.

Not earth; for her high thoughts more heavenly are: Not water; for her love doth burne like fyre: Not ayre; for she is not so light or rare; Not fyre; for she doth friese with faint desire.

II One day he learned by chance that the red earth of his field was an excellent clay.

Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet.

Fair Summer droops, droop men and beasts therefore, So fair a summer look for never more: All good things vanish less than in a day, Peace, plenty, pleasure, suddenly decay. Go not yet away, bright soul of the sad year, The earth is hell when thou, leav'st to appear.

" "Then," replied Jesrad, "this earth would be another earth.

When I have journeyed through forests, where ten thousand shrubs and vines exist without apparent use; through prairies, whose undulations exhibit sheets of flowers innumerable, and absolutely dazzling the eye with their prodigality of beautybeauty, not a tithe of which is ever seen by manI have said, it is plain that God is himself passionately fond of beauty, and the earth is his garden, as an acre is man's.

It is owing to this general attraction that our earth is a globe.

That her child should be one elected to walk in white, to reign with Christ when earth was a forgotten dream, was her one absorbing wish; and she looked on all the events of life only with reference to this.

If earth were a boat, and mine, I know well toward what wild azimuths I would compel her helm: but gravity, gravitychiefest curse of Eden's sin!is hostile.

His table earth, his dice were human bones!" played at whist with the owner, Mr. Balcombe, for sugar-plums!

Or a roaring north wind would howl through the forests, snapping off big trees from their roots as if they were only twigs, while earth, air, and sky were a confusion of whirling snowflakes.

Like the spirit of the fountain Seen when earth was yet a child Leaping, white-armed, from the mountain, Laughing, beckoning, water-wild, Sheen of mist her beauty veiling, Which she only half can hide, Garments o'er her white feet trailing, Seems the birch at summer-tide.

The earth with its oceans and its atmosphere is a storehouse containing many if not most of the essentials for survival, growth and development, for mankind as well as a multitude of other life forms.

The earth was theirs, with all its riches, its pomps, and its dominions, since they loved each other.

Mr. Wardlaw Scott's flat earth would be the true territory for a comfortable atheist.

To us who dwell on its surface, the earth is by far the most extensive orb that our eyes can any where behold; but, to a spectator placed on one of the planets, it looks no larger than a spot.

122 Metaphors for  earth