7 Metaphors for efficiency

Efficiency is the watchword, and in cleansing these towns the American health officers have not troubled themselves with the compromises which would temper the despotism of British officials.

Efficiency is too narrow a standard by which to estimate anything concerning human conduct and character.

There are two rival schools, one of which believes that better government of India depends on efficiency, and that efficiency is in fact the main end of our rule in India.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the key-notes of success in actual life.

Efficiency always has been an idol of mine.

In the great commercial struggle between nations which is eventually to determine the welfare of all, national efficiency will be the deciding factor.

The extraordinary efficiency, speed, and secrecy with which the expedition was organized, shipped across the Mediterranean, and landed in Africa, the discipline, moral, and gallantry which both soldiers and sailors displayed, were a revelation to everybody and gave the Italians new confidence in their military forces, and made them feel that they could hold up their heads before all the world unashamed.

7 Metaphors for  efficiency